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WP1383Public Finance, Social Mobility, and Long-term Economy GrowthTong  Jian  
WP1260House Price and "Labor Shortage" of Chinese ManufactureTong  Jiadong;  Liu  Zhuqing  
WP1177A study on the interaction and embedding mechanism between Chinese residents' cultural consumption and economic growthJin  Xiaotong,  Han  Cheng  and  Zhang  Xiaoyu  
WP1085Social-digestion Mechanism of Bank Systemic Risk in ChinaTong  Zhongwen,  Fan  Conglai,  Xie  Xiaoyang  and  Zou  Jing  
WP1054Economic Development Process and Infrastructure Investment Structure ChangesTong  Jian,  Wu  Kangping  
WP1033How Much is the Deviation between Fictitious Economy and Real Economy in the World?Su  Zhi,Fang  Tong  and  Xu  Shudan  
WP908Market Integration of China ——Evolution Trend、Trade Direction and Integration OrderZhang  Shaojun  and  Li  Shantong  
WP907From Democratic elections to Public Investment:Voting Details and MechanismZhang  Tonglong  and  Zhang  Linxiu  
WP879Subsidy, the Factor Structure Change and Quality Improvement of Industrial Enterprises GrowthZhang  Tongbin    and    Ma  Liyuan  
WP685Bank Systemic Risk of China:Self-digestion and Its Long-term EffectsTong  Zhongwen,Fan  Conglai  and  Xie  Xiaoyang  
The Research on Phase Fluctuation Characteristics and Driving Mechanism of Chinese Business Cycle FluctuationZhang  Tongbin  and  Gao  Tiemei  
WP661The Stylized Facts of China’s Unbalanced Economic Growth:Zhang  Shangfeng,Xu  Bing  and  Wang  Tongsan  
WP649An Empirical Study on the Performance of M&A of Listed Central Government-owned EnterprisesTong  Shenghui,  Lin  Guangbin  and  Wang  Jun  
WP626Chasing Noise or Recognizing Value:An Empirical Study on Information Seeking Behavior of Chinese Investment FundsZhang  Zongxin  and  Yang  Tongmin  
WP593Ownership, Export Behavior and Firms’ Financial ConstraintTong  Jiadong  and  Yu  Ziliang  
WP572Research on the Acting Mechanism of Chinese Residents Income Gap Change to Firms’ Product InnovationAn  Tongliang  and  Qian  Huixiong  
WP331Trend and Mechanism of Chinese Economic Growth Performance under Restriction of Resource and EnvironmentLiu  Ruixiang    and    An  Tongliang  
WP244Finance and Taxation Policy Motivation, High-tech Industry Development and Industrial Structure AdjustmentZhang  Tongbin  and  Gao  Tiemei  
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