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WP1398Heterogeneous Firms, Utilization Cost and FTA Utilization RateHan  Jian,Yue  Wen  and  Liu  Shuo  
WP1374The Study of the Impact of Interest Rate Liberalization on Substitution of Formal and Informal Finance in Rural AreasXu  Yueli,Liu  Zhiyuan  and  Zhou  Hang  
WP1328Does Corporate Donation Lead to More Tax Aggressiveness? An Empirical Evidence of China’s Listed FirmsYuan  Cheng,Hu  Tao  and  Li  Yue  
WP1319Conservative Marriage: Couple’s Joint Holdings and Corporate Risk-TakingPan  Yue,Xiao  Jinli  and  Dai  Yiyi  
WP1290Heterogeneous Firms, Utilization Cost and FTA Utilization RateHan  Jian,Yue  Wen  and  Liu  Shuo  
WP1215The Effect of Union on the Wage Structure and Wage InequalityNie  Haifeng,Xing  Chunbing  and  Yue  Ximing  
WP1058Controlling Shareholder’s Equity Pledge and Tax Avoidance of Listed CompaniesWang  Xiongyuan,OuYang  Caiyue  and  Shi  Zhengyang  
WP1130Underwriter Reputation and Post-IPO Performance:New Evidence from IPO Fraud of Chinese Listed CompaniesZhang  Xueyong  and  Zhang  Qiuyue  
WP1120The Share of Labor Factor Decision: A Comprehensive Theoretical ModelDu  Jiuyue  
WP1114The Impact of Changes in Family Planning Policy on future Human Capital in ChinaLi  Haizheng  and  Qiu  Yuefang  
WP1093Can “Local Accent” Reduce Agency Cost ?——Study Based on the Perspective of DialectsDai  Yiyi,Xiao  Jinli  and  Panyue  
WP1091Law and R&D over-investment efficiencyWang  Lanfang,  Wang  Yue  and  Hou  Qingchuan  
WP1071R&D Elements Flow, Spatial Knowledge Spillover and Economic GrowthBai  Junhong,Wang  Yue,Jiang  Fuxin  and  Li  Jing  
WP1067Geography、Culture and Corporate InnovationYizhong  Wang,Yueling  Wei  and  Frank  M.  Song  
WP932The Substitution & Pervasiveness Effects of ICT on China’s Economic GrowthCai  Yuezhou  and  Zhang  Junnan  
WP886Differentiated Dividend Taxation Corporate Governance and Wealth EffectWang  Guojun  and  Wang  Yuetang  
WP801Litigation Risk, Judicial Local Protectionism and InnovationPan  Yue,Pan  Jianping  and  Dai  Yiyi  
WP788Troubled by Low Pay or Unequal Pay?——The Incentive effects of Top Management Team’s Pay GAPXu  Yue  and  Liu  Yunguo  
WP783The Influence of Agglomeration Type to the Difference of Labor Productivity and Wage in Imperfect Competition Labor MarketZhao  Wei  and  Sui  Yuehong  
WP749Local Government’s Fiscal Pressure and Bank Credit Resource Allocation EfficiencyZhu  Jigao,Yue  Heng  and  Rao  Pingui  
WP692Ownership Structures, Trade patterns and Export-Productivity Relations——Theory and Chinese EvidenceYu  Chunhai  and  Zheng  Yue  
WP653Impact of Metro Opening on Housing Price: Empirical Analysis--Rethink the present “Metro-Hot”Wang  Yuelong  
WP640“Government’s hand” versus “Market’s hand”: Which one is more efficient?--Evidence from IPO Cash Dividend Commitment Wang  Yuetang  and  Wang  Guojun  
WP637Study on Measurement of Equalization of Basic Pubilc Service and Assessment Method of Financial Ecological EnvironmentWu  Lichao,Lin  Zichen  and  Guan  Yue  
WP631Financial Frictions under Regulation and the Puzzle of Chinese High ExportLuo  Wei  and  Lv  Yue  
WP571Are Chinese Enterprises’ charitable donations “Political Contributions”?Dai  Yiyi,  Pan  Yue  and  Feng  Shu  
WP449Expected Inflation and Firms’ Inventory AdjustmentRao  Pingui    Yue  Heng    Jiang  Guohua  
WP411On Middle-class Nature of Classical Economics——Further Discussion of Marx's Civil TheoryShen  Yue  
WP340China’s R&D Efficiency and Its Influencing FactorsCai  Yuezhou  
WP301Study on Capital Buffer Behaviors under Fluctuations of Macro-economy Evidence from 45 Commercial Banks in China Xian  Huang  and  Qiyue  Xiong  
WP294Bank Concentration, Corporate Savings and Current Account ImbalancesZhibo  Tan  and  Yue  Zhao  
WP277Weakened Redistributive Effects of Personal Income Tax in ChinaYue  Ximing,Xu  Jing,Liu  Qian,Ding  Sheng  and  Dong  Lijuan  
WP248E-commerce, Bank Loans and Financing of SMEs——A Theoretical Model Based on Information EconomicsZhao  Yue  and  Tan  Zhibo  
WP145Study on China’s Green Economic Performance under the Binding of Energy-Save and Emission-AbateZhu  Chengliang    Yue  Hongzhi  and  An  Liren  
WP132Market Size, Cannibalization and Policy Competition for a Multiproduct Multinational FirmMa  Jie  ,  Yue  Yang  and  Duan  Qi  
WP62Public Goods Providing, Corruptions and Mechanical Designing Tan  Songheng  and  Cao  Yuequn  
WP51Tax Revenue Structure, Economic Growth and Efficiency Losses Chang  Shiwang  and  Han  Renyue  
WP49Capital Structure, Ownership Type, and Firm Performance in Product MarketsPan  Yueqi,  Jia  Shenghua  and  Wu  Aiqi  
WP43Positive Effects of International Trade inPromoting Global Carbon Reduction Agreements Cai  Yuezhou  and  John  Whalley  
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