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WP1470Carbon Total Factor Productivity, Low Carbon Technology Innovation and Effects of Energy Saving and Emission ReductionZhang  Ning  and  Chen  Zhongfei  
WP1405Minimum Wage, Comparative Advantage and Inter-industry ReallocationZhao  Zhongkuang,  Yang  Rudai  and  Song  Min  
WP1404Global knowledge search and firm innovation performance——Empirical evidence from institutional perspectiveZhong  Changbiao,Yu  Feng  and  Wang  Chengqi  
WP1346Relative Performance Evaluation and Mergers and Acquisitions: Theory and Empirical EvidenceLi  Guangzhong,  Li  Jie,  Zhu  Jiaqing  and  Li  Xinchuna  
WP1342Minimum Wage, Comparative Advantage and Inter-industry ReallocationZhao  Zhongkuang,  Yang  Rudai  and  Song  Min  
WP1339Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei,  Ding  Jie  
WP1320Search Models of Labor, Income Distribution and Stability of SSADing  Xiaoqin  and  Yang  Xiaozhong  
WP1317Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei  and  Ding  Jie  
WP1206Research on the Relation Between Population Structure, Exchange Rate and Economic Growth RateChang  ZhongZe  and  Mao  Pei  
WP1189The Growth Mechanism and Productivity Effect of Producer Services under the GVCs: Theory and Cross-country EvidenceCheng  Dazhong  
WP1143Cluster-based Trade Credit and Firm Export:An Explanation for China’s Export MiracleMa  Shuzhong  and  Zhang  Hongsheng  
WP1102Does EVA Promote Innovation of Central Government-Owned Enterprises(CGOEs)?Yu  Minggui,Zhong  Huijie  and  Fan  Rui  
WP1085Social-digestion Mechanism of Bank Systemic Risk in ChinaTong  Zhongwen,  Fan  Conglai,  Xie  Xiaoyang  and  Zou  Jing  
WP1067Geography、Culture and Corporate InnovationYizhong  Wang,Yueling  Wei  and  Frank  M.  Song  
WP1045Structure Deviation of Export and Domestic Demand: Causes and ConsequencesYi  Xianzhong,  Bao  Qun,  Jun  Hou  and  Zhang  Yabin  
WP1035A Reconsideration of the Nature of Firm: an Empirical Study Based on Social NeuroeconomicsZhang  Xian  and  Wei  Zhongxu  
WP117Financial Development and Firm-level Innovation Output——Perspective of Comparing Different Financing PatternsZhong  Teng  and  Wang  Changyun  
WP986The Loss of Technology in Chinese Elitism:Evidence from Economics ViewDing  Zhong  and  Deng  Kebin  
WP962Market Power, Efficient Market Power, and Welfare LossesDeng  Zhongqi  and  Chen  Yongjun  
WP946Monetary Policy Expectation and Inflation Management:A DSGE Analysis based on News ShocksWang  Xi,  Wang  Xi  and  Chen  Zhongfei  
WP925Be Cautious for Chinese Capital Account liberalization----Perspective from DSGE Policy SimulationLiu  hongzhong,  Yang  xiaohai  and  Wang  dihai  
WP923China’s Integration into the Global Value Chains: A Transnational Input-Output AnalysisCheng  Dazhong  
WP894Cost Shifting, Trade Pattern, and Endogenous GrowthHan  zhongliang  
WP881The Non-linear Contribution of Net Export to Growth:Empirical Evidence from China’s Provincial Panel Data from 1995 througGu  Kejian  and  Chen  Zhongfu  
WP817Generosity from The Poor:An Explanation Based on The Signaling TheoryLi  Sihai,Chen  Xuan  and  Song  Xianzhong  
WP814Research on Social Security Income Redistribution Effect in ChinaWan  Yanzhong,  Long  Yuqi,  Jiang  Chuiping  and  Xu  qiang  
WP808Property Right, Marketization and Media Coverage BiasCai  Guowei,  Shao  Zhihao  and  Xu  Xinzhong  
WP764The Actual Effects of Credit Supply Cycle in China:Firm Level Evidence Wang  Yizhong,  Chen  Lifang  and  Frank  M.  Song  
WP732The Actual Effects of Credit Supply Cycle in China:Firm Level EvidenceWang  Yizhong,  Chen  Lifang  and  Frank  M.  Song  
WP731Is Productivity (or Efficiency) in Tertiary Sector Really Low?Pang  Ruizhi  and  Deng  Zhongqi  
WP701A study of the Interbank Offered Rate of Shanghai qianzhuang in the early 20th centuryPan  Qingzhong  and  Long  Denggao  
