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WP1420Does Pension Affect Firm Productivity?Zhao  Jianyu  and  Lu  Zhengfei  
WP1381Labor Shortage, Factor Market Distortion and Technological Progress of Chinese Manufacturing EnterprisesYang  Xianming,  Liu  Zheng  and  Kuang  Huishu  
WP1378“The Insurance Funds Placards” and Corporate Governance in Dispersed Ownership EraZheng  Zhigang,  Shi  Lina  and  Huang  Jicheng  
WP1360Research on the Micro-Effect of Interest Rate LiberalizationZheng  Manni,  Li  Wengjing  and  Liu  Jianhua  
WP1339Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei,  Ding  Jie  
WP1317Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei  and  Ding  Jie  
WP1306Margin Trading and Short Selling and Firm Innovation:An Analysis based on the Perspective of Both Quantity and QualityHao  Xiangchao,Liang  Qi  and  Li  Zheng  
WP1303Does Productivity Improvement Affect Farmers' Human Capital——A Study Based on Micro PerspectiveZhou  Jingkui,  Wang  Guidong  and  Huang  Zhengxue  
WP1299Globalization and Income Inequality: New Evidences and Mechanisms from ChinaZheng  Xinye,  Zhang  Yangyang,  Ma  Ben  and  Zhang  Li  
wp1294The Welfare Effect of Dual-Track Pension System UnificationZheng  Chunrong  and  Ning  Lei  
WP1229Social Network and the Sustainable Development of Microfinance in ChinaSu  Dongwei,  Chen  Chunchun,Xu  Zhenguo  and  Li  Bin  
WP1195“+ Internet”, “Internet +” and Economic Development——Infra-marginal General Equilibrium AnalysisZheng  Xiaobi  
WP1063Industry Transfer in China, East-west or North-south?An  Husen  and  Zheng  Wenguang  
WP1058Controlling Shareholder’s Equity Pledge and Tax Avoidance of Listed CompaniesWang  Xiongyuan,OuYang  Caiyue  and  Shi  Zhengyang  
WP1138Market Segmentation, Keeping up with the Jones and Local Comovement of Firm InvestmentWang  Zheng  and  Hu  Conghui  
WP1114The Impact of Changes in Family Planning Policy on future Human Capital in ChinaLi  Haizheng  and  Qiu  Yuefang  
WP1051Tenure Stages and Independent Directors’ Voting BehaviorZheng  Zhigang,Kan  Shuo,Lin  Yikun,Hu  Bo  and  Huang  Jicheng  
WP1041Bubble Economy of online P2P Lending: Information Disclosure and Extrusion PolicyZhou  Zhenglong,  Ma  Benjiang  and  Hu  Fengying  
WP1019The Benchmark Yield Curve and Macroeconomics: A Mixed Frequency Monetary DSGE ModelShang  Yuhuang  and  Zheng  Tingguo  
WP1001Do Crowds Have Wisdom?——Evidence from P2P lendingWang  Zhengwei,Xiang  Jia  and  Liao  Li  
WP985Crude Oil Price Fluctuation and the Performance of Chinese Manufacturing FirmsCheng  Dong,  Zheng  Wenping  and  Yu  Jian  
WP968Trade-Finance Arbitrage, Commodity Prices Change and the Effect of Monetary PolicyZheng  Zunxin,  Wang  Qi  and  Xu  Xiaoguang  
WP930Can Emissions Trading Scheme Achieve the Porter Effect in China?Tu  Zhengge  and  Shen  Renjun  
WP891Household Consumption Upgrade, Technology Progress, Factor Price Distortion and Rural-To-Urban Labor Migration in ChinaFang  Fuqian*,Yu  Jian**,Cheng  Dong***  and  Zheng  Wenping  
WP871Measuring China’s Business Cycle in Real-time: From Perspective of Macroeconomic Data ReleasesZheng  Tingguo  and  Xia  Kai  
WP866Does excessive investment measure over-investment?Wu  Weili  and  Zhang  Zheng  
WP837Optimal consumption and portfolio choice in the presence of long-run riskWang  Zhizheng  and  Wu  Weixing  
WP822The Effect of China’s Unbundling Reform in Electricity on the Productivity of Power Supply EnterprisesZheng  Shilin  and  Zhang  Xinzhu  
WP791Political Promotion of SOE Executives: the Implicit Incentive versus Incentive DistortionZheng  Zhigang,Kan  Shuo  and  Huang  Jicheng  
WP752A Study on Inflation Expectation Traps in ChinaHuang  Zhengxin  and  Huang  Jinbo  
WP748The relationship between the macroeconomic variables and term structure of interest rates: evidence from ChinaChen  Langnan  and  Zheng  Hengliang  
WP728The Fluctuation of House Prices, Stance and Response of Monetary PolicyTan  Zhengxun  
WP718Labor Market Condition and Crime: Evidence from a City Panel DataChen  Chunliang  and  Liu  Zhengshan  
WP692Ownership Structures, Trade patterns and Export-Productivity Relations——Theory and Chinese EvidenceYu  Chunhai  and  Zheng  Yue  
WP683Capital misallocation and The Losses of Total Factor Productivity——Evidence from the China Industry Business PerformanceZhang  Qingjun,Fan  Mingtai  and  Su  Mingzheng  
WP673Transnational Flow of Service Capital Factor and the Mode of Service Sector Growth: A Dynamic ApproachYang  Zhiyuan,Xie  Qian  and  Zheng  Shilin  
