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WP1410Self-Estimation Bias, Wealth Illusion, and Consumption——Empirical Evidence from Chinese Urban HouseholdsGao  Nan  and  Liang  Pinghan  
WP1399For have a source head the flowing water: Floating population and urban entrepreneurial activityLi  Xinchun  and  Ye  Wenping  
WP1387Urbanization and Earning Inequality: An Analysis Based on Indexes Dynamic DecomposabilityGao  Hongying,  Wu  Kangping  and  Che  Huichun  
WP1372Effective Tax Rates of VAT, Efficiency Loss and Simplifying the Structure of Tax Rates: Theory and SimulationShen  Yuping  ,  Chen  Zhuoheng    and  Chen  Fangmin  
WP1255Diversity Agglomeration, Specialization Agglomeration and City economic ResilienceWang  Shiping  and  Qian  Xuefeng  
WP1240Transmission Mechanism and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy on Interest Rate of Informal FinancePan  bin,Xie  Ping  and  Jin  Wen  Wen  
WP1144Inquiry into Transaction Theory and Demand for Policy-oriented Agricultural InsuranceHu  Chao,Tao  Jianping  and  Cheng  Jing  
WP1105Administrative Hierarchy, City Scale and Production Efficiency of CityLi  Jian    Wei  Ping  and  Li  Peng  
WP1079Credibility of Policies, Exchange-rate Regime and Currency CrisesWang  Daoping,  Fan  Xiaoyun  and  Chen  Lei  
WP1078The weak supply and quantitative characteristics of China’s economic growthWang  Shaoping  and  Yang  Yang  
WP1076Divergent movements in CPI and PPI: Interaction between Domestic and International FactorsHe  Liping,Hu  Zaiyong  and  Li  Na  
WP1054Economic Development Process and Infrastructure Investment Structure ChangesTong  Jian,  Wu  Kangping  
WP1044Public House Allocation Mechanisms with Incomplete Information——An Experimental Study Based on Preference Revelation StraDeng  Hongping  and  Luo  Jun  
Population Aging and Technological ProgressNi  Xuanming  and  Wu  Kangping  
WP1003CEO Power, audit committee effectiveness and corporate valueWang  Shihong  and  He  Ping  
WP985Crude Oil Price Fluctuation and the Performance of Chinese Manufacturing FirmsCheng  Dong,  Zheng  Wenping  and  Yu  Jian  
WP971Study on Low-carbon Development as the Fifth Major Objective of Macro-economy—— Based on the Case of ChinaLi  Yining,  Zhu  Shanli,  Luo  Laijun  and  Yang  Deping  
WP947The Nonlinear Interaction Mechanism between Debt and Real Economy——Theory and EvidencePeng  Fangping,  Lian  Yujun,  Fan  Haichao  and  Zhankai  
WP909Confidence, Signaling and Economic Stimulus PolicyHe  Ping  and  Liu  Zehao  
WP891Household Consumption Upgrade, Technology Progress, Factor Price Distortion and Rural-To-Urban Labor Migration in ChinaFang  Fuqian*,Yu  Jian**,Cheng  Dong***  and  Zheng  Wenping  
WP835Incentive of Capital Lease: Financial Constrain or Financial Flexibility?Ma  Wenjie  and  Ding  Jianping  
WP827 The Dynamic Change of the Transmission of China's Monetary PolicyXu  Yaping  and  Wang  Rui  
WP814Research on Social Security Income Redistribution Effect in ChinaWan  Yanzhong,  Long  Yuqi,  Jiang  Chuiping  and  Xu  qiang  
WP801Litigation Risk, Judicial Local Protectionism and InnovationPan  Yue,Pan  Jianping  and  Dai  Yiyi  
WP790The Partial Substitution Effect of the Two Types of Earnings ManagementGong  Qihui,Wu  Liansheng  and  Wang  Yaping  
WP773Local officials Turnover and Corporate Risk——Evidence from Chinese Listed FirmsLuo  Danglun,  Liao  Junping  and  Wang  Jue  
WP749Local Government’s Fiscal Pressure and Bank Credit Resource Allocation EfficiencyZhu  Jigao,Yue  Heng  and  Rao  Pingui  
WP741Institutional Environment, Political Networks and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Transitional CountriesWu  Yiping  and  Wang  Jian  
WP729Why Does Government Size Grow?Gao  Nan  and  Liang  Pinghan  
WP711When Unemployment Rate Meets Urbanization in ChinaSu  Chiwei,Si  Dengkui,Zhao  Yanping  and  Liu  Tieying  
WP699Regional Competition and Local Government Subsidy in the Development of Strategic Emerging IndustriesYu  Jinping  and  Wu  Xiaokang  
WP682R&D Spillover Effect between Chinese Industrial SectorsZhu  Pingfang,  Xiang  Gede  and  Wang  Yongshui  
WP648New Analysis on the Growth Effects of Factor Allocation in ChinaXin  Chao,  Zhang  Ping  and  Yuan  Fuhua  
WP638Political Connections and the Performance of China’s Stock MarketsZhou  Hong  and  Li  Guoping  
WP630Financial Structure, Government Intervention, and Transformation of Economic Growth PatternSun  Jun  and  Yu  Jinping  
WP612Urbanization and Earning Inequality: A Dynamic AnalysisGao  Hongying  and  Wu  Kangping  
WP564Financing Platform of Local Governments and Efficiency of Resource AllocationXuefeng  Zhang  and  Xinqiao  Ping  
