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WP1253Broker or Reseller? ——Choice of Transaction Forms in Interdependent ProductionXie  Lijuan  and  Wang  Shixun  
WP1240Transmission Mechanism and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy on Interest Rate of Informal FinancePan  bin,Xie  Ping  and  Jin  Wen  Wen  
WP1205Time-lag of foreign exchange payment, Openness, and exchange rate pass-through: Analysis based on DSGE modelGuichuan  Deng  and  Danyang  Xie  
WP1150Chinese “Pressure-Type” Fiscal Incentives and Local Governments’ “Helping Hand”Zhenfa  Xie  and  Jin  Yan  
WP1140The Impacts of Public Transfers on Income Distribution and Poverty in China Xie  E  
WP1125Lewis Turning Point, Rising Wages and Firm InnovationZhuan  Xie  and  Xiaobo  Zhang  
WP1113The Impact of Tax-Transfers System on Inequality and PovertyXie  E  
WP1085Social-digestion Mechanism of Bank Systemic Risk in ChinaTong  Zhongwen,  Fan  Conglai,  Xie  Xiaoyang  and  Zou  Jing  
WP1039Food Safety, Regulatory Boundedness and Institution ArrangementXie  Kang,Lai  Jintian,  Xiao  Jinghua  and  Wu  Jiapei  
WP1027Controlling Shareholder’s Share Pledge and Real-activity Earnings Management of Listed CompaniesXie  Deren  and  Liao  Ke  
WP877Deregulation on Short Sale Constraint, Corporate Investment and ValuationJin  Qinglu,Hou  Qingchuan  and  Xie  Yaqian  
WP846Chinese Capital Utilization Rate, Burden of Corporate Taxation and Structure AdjustmentGong  Min,  Xie  Pan  and  Li  Wen  Pu  
WP766Chinese-style Tax-Sharing System, Tax Collection Centralization and Tax CompetitionXie  Zhenfa  
WPSocial Deterrent Signals and Value Reconstruction:An Institutional Analysis of Unified Governance Regime for Food SafetyXie  Kang,  Xiao  Jinghua,  Yang  Nankun  and  Wang  Hongchang  
WP685Bank Systemic Risk of China:Self-digestion and Its Long-term EffectsTong  Zhongwen,Fan  Conglai  and  Xie  Xiaoyang  
WP673Transnational Flow of Service Capital Factor and the Mode of Service Sector Growth: A Dynamic ApproachYang  Zhiyuan,Xie  Qian  and  Zheng  Shilin  
WP633Political Connection Effect on Tax Discrimination:“Less Levy ” or “More Refund”Pan  Wenqing,  Dai  Chuan  and  Xie  Jingyu  
WP461Tax Sharing Incentives and Industrial Structure Changes in ChinaXie  Zhenfa  and  Liu  Li  
WP426Do Public Transfers Reduce Vulnerability?Fan  Liming  and  Xie  E  
WP378An Analysis of the Differences in Corporate Savings RatesXie  Shiqing  and  Mo  Taiping  
WP316The Theoretical Origin and Developmental Branches of New Economic GeographyXu  Hua    and    Xie  Xie  
WP273On the Micro-Foundation of Fiat Money’s Nominal Value under the Framework of General EquilibriumXie  Zhiping  
WP231Pass in U.S. Senate?---An Empirical Analysis based on Political Economy of Trade PolicyWang  Xiaosong  and  Xie  Shenxiang  
WP122A Note on not Beginning With a General ModelWei  Jinrui,  Zhu  Jianping    and    Xie  Bangchang  
WP106The Quality of Convergence between Industrialization and Informatization: A Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisXie  Kang,  Xiao  Jinghua  and  Wu  Jiapei  
WP48Information Asymmetry and Investment-Cash Flow SensitivityQu  Wenzhou,Xie  Yalu  and  Ye  Yumei  
WP6Industry Characteristics, International Payments and Financial Crisis Deepness Han  Liyan;Xie  Fei;Hu  Ying  
WP3A Sequential-Separated Monetary Economy and the Nature of Its General Equilibrium Xie  Zhiping  
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