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WP1462State Dependence and Exchange Rate Regimes Choice of New Emerging Market EconomiesLu  Jiye,Zhang  Rao  and  Chen  Taiming  
WP1435Carbon Trading and Information UncertaintyLuo  Wei,  Li  Shaokun  and  Cao  Qun  
WP1420Does Pension Affect Firm Productivity?Zhao  Jianyu  and  Lu  Zhengfei  
WP1412Study on the Theoretical Logic of Balanced Growth of Dual Economy from the Perspective of Marx's Reproduction TheoryLi  Guicai  and  Lu  Di  
WP1406Empirical Studies on the China’s Financial and Economic Cycles——Policy options on the double cyclesWang  jinbin,  Lu  liyang  and  Shi  wendong  
WP1368Is There a "Capital Allocation Puzzle" in Emerging Economies and Developing Countries?Wang  Jinbin  and  Liu  Lu  
WP1292Globalization and Cultural Protection PolicyKu  Xuanzhao  and  Luo  Xiaoyi  
WP1289“Irrational” Housing Demand——A Study based on the Dual Attributes of HouseGong  Gang,  Zhang  Lu  and  Wei  Xiye  
WP1283Does land price inflation “Squeeze out” Enterprise’s investment?——Evidence from Chinese manufacture enterpriseZhang  Lu  and  Yang  Guang  
WP1272Study on the Theoretical Logic of Balanced Growth of Dual Economy from the Perspective of Marx's Reproduction TheoryLi  Guicai  and  Lu  Di  
WP1239Coase Theorem: Reflection and Development——Concurrently Discuss on the Market Logic of Farmland TransferLuo  Biliang  
WP1232Empirical Study of Multidimensional New Urbanization in China——Analysis of 289 Prefecture and Higher Level CitiesHu  Biliang,Zhang  Kunling,Liu  Min  and  Luo  Fei  
WP1139Separation of Ownership, Agency Costs and Funds Idle——Evidence from China’s Listed Firms from 2007-2015Wen  Chunhui  ,Li  Silong  ,Yang  Jinqiang  and  Luo  Ming  
WP1136Trade Liberalization, Competition and Industry' Upgrading——A New Explanation of Mystery of Export Structure in ChinaJian  Ze,  Wang  Zili,  Yao  Luo  and  Lyu  Daguo  
WP1135Impact of Law Enforcement on Financial Development across Chinese RegionsLuo  Yu,He  Qing  and  Xue  Chang  
WP1119Experimental Economics: Where Next?Liangcong  Fan  and  Lu  Liu  
WP1104A Forecast of China’s Economic Growth: 2020 and 2030Wang  Xiaolu  
WP1082Impact of Law Enforcement on Financial Development across Chinese RegionsLuo  Yu,He  Qing  and  Xue  Chang  
WP1044Public House Allocation Mechanisms with Incomplete Information——An Experimental Study Based on Preference Revelation StraDeng  Hongping  and  Luo  Jun  
WP1031Does Transportation Infrastructure Promote Consumption?——From the Perspective of Internet BusinessWu,  Huakun  and  Lu,  Shengrong  
WP1026Research on Disposition Effect of Venture CapitalLuo  Wei,  Yu  Yan  and  Zhou  Xiaosong  
WP1000Research on Innovation of Internet Finance, Liquidity Preference and Multi-objective PortfolioLuo  Sumei,  Zhou  Guangyou  
WP971Study on Low-carbon Development as the Fifth Major Objective of Macro-economy—— Based on the Case of ChinaLi  Yining,  Zhu  Shanli,  Luo  Laijun  and  Yang  Deping  
WP961Study on the Contributing Factors of Property Income InequalityNing  Guangjie  and  Luo  Lei  
WP948Armington Elasticities, Added Value of Products and Trade Welfare ImprovementJi  Yinjie  and  Luo  Laijun  
WP938Urbanization Promoted by Government: The Helping Hand or the Grabbing Hand?Lu  Shengfeng,Chen  Sixia  and  Zhang  Dongjie  
WP935The Further Research on the Relationship between Applied Technology, Basic Science and Economic GrowthZhou  Xiaoliang  and  Lu  Yuting  
WP929Gender of Children and Parents’ Happiness in New Economic PeriodLu  Fangwen  and  Liu  Gordon  
WP918Take-off, Persistence, and Sustainability:Demographic Factor of the Chinese GrowthLu  Yang  and  Cai  Fang  
WP916Finance Security、National Interest and Foreign exchange reserves OptimizationLuo  Sumei,  Zhou  Guangyou  and  Zeng  Yao  
WP906The Effect of Capital Labor Relations on the Sustainability of Economic GrowthLuo  Zhen    and    Zhang  Xian  