WP552Expectation and Its Biasness: Research Progress and PuzzlesZhong  Chunping  and  Tian  Ming  
WP544The Determinants of IPO Pricing: Past Performance or Technology Innovation?——Evidence from CHINEXT MarketXu  Haoping  and  Shi  Haina  
WP530Credit Constraints, Productivity, and Export Prices: Theory and EvidenceFan  Haichao  and  Peng  Fangping  
WP504The Determinants of IPO Pricing: Past Performance or Technology Innovation? Evidence from CHINEXT MarketHaoping  Xu  and  Haina  Shi  
WP498Theoretical analysis of monetary policy Credibility and empirical research in view of inflation expectationXu  Yaping  
WP484Theoretical analysis of monetary policy Credibility and empirical research in view of inflation expectationXu  Yaping  
WP469Dynamic Comparison and Difference Decomposition for the Financing Capacity of Finance Industry in ChinaSu  Fang  and  Chu  Liping  
WP463Study on the Heterogeneity of Incremental and Breakthrough InnovationWei  Ping  and  Yang  Hongcheng  
WP449Expected Inflation and Firms’ Inventory AdjustmentRao  Pingui    Yue  Heng    Jiang  Guohua  
WP432FDI Administrative Monopoly’s Economic Performance in ChinaChen  Lin  and  Zhu  Weiping  
WP418Mode Choice and Transportation Pricing Strategies in BeijingYingao  Chen1,  Kai  Xian2,  Jintao  Xu1,  Ping  Qin3  and  Lanlan  Wang  
WP378An Analysis of the Differences in Corporate Savings RatesXie  Shiqing  and  Mo  Taiping  
WP324Total Factor Productivity, Inputs Substitution and Regional Energy —An Analysis Based on Distance FunctionSun  Gaungsheng,  Huang  Yi  and  Wang  Fengping  
WP318Macroeconomic Component and Idiosyncratic Shock of China’s CPI IndexWang  Shaoping  and  Zhu  Manzhou  
WP289Fiscal Incentives and Regional Economic Growth: a U-Style RelationshipShiwei,  Liao  Junping,  Zhang  Xuezhi  
WP273On the Micro-Foundation of Fiat Money’s Nominal Value under the Framework of General EquilibriumXie  Zhiping  
WP271Research on Chinese Antidumping Duties-jumping ODILi  Meng  and  Yu  Jinping  
WP261ocial Capital and the Financial Constraints in the Entrepreneurial Decisions: Based on the Credit Market Survey Data from Zhang  Haiyang,Hao  Chaoyan,Ping  Xinqiao  and  Liang  Shuang  
WP227Mineral resource tax structure, configuration and system reformSong  Wenfei,Li  Guoping  and    Han  Xianfeng  
WP226Has China Become Pollution Industry Haven by International Trade?Li  Xiaoping  and  Lu  Xianxiang  
WP211The Effect of Gradual Exchange Rate Deregulation on China’s Monetary PolicyZhang  Xiang  and  He  Ping  
WP207China's Instrument Rules and Targeting Rules of Monetary PolicyGuo  Hongbing  ,  Chen  Ping  and  Duan  Junshan  
WP197The Relationship between Institutional Environment and Happiness of China’s Private Business EntrepreneursXin  Yu,  Xu  Liping  and  Li  Xinchun  
WP179System Elements in Business Cycles and Stabilizing Effect of Competition PolicyLi  Huajun  and  Chen  Ping  
WP170Does the Environmental Regulation Affect Chinese Industries’ Profits?Li  Xiaoping  Lu  Xianxian  and  Tao  Xiaoqing  
WP160The Potential and Actual Impact of Energy Price Increase to General Price Level in ChinaRen  Zeping  
WP154Uncertainty Shocks and the Dynamics of China’s Household Saving Rate:1978-2010Liu  Yaocheng,Ding  Jianping  and  Xu  Xiaoping  
WP122A Note on not Beginning With a General ModelWei  Jinrui,  Zhu  Jianping    and    Xie  Bangchang  
WP101Mechanism of Excess Capacity Based on China’s Regional Competition and Market DistortionJIANG  Feitao,GENG  Qiang,LV  Daguo  and  LI  Xiaoping  
WP98Structure Change, Relative Factor Prices, and Farmers’ Behavior:Theory and Micro Evidence from Agriculture SubsidiesZhong  Chunping,  Chen  Sanpan  and  Xu  Changsheng  
WP96Technological Progress and Regional Economic Development:Effects Based on Primary and Secondary EducationHuang  Yanping  and  Liu  Yu  
WP94Brain Outflow and China’s Technology Innovation:Power or Obstruction?Ping  Li,  Jiayun  Xu  and  Qingchang  Zhang  
WP91The Credit Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy----Evidence from Business Credit and Firm Ownership StructureRao  Pingui  and  Jiang  Guohua  
WP73Empirical Study of the Relationship between FDI and Environmental Regulation: An Intergovernmental Competition PerspectiveZhu  Pingfang  and  Zhang  Zhengyu  
WP32Intergovernmental Competition、Land Finance and the Making of China’s Excellent InfrastructuresTang  Yugang,  Zhao  Daping  and  He  Nianru  
WP3A Sequential-Separated Monetary Economy and the Nature of Its General Equilibrium Xie  Zhiping  
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