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WP1348Heterogeneity of Monetary Transmission Mechanism and the Matthew Effect of Liquidity Allocation in Real EconomyYang  Jisheng  and  Xiang  Jingjie  
WP1306Margin Trading and Short Selling and Firm Innovation:An Analysis based on the Perspective of Both Quantity and QualityHao  Xiangchao,Liang  Qi  and  Li  Zheng  
WP1238The driving factor of capital flow and the structural asset bubble——an analysis based on the gravity modelLi  Lasheng  ,  Huang  Xiaoxiang  and  Zhang  Huipeng  
WP1193Capital Misallocation, Ownership and China’s Manufacturing TFPLi  Xuchao,Song  Min  and  Jin  Xiangrong  
WP1188Jurisdiction Competition, Elements Matching and Regional Capacity CooperationWu  Fuxiang,Qiu  Xiaodong  and  Duan  Wei  
WP1154China's Economic Growth from the Perspective of Global Spatial ConnectionLiuruixiang,  Yanyingen  and  Fanjin  
WP1153Transmission Mechanism and Macro Effect of Lending Facility——Analysis Based on a New Keynesian DSGE modelWang  Xiang  and  Chen  Shiyi  
WP1148Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policies in the Face of Disasters in ChinaZhao  Xiangqin,  Yuan  Jing  and  Chen  Guojin  
WP1117Social Capital, Technology Innovation and the Threshold Effect about Resource CurseWan  Jianxiang  and  Wang  Shouyang  
WP1075Cinema, Endogenous Amenity and China’s Talents FlockingWei  Xiang  
WP1032Community Network in Labor Market and Enterprises Productivity in Marketization ProcessZuo  Xiang  and  Li  Huiwen  
WP1029The “comparison effect” of minimum wage adjustment in ChinaYang  Can,Ye  Linxiang  and  Zhan  Peng  
WP1010“Rule of Thumb”Consumption:Theoretical Model and Empirical AnalysisGeng  Zhixiang  
WP1006Dynamic Evolution of Service Added Value Embodied in China’s Export and Its DeterminantsDai  Xiang  
WP1001Do Crowds Have Wisdom?——Evidence from P2P lendingWang  Zhengwei,Xiang  Jia  and  Liao  Li  
WP996A Research of the Strategic Asset Allocation of China Sovereign Wealth FundYu  Haiyan  and  Hao  Chengxiang  
WP973Financial Development, Budget Constraints and Enterprises Investment EfficiencyWang  Dingxiang  and  Qing  Yu  
WP928The Pattern of Labor’s Cross-Dialects MigrationLiu  Yuyun,  Xu  Xianxiang  and  Xiao  Zekai  
WP893Housing Price Fluctuation, Housing Owned Rate and Real Estate Crowding EffectDeng  Xiang,Zhu  Zixiang  and  Du  Haitao  
WP885Regional protection, resource misallocation and regional environmental welfare performanceSong  Malin,  Jin  Peizhen  and  Zhou  Yuanxiang  
WP852China’s Long-run Economic Transition in the Historic PerspectivePeng  Kaixiang  
WP836Does Higher Education Expansion Reduces the Rate of Return to College?——Evidences from CGSSCai  Haijing,Ma  Bianjing  and  Yao  Xianguo  
WP828Compliance with Legal Minimum Wages in China-------Using a Matched Firm-Employee Data SetYe  Linxiang,  Gindling  T.H.,  Li  Shi  and  Xiong  Liang  
WP818Economic Growth TargetingXu  Xianxiang  and  Liu  Yuyun  
WP815The Market Design of Industry Orderly Transfer in Beijing Tianjin and HebeiShen  Tiyan,Qi  Zixiang  and  Yu  Hanchen  
WP775Construction of Chinese Fiscal Decentralization Index:An Analysis of its Impact on Economic Growth and EqualizationXu  Guoxiang  and  Long  Shuo  
WP762Threshold Effect of R&D Investment in High-tech EnterprisesYang  Jijun,Ao  Xiang  and  Wu  Min  
WP761An Extended Lewis Dual Economy Model and Its Application to ChinaYe  Zhenmao,  Zou  Yuxiang  and  Wang  Xiaobing  
WP726Wait-and-See or Follow Up? A Collective Strategy of Enterprises Coping with the Uncertainty of Investment PolicyLuo  Zhi  and  Xu  Xianxiang  
WP682R&D Spillover Effect between Chinese Industrial SectorsZhu  Pingfang,  Xiang  Gede  and  Wang  Yongshui  
WP669The tax burden distribution between corporation and employees in a high-tax environmentMa  Shuang,  Zhao  Weiyi  and  Zhang  Xiang  
WP619The Influence of M&A on Acquirers’ Capital Structures—New Evidence of Dynamic Trade-off TheoryTao  Qizhi,  Zhu  Xianglon,  Li  Liang,  Luo  Ronghua  
