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WP1464Win-win in Balance: Environmental Target Constraints of Local Government and High-quality Economic DevelopmentYu  Yongze,Fu  Yu  and  Zhuang  Haitao  
WP1448Value-added Tax Change, Labor Demand and the Micro-foundation of Laffer CurveYao  Dongmin,  Zhu  Yongyi  and  Zhang  Pengyuan  
WP1372Effective Tax Rates of VAT, Efficiency Loss and Simplifying the Structure of Tax Rates: Theory and SimulationShen  Yuping  ,  Chen  Zhuoheng    and  Chen  Fangmin  
WP1346Relative Performance Evaluation and Mergers and Acquisitions: Theory and Empirical EvidenceLi  Guangzhong,  Li  Jie,  Zhu  Jiaqing  and  Li  Xinchuna  
WP1345Can Investor listen to the voice and get excess return?Liu  Liya,  Chen  Ruihua  ,  Min  Min  and  Zhu  Xiaoneng  
WP1344Service inputs in manufacturing and embodied carbon emission of exportLiu  Bin,Wang  Naijia,Yu  Miaojie  and  Zhu  Xuechang  
WP1279Multiple Arbitrage Motivation and Shock Effect of Short-term Capital Flows——Dynamic Analysis Based on TVP-VAR ModelPeng  Hongfeng,Tan  Xiaoyu  and  Zhu  Xiaoquan  
WP1260House Price and "Labor Shortage" of Chinese ManufactureTong  Jiadong;  Liu  Zhuqing  
WP1254Demography, Labor Quality and Total Factor ProductivityYi  Zhen  and  Zhu  Chao  
WP1239Determination of Labor Allocation between Manufacturing and Service IndustriesWu  Qiang,  An  Xiubo  and  Zhu  Shu  
WP1237Selection in the New Cooperative Medical Scheme——A Test with Multiple-Dimension Asymmetric InformationWang  Dongni,  Wang  Guojun  and  Zhu  Wei  
WP1216Talent Allocation and China’s Economic GrowthPan  Shiyuan,Zhu  Dandan  and  Xu  Kai  
WP1203Why the Rich Are More Rational Investors, But the Poor Are More Rational Consumers?Chen  Zhuo  and  Huang  Shaoan  
WP1183Regional reputation for quality and firms’ export performanceYe  Di  and  Zhu  Linke  
WP1170Based on the Panel Threshold Analysis of Prefecture-level City Data from Northeast ChinaLi  Shaorong  and  Zhu  Yongqing  
WP1059Cognitive Abilities and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from ChinaLi  Tao,  Zhu  Junbing  and  Fu  Lin  
WP1129Could the Rural Immigrants be Assimilated in the Urban Labor Market?Lv  Wei,Yang  Mo,Zhu  Dongming  and  Wang  Yan  
WP1125Lewis Turning Point, Rising Wages and Firm InnovationZhuan  Xie  and  Xiaobo  Zhang  
WP1097Institutional Environment and Entrepreneurial Firm’s Growth:An Empirical Study in ChinaHe  Xiaogang,Lv  Feifei,Deng  Hao,  Li  Xinchun  and  Zhu  Lina  
WP1088Fiscal Decentralization, Regional Fiscal Competition and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in ChinaZhu  Jun  and  Xu  Zhiwei  
WP1073Upgrading of industrial structure, Reduction of carbon emission density and energy intensity, and Low carbon development oZhang  Wei  ,  Zhu  QiGui  and  Gao  Hui  
WP1052Catastrophic Health Expenditure, Multi-level Medical System and Health Care Utilization Zhu  Minglai,  Yu  Xinliang,  Wang  Meijiao  and  Xiong  Xianjun  
WP1022Motality Shock,Household financial Fragile and Risk AversionZhang  ji,Zhu  Wei  and  Wang  Yake  
WP975The Micro-Mechanism of Industrial Shifts Under New NormalZhu  Jiangli,  Shen  Kunrong  and  Li  Zilian  
WP971Study on Low-carbon Development as the Fifth Major Objective of Macro-economy—— Based on the Case of ChinaLi  Yining,  Zhu  Shanli,  Luo  Laijun  and  Yang  Deping  
WP943Elite Capture of Rural Credit Market in China: Stratified Comparison between Poor and Non-poor CountiesWen  Tao,  Zhu  Jiong  and  Wang  Xiaohua  
WP898How reliable is China investment data?Zhu  Tian,  Zhang  Jun  and  Liu  Fang  
WP896Study on the Relationship Between Foreign Trade Imbalance and Capital FormationGao  Qian,  He  Rong  and  Zhu  Qibing  
WP893Housing Price Fluctuation, Housing Owned Rate and Real Estate Crowding EffectDeng  Xiang,Zhu  Zixiang  and  Du  Haitao  
WP855Corporate Governance、Executive Compensation and Firm Performance of Heterogeneity EnterprisesZhu  Linlin  
WP822The Effect of China’s Unbundling Reform in Electricity on the Productivity of Power Supply EnterprisesZheng  Shilin  and  Zhang  Xinzhu  
WP793Factor market’s distortion, Markup and TFPGai  Qingen,Zhu  Xi,Cheng  Mingwang  and  Shi  Qinghua  
WP749Local Government’s Fiscal Pressure and Bank Credit Resource Allocation EfficiencyZhu  Jigao,Yue  Heng  and  Rao  Pingui  