WP903Fund Family Co-holding: Opinion Disagreement and Stock ReturnLi  Ke,  Lu  Rong  and  Xia  Yi  
WP877Deregulation on Short Sale Constraint, Corporate Investment and ValuationJin  Qinglu,Hou  Qingchuan  and  Xie  Yaqian  
WP874Financing Discrimination, Virtualization of Economy and Real Economy Distortion:An Empirical Study Based on ChinaLuo  Laijun,  Jiang  Cheng  and  Wang  Yazhang  
WP848The Role of Land in Growth of Farmers’ Income: Protection or Obstacle?Luo  Yongmin  and  Fan  Liming  
WP807Trade Efficiency of Advanced Factors, Headquarter Relocation and Firm GrowthLu  Di,Ju  Xiaosheng  and  Tan  Qi  
WP804North-to-South Technology Transfers,Patent Protections and the Economic GrowthLuo  Deming,Zhou  Yanran  and  Shi  Jinchuan  
WP773Local officials Turnover and Corporate Risk——Evidence from Chinese Listed FirmsLuo  Danglun,  Liao  Junping  and  Wang  Jue  
WP770Cities Lacking Entrepreneurs——An Empirical Evidence of Chinese Education Not Enhancing EntrepreneurshipLu  Ming  and  Ni  Pengtu  
WP755Impact of Minimum Wage on Firm InnovationZhang  Jing,Lu  Yi  and  Yang  Zhi  
WP744Official’s Turnover and Local Government Debt IssueLuo  Danglun  and  Yu  Guoman  
WP739Economic Growth, Government Partiality and Corporate PerformanceHou  Qingchuan,Jin  Qinglu  and  Chen  Mingduan  
WP726Wait-and-See or Follow Up? A Collective Strategy of Enterprises Coping with the Uncertainty of Investment PolicyLuo  Zhi  and  Xu  Xianxiang  
WP703A Study on Time-Varying Spillover Effects of China’s Financial Markets Zhao  Hua  and  Ma  Lu  
WP680Do Political Connections Influence Product Quality SupervisionLiu  Xiaolu  and  Li  Honglin  
WP672Remedy or Poison: the Impacts of ODI on China’s ExportsLiu  Xiaoguang,  Gou  Qin  and  Lu  Feng  
WP657Spatio-temporal heterogeneity, rebound effect and the evolution of energy efficiency in ChinaFan  Ruguo  and  Luo  Ming  
WP631Financial Frictions under Regulation and the Puzzle of Chinese High ExportLuo  Wei  and  Lv  Yue  
WP619The Influence of M&A on Acquirers’ Capital Structures—New Evidence of Dynamic Trade-off TheoryTao  Qizhi,  Zhu  Xianglon,  Li  Liang,  Luo  Ronghua  
WP606 The empirical analysis of knowledge capital impact on total factor productivity of industry enterprises Cheng  Huifang  and  Lu  Jiajun  
WP578Analysis of Industrial Green Technology Progress in China's Economic OpeningJing  Weimin  and  Zhang  Lu  
WP576Research on Rural Poverty Reduction Effect of Income Growth and Distribution Structure Distortion Chen  Fei  and  Lu  Jianci  
WP559Corporate Pyramids and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from ChinaXu  Nianhang,  Li  Xiaorong,  Liu  Qiao  and  Luo  Wei  
WP558Investment Behaviors and Performance of Government - Sponsored Venture Capitals:Evidences from SME and ChiNext BoardsYu  Yan,  Luo  Wei,  Lee  Yi-tsung  and  Zhu  Qi  
WP506City Size Distributions and Economic Development: Is There a Certain Pattern?Lu    Yang  
WP499Does voluntary corporate governance matterLiu  Jianhua,  Lu  Rui  and  Wei  Minghai  
WP486Does voluntary corporate governance matter: Liu  Jianhua,  Lu  Rui  and  Wei  Minghai  
WP485Carbon Disclosure and Cost of Equity ——Evidence from CDP 2010 questionnaire for S&P 500 companiesJiang  Yan  ,  Wu  Jieyan  and  Luo  Le  
WP437Political Achievement Demands of Local Government,Government Control Right and Corporate ValueLu  Dong,Sun  Yan,  Zhou  Wei  and  Yang  Dang  
WP435Technology Upgrade and Export Competitiveness of China: A Nexus from Micro to MacroLu  Xiaodong  
WP423The Multi-level Optimization Allocation of Trading Foreign Exchange Reserve Assets:Luo  Sumei  and  Zhou  Guangyou,Institute  for  Financial  Studies,  Fudan  University  
WP416Why are Spectators so Indifferent? Fan  Liangcong,  Liu  Lu  and  Liang  Jie  
WP407Research of Influence Factors of Carbon Emission Under Different Economic Growth PatternLu  Wanbo,  Chou  Tingting  and  Du  Lei  