WP685Bank Systemic Risk of China:Self-digestion and Its Long-term EffectsTong  Zhongwen,Fan  Conglai  and  Xie  Xiaoyang  
WP654Factor Flow Distortions Embodied in China’s Trade in Value-AddedCheng  Dazhong  
WP628Market Risk, Policy Uncertainty and Overinvestment--An Analysis Based on Option GameShaoling  Chen  ,Haisheng  Yang  and  Guangzhong  Li  
WP622Does Fiscal Decentralization Improve Provision Efficiency of Local Public Goods?Cang  Zhongze  
WP601Does Financial Liberalization Increase Rural Households’ Credit Availability?——Empirical Analysis based on Rural HoWang  Changyun,  Zhong  Teng  and  Zheng  Huamao  
WP592RMB Exchange Rate Appropriate Flexibility: Evidence from Frequency-domain Analysis of Sino-US TradeLiu  Qiren  and  Huang  Jianzhong  
WP581A New Dimension of Urban Labor Market Segmentation:Perspective from Labor RelationsLi  Xiaoying,  Chen  Guanghan  and  Zhao  Zhong  
WP552Expectation and Its Biasness: Research Progress and PuzzlesZhong  Chunping  and  Tian  Ming  
WP502Bank Credit, Firm Entry and Exit, and Economic Fluctuations in ChinaLing  Feng,  Yizhong  Guan,  Zhiyuan  Li  and  Ching-Yi  Lin  
WP458Macroeconomic Uncertainty, Fund Demand and Corporate InvestmentWang  Yizhong  and  Frank  M.  Song  
WP456Chinese Services Export Sophistication Based on International Comparison: Concurrently on “Services Trade Balance Paradox”Cheng  Dazhong  
WP383Does Capital Controls Stop the extreme movements of International Capital flows?Liu  Liya,  Cheng  Tianxiao  and  Guan  Yizhong  
WP346Does Control Shareholders Obtain Their Control Right Private Benefits in Reducing Shares?Huang  Zhizhong  
WP325Title: In Search of China's Equilibrium Interest RateJin  Zhongxia  
WP308Output Gap, Inflation and the Social Welfare Loss in ChinaChen  Li-feng  ,  Fan  Hong-zhong  and  Kevin  Huang  
WP304The Nature of Shareholder and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy TransmissionYizhong  Wang  Frank  Song    and    Lianfa  Li  
WP300Corporate Governance and Labor Welfare: Evidence from Chinese Private FirmsNinghua  Zhong  
WP298Technological Innovation Agglomeration, Pecuniary Externalities and Regional Productivity GrowthZhang  Lihua,  Chen  Weizhong  and  Lin  Shanlang  
WP254Conflicts of Interest, Analyst Optimism and Stock Price Crash RiskXu  Nianhang,  Jiang  Xuanyu,  Yi  Zhihong  and  Xu  Xinzhong  
WP253Migration and Health of Mobile Worker: Evidence from Panel Data based on flowing DestinationLijian  Qin    Zhen  Wang    and    Zhongyi  Jiang  
WP245How Can Minority Shareholders Protect Their Own Interest: The Case of China Merchants BankYuan  Rongli,  Xiao  Zezhong  and  Zou  Hong  
WP237Evolution of Employment Relations in Urban Chinese Labor Market:Evidence based on Micro-data from 1988 to 2007Li  Xiaoying  and  Zhao  Zhong  
wp223Does Dividend-Protective Stock Incentives Urge Frims to Increase Cash Dividends?Hu  Guoqiang,Zhang  Junmin  and  Xiao  Zezhong  
WP204Demand for Regulation and Social Capital --The Chinese Understanding of Economic Transformation and the Government' RoleQu  Wenyi,  Cui  Yan,  Liu  Hong  and  Liu  Hongzhong  
WP159The Optimal Inflation In The Money EconomyYanLong  Huang,  WeiZhong  Chen  and  LiuTang  Gong  
wp158Cost Shifting, Human Capital Accumulation and the Dynamic Effect of TradeHan  Zhongliang  
WP150The Effects of Mis-allocationality Economies and Diseconomies of Agglomeration on China EconomyFan  Hongzhong  
WP113Wage and Wage Equation in Urban Chinese Labor MarketZhang  Ke  and  Zhao  Zhong  
WP98Structure Change, Relative Factor Prices, and Farmers’ Behavior:Theory and Micro Evidence from Agriculture SubsidiesZhong  Chunping,  Chen  Sanpan  and  Xu  Changsheng  
WP79The Optimal Sectoral Level of Foreign Direct Investment Zhong  Changbiao  
WP35Stock Market Reaction to Interest Rate Changes by Chinese Central Bank Jiang  Jinyong  Pan  Guanzhong  and  Long  Chao  
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