WP660Forecasting Quarterly GDP in China with Mixed-Frequency Data: A Model ComparisonZheng  Tingguo,Xia  Kai  and  Dang  Jue  
WP641A comparative study on local government incentivesQiao  Baoyun,  Liu  Lezheng,  Yi  Xundong  and  Guo  Shen  
WP629Telecommunications Infrastructure and Chinese Economic GrowthZheng  Shilin  Zhou  Li-an  and  He  Weida  
WP616The Impact of Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital on Social Mobility – A Theoretical and Empirical InvestigatiQin  Xuezheng  and  Wang  Tianyu  
WP601Does Financial Liberalization Increase Rural Households’ Credit Availability?——Empirical Analysis based on Rural HoWang  Changyun,  Zhong  Teng  and  Zheng  Huamao  
WP589The Intelligent Investor: Not-Fully-Marketized Interest Rate and Risk Identify——Evidence from P2P LendingLiao  Li,Li  Mengran  and  Wang  Zhengwei  
WP560A Study of The Current Development, Structure and Performance of China’s Business GroupGuojian  Zheng,Dongjie  Lin  and  Weiqiang  Tan  
WP522Property Tax in China: Is It Effective in Curbing Housing Price?Zhang  Qingyong  and  Zheng  Huanhuan  
WP518The Intergenerational Mobility and Its Transmission Mechanism: A Literature ReviewQin  Xuezheng  and  Li  Zhenghao  
WP513An Inquiry into the Money in the Capital Market--An Empirical Analysis of U.S. “New Broad Money”Shen  Hanyao,  Zheng  Rongxin  and  He  Wenjie  
wp483An Empirical Study on Health Welfare and Health Inequality in ChinaWang  Hongliang,  Liu  Zhibiao  and  Buhong  Zheng  
WP479Regional Distribution and Dynamics of Human Capital in ChinaLi  Haizheng,  Jia  Na,  Zhang  Xiaobei  and  Barbara  Fraumeni  
WP385Theory Analysis of China's Manufactured Goods Export Volume (1985-2050)Pei  Changhong  and  Zheng  Wen  
WP375Self-selection Or Agglomeration Economies?——Firm-level Evidence From China's Textile IndustryLuo  Yong,  Cai  Zhengzhe,  and  Fan  Zuojun  
WP342Housing Institution Reform, Liquidity Constrain and Entrepreneurship ChoiceZhou  Jingkui  and  Huang  Zhengxue  
WP334The Impact of Government Introduced the Investment of High-tech industrialization on the Firm PerformanceZheng  Shilin  and  Liu  Hewang  
WP333The Effects of Monetary Policy on Price Dynamics of Commodities Based on Storage: The Case of SHFEZheng  Zunxin    and    Xu  xiaoguang  
WP282Outward-oriented Development and Productivity: Which Causes and Which Consequences?Dai  Xiang,  Zhang  Yu,  Zheng  Jianghuai  and  Zhang  Erzhen  
WP266Heterogeneous fluctuations, Contagion and Financial crisis: The case of Chinese market and the other marketsZhao  Jinwen  and  Su  Mingzheng  
WP247Government Ownership, Local Government Competition and City Commercial Banks PerformanceLiu  Yang,  Hong  Zheng  and  Shen  Yu  
WP246Research on the Wealth Distribution of Chinese Urban Households: A Behavioral PerspectiveXiao  Zhengyan  and  Liu  Kai  
WP221The Effect of Health Insurance Participation on the Health and Healthcare Utilization of Migrant Workers in ChinaQin  Xuezheng,  Liu  Gordon  G.  and  Wang  Xin  
WP215Cronyism of Board Culture and Excessive Executive Compensations-Evidence from Chinese Listed FirmsZheng  Zhigang,  Sun  Juanjuan  and  Rui  Oliver  
WP214Behavioral FinanceInterpretation of Momentum Effect ——New Evidence from Chinese Stock MarketZheng  Zhenlong  and  Chen  Huanhua  
WP202Measuring China’s Business Cycle with Mixed-frequency Data and Its Real Time AnalysisZheng  Tingguo  and  Wang  Xia  
WP178A research on the appropriate level of sub-national borrowing in China--based on an analytical framework of economBaoyun  Qiao    Lezheng  Liu    Shen  Guo  and  Xiaoyun  Zhang  
WP171Do Chinese State Owned Enterprises Pay Higher Wage?Zhengfei  Lu    Xiongyuan  Wang  and  Peng  Zhang  
WP140Does Executive Compensation Promote Bankers’ Excessive Risk Taking?------Evidence from Chinese Real Estate Lending MarketHong  Zheng,  Shen  yu  and  Wu  Wei  
WP95The Wage Premium for Elite College among Recent College GraduatesShi  Xinzheng,  Li  Hongbin,  Meng  Lingsheng  and  Wu  Binzhen  
WP73Empirical Study of the Relationship between FDI and Environmental Regulation: An Intergovernmental Competition PerspectiveZhu  Pingfang  and  Zhang  Zhengyu  
WP40Conflict on Interest, Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts and Investment Recommendations Wu  Chaopeng,  Zheng  Fangbiao,  and  Yang  Shijie  
WP34Can Third Party’s Collateral Arrangements Tackle the Financing Problem of Small-Medium Enterprises?Hong  Zheng  and  Zhou  Yihai  
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