WP375Self-selection Or Agglomeration Economies?——Firm-level Evidence From China's Textile IndustryLuo  Yong,  Cai  Zhengzhe,  and  Fan  Zuojun  
WP326Liquidity Factors and Prediction Bias of Returns——Based on the Influence of the Microstructure NoiseHuang  Wei,  Lin  Jing,  Luo  Ronghua  and  Zhou  Mingshan  
WP306Rent-Seeking and the Breakthrough Enterprises Achieved in Industry Barries—— the evidences from the Chinese listed enterprLuo  Danglun  and  Zhao  Cong  
WP299China’s Terms of Trade and Its Relation to the Macroeconomic Fluctuations (2001-2011)Feng  LU  and  Li  Yuanfang  
WP280Words or Actions?—The optimal monetary policy communication in ChinaLu  Zhen  and  Lin  Bingxuan  
WP278Has China’s grain price growth become more stable?--An investigation based on structural break regime switching modelLu  Jie  and  Zhu  Xinkai  
WP252A Revisit of “Curse of Natural Resources” Hypothesis: An Approach Based on EndogeneityZhang  Derong    Yang  Hui    Lu  Yunhang  
WP251Transaction Intermediaries from the Perspective of Two-sided Market: Evidence from the Phenomenon of Specialized MarketLu  Lijun,  Yu  Hangdong,  Lu  Yao  and  Du  Fangli  
WP229The Threshold Effects of Social Capital affecting Household Welfare:Ye  Chusheng  and  Luo  Lianfa  
WP226Has China Become Pollution Industry Haven by International Trade?Li  Xiaoping  and  Lu  Xianxiang  
WP222Capital Accumulation, Labor Mobility and Chinese Provincial Return on CapitalLuo  Zhi  and  Guo  Xibao  
WP206FTPL with Multi-tier Government in Fiscal Federalism: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical TestsZhao  Wenzhe,  Dong  Lixia  and  Lu  Di  
WP200the New Development of Experimental Economics——Field ExperimentsLuo  Jun  
WP171Do Chinese State Owned Enterprises Pay Higher Wage?Zhengfei  Lu    Xiongyuan  Wang  and  Peng  Zhang  
WP170Does the Environmental Regulation Affect Chinese Industries’ Profits?Li  Xiaoping  Lu  Xianxian  and  Tao  Xiaoqing  
WP168Do Analysts’ Recommendations Have Investment Values:Empirical Evidence From Listed Companies Luo  Danglun    and    Wang  Hong  
WP142Monetary Policy, Investment Efficiency and Equity ValueJin  Qinglu  and  Kong  Xiang  
WP136Business Owners’ Social Status, Economic Achievement and Firm PhilanthropyGao  Yongqiang,  He  Xiaobin    and    Li  Lulu  
WP135Bilateral Investment Treaties,Institutional Environment and Outward FDI Location Choices of FirmsFangyu  Zong,  Jiangyong  Lu  and  Changqi  Wu  
WP134Game Equilibrium, Factor Characteristics, and Institutional Choice——An Inquiry into the Share Tenancy TheoryLuo  Biliang  and  He  Yiming  
WP121The effect of natural disaster and government aid on the income and consumption of rural households: Feng  Shuaizhang,  Lu  Jingliang  and  Ai  Chunrong  
WP92Political Achievement Demands, Government Controland Marginal Social Expenditure: Lu  Dong,  Sun  Yan,  Yang  Dang  and  Yang  Jijun  
WP90Price Dispersion in China’s Domestic Passenger Cars Markets:Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisYu  Linhui  and  Lu  Jiangyong  
WP77Do Chinese Acquirers Fail in Overseas M&As? Lulu  Gu  and  Robert  Reed  
WP61Regional Difference and Diffusion Mechanism of Chinese Mobile TelecommunicationsLuo  Yuze  Zhu  shanli  Chen  Yuyu  and  Luo  Laijun  
WP54Incomplete Markets and Pareto Inefficiency of China’s EconomyLu  Jialiu  
WP48Information Asymmetry and Investment-Cash Flow SensitivityQu  Wenzhou,Xie  Yalu  and  Ye  Yumei  
WP29Political Connections、Official Inspection and Firm Performance Luo  Danglun,  Ying  Qianwei  and  Wu  yanting  
WP24Theoretical Logic and Sinicization of the Consumption Function: A Survey of LiteratureZhu  Xinkai  and  Luo  Chen  
WP8Effects of Chinese Export Growth on Employment:ACGE Model Analysis Lu  Wencong;  Li  Yuanlong  
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