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WP1410Self-Estimation Bias, Wealth Illusion, and Consumption——Empirical Evidence from Chinese Urban HouseholdsGao  Nan  and  Liang  Pinghan  
WP1387Urbanization and Earning Inequality: An Analysis Based on Indexes Dynamic DecomposabilityGao  Hongying,  Wu  Kangping  and  Che  Huichun  
WP1304Population Constraint, Local Specialization of Intermediate Products and Enterprise Export DecisionZhou  Mo,Gao  Fangshu  and  Li  Zengdi  
WP1300Price changes, biased technology and the Economic Structure change on the influence of the factors of labor income share iFan  Maoqing  and  Gao  Wei  
WP1223Pay Gap and Firm Innovation in ChinaKong  Dongmin,Xu  Mingli  and  Kong  Gaowen  
WP1222Financial Agglomeration and Hierarchical Urban Systems: A Study Based on Loan Balances of CitiesLiang  Qi,Wang  Ruyu,Wang  Zhigao  and  Chen  Jianlong  
WP1190Investment in Infrastructure and Numerical Simulation Assessment of the Effects of ‘the Belt and Road’ strategyYang  Gaoju,  Huang  Xianhai  and  Chen  Hangyu  
WP1176Stabilize or Destabilize the Stock Market by Introducing Stock Index Futures: Evidence from High Frequency DataGao  Jinyao  and  Hu  Jinyan  
WP1122Long-term effect of historical factorsDeng  Hongtu  and  Song  Gaoyan  
WP1098Does Political Promotions Impact Pay Gap?Kong  Gaowen,Li  Wenjing,Hu  Yuming  and  Kong  Dongmin  
WP1077Research on the Regulation of the Third Class of Shadow Banking in ChinaGao  Xuyang  and  Liu  Guoliang  
WP1073Upgrading of industrial structure, Reduction of carbon emission density and energy intensity, and Low carbon development oZhang  Wei  ,  Zhu  QiGui  and  Gao  Hui  
WP1070Adaptive Learning and Chinese Inflation Disequilibrium AnalysisFan  Conglai  and  Gao  Jiechao  
WP1068Value Theory, Value Investment and Market StabilizationGao  Qiang  and  Zou  Hengfu  
WP913Government Investment, Appointment Duration and Debt DefaultGao  Fei  and  Li  Lianfa  
WP896Study on the Relationship Between Foreign Trade Imbalance and Capital FormationGao  Qian,  He  Rong  and  Zhu  Qibing  
WP857Housing Prices and Economic Fluctuations——Based on a Multi-Region DSGE FrameworkGao  Ran  and  Gong  Liutang  
WP816An Investigation on the “Divergence” Between CPI and PPI based on Three Sectors Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium ModLv  Jie  and  Wang  Gaowang  
WP749Local Government’s Fiscal Pressure and Bank Credit Resource Allocation EfficiencyZhu  Jigao,Yue  Heng  and  Rao  Pingui  
WP729Why Does Government Size Grow?Gao  Nan  and  Liang  Pinghan  
WP701A study of the Interbank Offered Rate of Shanghai qianzhuang in the early 20th centuryPan  Qingzhong  and  Long  Denggao  
The Research on Phase Fluctuation Characteristics and Driving Mechanism of Chinese Business Cycle FluctuationZhang  Tongbin  and  Gao  Tiemei  
WP612Urbanization and Earning Inequality: A Dynamic AnalysisGao  Hongying  and  Wu  Kangping  
WP591Formal and Informal Finance: Mechanisms, Efficiency and Empirical ChallengesGao  Ming  and  Liu  Yuzhen  
WP561Adaptive Learning, Macroeconomic Expectation and the Optimal Monetary Policy in ChinaBian  Zhicun  and  Gao  Jiechao  
WP512China’s Money Laundering Scale and Its Outflow from 2000 to 2011Mei  Dexiang  and  Gao  Zengan  
WP511Urbanization, Economic Agglomeration, and Employment Multiplier Effects in ChinaYuan  Zhigang  and  GaoHong  
WP487Understanding Business Cycles: Perspective from Stabilizing and Destabilizing MechanismGong  Gang  and  Gao  Yang  
WP455Expectation, Income Inequality and the Puzzle of City’s Housing Price to Rent Scissors in ChinaGao  Bo  Wang  Wenli  and  Li  Xiang  
WP418Mode Choice and Transportation Pricing Strategies in BeijingYingao  Chen1,  Kai  Xian2,  Jintao  Xu1,  Ping  Qin3  and  Lanlan  Wang  
WP415Illiquid Asset Pricing under Knightian Uncertainty: Theory and EvidenceJinyao  Gao  
WP402Financial Contagion Analysis with Information Disclosed by StagesYan  Gao,  Xinyu  Zhang,  Ke  Cheng,  Xiaoguang  Yang  and  Guohua  Zou  
WP365Corruption, Marketization and Political Budget Cycle in ChinaGao  Nan  
WP297Long Run Growth and Rise/Fall of Nation under the Pattern of——Institutionalism in the Context of Economic History StudiesGao  Cheng  
WP290Government Supporting, Industry Boom and Firm Expansion Decision---Analysis based on the survey for SMEsZhu  Song,  Du  Wencui  and  Gao  Minghua  
WP274Nonhomothetic Preference, Endogenous Preference Structure and Structural ChangeLi  Shangao  and  Gong  Liutang  
WP244Finance and Taxation Policy Motivation, High-tech Industry Development and Industrial Structure AdjustmentZhang  Tongbin  and  Gao  Tiemei  
WP210Accumulation-Oriented Exchange Regime: The Choice of LDC’s Who Issue Non-international CurrenciesGong  Gang,  Gao  Jian  and  Li  Bingnian  
WP189The Effect of Housing Price Fluctuations on China’s Macro-economy——Calculation Based on the Input-output TableGao  Bo  and  Ren  Ruoen  
WP172The Determinants of Industrial Firms’ Export Behavior in ChinaQiu  Bin,  Xu  Kangning,  Liu  Xiuyan  and  Gao  Bo  
WP155Financing Constraints, Tunneling Motivation and Private Business GroupCai  Weixing,  Du  Wencui,  Gao  Minghua  and  Zeng  Cheng  
WP136Business Owners’ Social Status, Economic Achievement and Firm PhilanthropyGao  Yongqiang,  He  Xiaobin    and    Li  Lulu  
WP130Measurement of Performing Space for China’s Monetary Policy and Its ImplicationsGao  Qian  and  He  Rong  
WP66Advances in China’s Cultivated Land Rental Market-New Evidence of Transaction Cost TheoryGao  Liangliang,  Huang  Jikun  and  Xu  zhigang  
WP30Learning by Doing, Overinvestment and the “Erosion Effect” of R&D on Human Capital Accumulation Li  Shangao  and  Chen  Jiyong  
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