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WP1417The Effectiveness of China’s Macro-prudential Policy during Transition Period of Monetary Policy from Quantitative to PricLi  Tianyu,Zhang  Yishan,Feng  Ye  and  Meng  Xianchun  
WP1415Identification and Decomposition of China's Export Firms's Productivity AdvantagesZhang  Tianhua,  Guo  Zhifang  and  Zhang  Shaohua  
WP1392The Effectiveness of China’s Macro-prudential Policy during Transition Period of Monetary Policy from Quantitative to PricLi  Tianyu,Zhang  Yishan,Feng  Ye  and  Meng  Xianchun  
WP1389On the Government-Expenditure Multipliers and the Choice of Development AgendasGu  Yanwei,  Jin  Yu  and  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP1315The Exemption and The Redistribution of The Personal Income TaxTian  Zhiwei,Hu  Yijian  and  Gong  Yinghua  
wp1297The Potential Impacts of China Involved Mega-RTA NegotiationsLi  Chunding,Guo  Zhifang  and  He  Chuantian  
WP1192On Peer Effect of Chinese Listed Firms’ Capital StructureJiang  Yonghong,Mo  Bin  and  Tian  Cunzhi  
WP1106Manufacturing Capital Allocation Distortion and TFP Loss in China: Theory and evidenceYang  Pu  and  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP1039Food Safety, Regulatory Boundedness and Institution ArrangementXie  Kang,Lai  Jintian,  Xiao  Jinghua  and  Wu  Jiapei  
WP970The Tests for Weak Separability of Monetary Assets in China:The Feasibility Study for Divisia Monetary Aggregates in ChinaDu  Haoran  and  Huang  Guitian  
WP936Foreign Direct Investment and Wage Inequality in host countryZhou  Yunbo,  Chen  Cen  and  Tian  Liu  
WP898How reliable is China investment data?Zhu  Tian,  Zhang  Jun  and  Liu  Fang  
WP895A Endogenous Path of the Transition of Economic Growth:The Excitation of Physical Capital to Human CapitalMa  Hongqi  and  Huang  Guitian  
WP769Inequity of Equalization——Theoretical and empirical analysis on the net benefit of social health insurance in urban ChinaZhou  Qin,  Tian  Sen  and  Pan  Jie  
WP702Operation Mechanism of Macro-Policy Based on Zero Lower BoundMa  Li  and  Lou  Tiantian  
WP656Market-oriented Interest Rate, Deposit Insurance System and Banking Runs——based on the Dynamic Model PerspectiveTian  Guoqiang  ,  Zhao  Yupu    and  Gong  Rukai  
WP620Government Spending MultiplierWang  Guojing  and  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP616The Impact of Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital on Social Mobility – A Theoretical and Empirical InvestigatiQin  Xuezheng  and  Wang  Tianyu  
WP599The Impact of Social Security on Fertility WillWang  Tianyu  and  Peng  Xiaobo  
WP585Financial Shocks and Chinese Business CyclesWang  Guojing,  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP562By How Much Is China’s Consumption Underestimated?Zhu  Tian,  Zhang  Jun  
WP552Expectation and Its Biasness: Research Progress and PuzzlesZhong  Chunping  and  Tian  Ming  
WP548The Nature and Avoidance of “Middle-Income Trap”Tian  Guoqiang  and  Chen  Xudong  
WP466The Impact of Food Price Inflation on Social Welfare in Urban ChinaYang  Tianyu  and  Zhang  Pinyi  
WP395Tax Competition, Tax Enforcement and Tax AvoidanceFan  Ziying  and  Tian  Binbin  
WP383Does Capital Controls Stop the extreme movements of International Capital flows?Liu  Liya,  Cheng  Tianxiao  and  Guan  Yizhong  
WP356Can Increasing the Proportion of Direct Tax Pull the Household Consumption?Deng  Ziji  ,  Xi  Tian  and  Wang  Yanwu  
WP337Real Option Pricing for the Target Firm in Merger & Acquisition:LSM Simulation Analysis Based on Prospect TheoryGe  Xiangyu,  Zhou  Yanli,  Tian  Tianhai  and  Wu  Yang  
WP329Demography and International TradeYao  Yang,  Tian  Wei,  Yu  Miaojie  and  Zhou  Yi  
WP317Real Option Pricing for the Target Firm in Merger Ac&quisition:LSM Simulation Analysis Based on Prospect TheoryGe  Xiangyu,  Zhou  Yanli,  Tian  Tianhai  and  Wu  Yang  
WP238Land Adjustment and Land Rental Market: Based on the Dual Perspectives of both Quantity and QualityChuanhao  Tian  &  Li  Fang  
WP234An Investigation of China’s Monetary Policy Shock from a Perspective of InstrumentsTian  Lei  and  Chen  Langnan  
WP182Dual Margin, Survival Analysis of China’s Agri-Food ExportTian  Dongwen  and  Huang  Li  
WP164Productivity Heterogeneity, Minimum Wage and Firms’ Exports in ChinaChuren  Sun    Shuang  Ma  and  Guoqiang  Tian  
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