WP600Technology Innovation, Technology Introduction and the Transformation of Economic Growth PatternTang  Weibing    Fu  Yuanhai    and    Wang  Zhanxiang  
WP597Violent Conflicts in Private Finance:A Research Based on Qing Dynasty’s Homicide ReportsChen  Zhiwu,  Lin  Zhan  and  Peng  Kaixiang  
WP582Sectoral Prices Dynamics, Idiosyncratic Shocks and Monetary PolicyDu  Haitao  and  Deng  Xiang  
WP575The Impact of Minimum Wage on Workers’ Income and Income Distribution – A Study Based on CHNS DataWang  Xianghong  and  Wang  Gensong  
WP556Intra-product Specialization, Institution Quality and Export SophisticationDai  Xiang  and  Jin  Bei  
WP555Shadow Banking and Monetary Policy TransitionQiu  Xiang  and  Zhou  Qianglong  
WP514The Co-movement within Financial Markets of China: An Analysis to the Spillover Effects of Structural ShocksLiu  Lei,Lv  Yuanxiang,Wang  Yu  and  Liu  Xin  
WP512China’s Money Laundering Scale and Its Outflow from 2000 to 2011Mei  Dexiang  and  Gao  Zengan  
WP472Financial Development, Financial Structure and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from 32 Countries.Ji  Zhihong  and  Bu  Yongxiang  
WP455Expectation, Income Inequality and the Puzzle of City’s Housing Price to Rent Scissors in ChinaGao  Bo  Wang  Wenli  and  Li  Xiang  
WP454Research on the impact of monetary policy to the price of Chinese agricultural productsWen  Tao    Wang  Xiaohua  and  Wang  Dingxiang  
China’s Race-to-the-Bottom Growth Model:A Case Study of Vehicle Overloading and Highway TollsTang  Xiang  
WP349An Economics Explanation for the Crisis of Trust in China’s Food IndustryLi  Xiang  and  Shi  Lei  
WP344Political Connection and Financing Constraints: Information Effect and Resource EffectYu  Wei,  Wang  Miaojun  and  Jin  Xiangrong  
WP337Real Option Pricing for the Target Firm in Merger & Acquisition:LSM Simulation Analysis Based on Prospect TheoryGe  Xiangyu,  Zhou  Yanli,  Tian  Tianhai  and  Wu  Yang  
WP331Trend and Mechanism of Chinese Economic Growth Performance under Restriction of Resource and EnvironmentLiu  Ruixiang    and    An  Tongliang  
WP317Real Option Pricing for the Target Firm in Merger Ac&quisition:LSM Simulation Analysis Based on Prospect TheoryGe  Xiangyu,  Zhou  Yanli,  Tian  Tianhai  and  Wu  Yang  
WP313China’s Development and Transformation Model:from Perspective of Bureaucratic GovernanceWang  Xianbin  and  Xu  Xianxiang  
WP282Outward-oriented Development and Productivity: Which Causes and Which Consequences?Dai  Xiang,  Zhang  Yu,  Zheng  Jianghuai  and  Zhang  Erzhen  
WP231Pass in U.S. Senate?---An Empirical Analysis based on Political Economy of Trade PolicyWang  Xiaosong  and  Xie  Shenxiang  
WP226Has China Become Pollution Industry Haven by International Trade?Li  Xiaoping  and  Lu  Xianxiang  
WP219Research on Labor Market Segmentation and Hukou Wage Premium in China:Evidence from Household Survey DataYu  Xianghua  and  Chen  Xuejuan  
WP211The Effect of Gradual Exchange Rate Deregulation on China’s Monetary PolicyZhang  Xiang  and  He  Ping  
On the Cyclical Behaviors of Chinese Inventory InvestmentsXu  Zhiwei  ,  Che  Dawei  and  Xue  Hexiang  
WP201Land Primary Market Monopoly and the Provision of Local Public GoodsZuo  Xiang      Yin  Xingmin  
WP162Crisis Shocks and Global Trade Excessive Adjustment: A Theoretical AnalysisDai  Xiang  and  Zhang  Erzhen  
WP151The RMB Undervaluation Puzzle: An Input-Output AnalysisTang  Xiang  
WP142Monetary Policy, Investment Efficiency and Equity ValueJin  Qinglu  and  Kong  Xiang  
WP76Capacity Restraints for Quality, Asymmetric Information, and the Inclination for Big Sales: Taking the Food Safety ProblemLi  Xiang  
WP53Investment-driven land supplyZhang  Li  Wang  Xianbin  and  Xu  Xianxiang  
WP45The Role of Economic Structural Adjustment in Long Term Economic Stabilization in China Fang  Jinsheng  and  Jin  Xiangrong  
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