WP688Guanxi, Stock Market Participation and Stock ReturnZhu  Guangwei,Du  Zaichao  and  Zhang  Lin  
WP682R&D Spillover Effect between Chinese Industrial SectorsZhu  Pingfang,  Xiang  Gede  and  Wang  Yongshui  
WP659Global distribution of international currencies and RMB internationalizationHe  Qing,Wang  Fang,Guo  Junjie  and  Zhuang  Tailiang  
WP650Residential Electricity Demand under Time-of-Use Pricing and Increasing Block Pricing: An Analysis Based on DCC ModelZhang  Xinzhu  and  Liu  Zimin  
WP624Short-sale Constrains and Stock Mispricing:The Evidences from the Margin Transactions InstitutionLi  Ke    Xu  Longbing    and  Zhu  Weihua  
WP619The Influence of M&A on Acquirers’ Capital Structures—New Evidence of Dynamic Trade-off TheoryTao  Qizhi,  Zhu  Xianglon,  Li  Liang,  Luo  Ronghua  
WP577The Demography-Credit-Property Price Model of Financial CriseZhang  Xiaopu  and  Zhu  Taihui  
WP562By How Much Is China’s Consumption Underestimated?Zhu  Tian,  Zhang  Jun  
WP558Investment Behaviors and Performance of Government - Sponsored Venture Capitals:Evidences from SME and ChiNext BoardsYu  Yan,  Luo  Wei,  Lee  Yi-tsung  and  Zhu  Qi  
WP553An Estimate of the Degree of Nominal Price Stickiness in China:Evidence from the InternetJin  Xuejun,  Huang  Teng  and  Zhu  Yu  
WP432FDI Administrative Monopoly’s Economic Performance in ChinaChen  Lin  and  Zhu  Weiping  
WP430The Study of Shadow Prices of Non-performing Loans in Chinese Commercial Banks under Different Risk PreferencesWang  Bing  and  Zhu  Ning  
WP421An Empirical Study on Heterogeneous Return of Social Capital across Different Income Groups: Evidence from CFPSSun  Baowen  and  Zhu  Shi-e  
WP419Labor Market’s Distortion, Structural Change and Labor Productivity in ChinaGe  Qingen,Zhu  xi  and  Shi  Qinghua  
WP370The “Uneven Bars” Bids of Institutional Investors and IPO Pricing MechanismLi  Xindan,  Li  Dongxin,  Yu  Honghai  and  Zhu  Weihua  
WP318Macroeconomic Component and Idiosyncratic Shock of China’s CPI IndexWang  Shaoping  and  Zhu  Manzhou  
WP295Analysis of the Incentive Effects of Intellectual Property Rights Protection on Southern Indigenous InnovationZhuang  ziyin  and    Guo  Chunye  
WP290Government Supporting, Industry Boom and Firm Expansion Decision---Analysis based on the survey for SMEsZhu  Song,  Du  Wencui  and  Gao  Minghua  
WP278Has China’s grain price growth become more stable?--An investigation based on structural break regime switching modelLu  Jie  and  Zhu  Xinkai  
WP269Regional Disparities with Economic Growth in China:Measurement from the Perspective of Trade OpennessChen  Jiyong  and  Liang  Zhu  
WP233Expectations and Business Cycle:Can News Shocks Be a Major Source of China’s Economic Fluctuations?Zhuang  Ziguan,  Cui  Xiaoyong,  Gong  Liutang  and  Zou  Hengfu  
WP224Liquidity Constrains and Farmer’s Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Analysis From Dynamic PerspectiveGe  Qing’en    Zhu  Xi    Shi  Qinghua  
WP145Study on China’s Green Economic Performance under the Binding of Energy-Save and Emission-AbateZhu  Chengliang    Yue  Hongzhi  and  An  Liren  
WP123Composition of Fiscal Expenditure and the Economic Growth and Volatility: Theory and EvidenceZhu  Hong  and  Gong  Liutang  
WP122A Note on not Beginning With a General ModelWei  Jinrui,  Zhu  Jianping    and    Xie  Bangchang  
WP110Spot Reward Decision-making Process to Adjust the Experimental Study of Belief ——Double Tournament Game Based on a SimpliXia  Mao-sen  Zhu  Xian-chen    and  Jiang  Ling-ling  
WP108Measurement and Decomposition of Household's Vulnerability in Rural China——Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data of CFPS Yang  Wen,Sun  Bangzhu  and  Wang  Xuelong  
WP 74Misallocation and TFP in Rural ChinaZhu  Xi,  Shi  Qinghua  and  Ge  Qingen  
WP73Empirical Study of the Relationship between FDI and Environmental Regulation: An Intergovernmental Competition PerspectiveZhu  Pingfang  and  Zhang  Zhengyu  
WP72Heterogeneous Factor Return, Stochastic Shock and Residual Income InequalityXu  Shu  and  Zhu  Nanmiao  
WP61Regional Difference and Diffusion Mechanism of Chinese Mobile TelecommunicationsLuo  Yuze  Zhu  shanli  Chen  Yuyu  and  Luo  Laijun  
WP24Theoretical Logic and Sinicization of the Consumption Function: A Survey of LiteratureZhu  Xinkai  and  Luo  Chen  
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