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WP1403 Co-evolution between Technologies and institutions: Muti-agent based learning modelHuang  Kainan  and  Guo  Xinyu  
WP1351Confucianism and EntrepreneurshipZhang  Chuanchuan,  Shen  Guangjun,  and  Chen  Binkai  
WP1287Can Compulsory Education Law Improve Intergenerational Mobility?Chen  Binkai,Zhang  Shujuan  and  Shen  Guangjun  
WP1221Irrational factors’ impacts on the Performance-Flow Relationship of mutual fundWu  Yanran,Wang  Kai,  Li  Rui,  Han  Liyan  and  Su  Song  
WP1216Talent Allocation and China’s Economic GrowthPan  Shiyuan,Zhu  Dandan  and  Xu  Kai  
WP1171Immigration Potential and Urban GrowthSu  Hongjian  and  Wei  Houkai  
WP1131Re-examing the effect of hukou change on migration household consumptionSun  Wenkai  and  Wang  Yijie  
WP1058Who Will Guard Your Safety On the Tongue?Zhou  Kaiguo,Yang  Haisheng  and  Wu  Yinghua  
WP1007Who Will Guard Your Safety On the Tongue?Zhou  Kaiguo,  Yang  Haisheng  and  Wu  Yinghua  
WP947The Nonlinear Interaction Mechanism between Debt and Real Economy——Theory and EvidencePeng  Fangping,  Lian  Yujun,  Fan  Haichao  and  Zhankai  
WP928The Pattern of Labor’s Cross-Dialects MigrationLiu  Yuyun,  Xu  Xianxiang  and  Xiao  Zekai  
WP871Measuring China’s Business Cycle in Real-time: From Perspective of Macroeconomic Data ReleasesZheng  Tingguo  and  Xia  Kai  
WP852China’s Long-run Economic Transition in the Historic PerspectivePeng  Kaixiang  
WP747Empirical Study on the Interest Relations of the Regional Segmentation of Chinese Pension Insurance SystemHou  Fengyun  and  Ma  Kaixuan  
WP730The Determinants of Location Choices of China’s ODI: Institutions, Taxations and ResourcesWang  Yongxin,  Du  Julan  and  Wang  Kai  
WP660Forecasting Quarterly GDP in China with Mixed-Frequency Data: A Model ComparisonZheng  Tingguo,Xia  Kai  and  Dang  Jue  
WP656Market-oriented Interest Rate, Deposit Insurance System and Banking Runs——based on the Dynamic Model PerspectiveTian  Guoqiang  ,  Zhao  Yupu    and  Gong  Rukai  
WP597Violent Conflicts in Private Finance:A Research Based on Qing Dynasty’s Homicide ReportsChen  Zhiwu,  Lin  Zhan  and  Peng  Kaixiang  
WP500Driving Factors for Decreasing Labor’s Share of National Income in China:Analysis Based on LMDI MethodWu  Kai  and  Fan  Conglai  
WP418Mode Choice and Transportation Pricing Strategies in BeijingYingao  Chen1,  Kai  Xian2,  Jintao  Xu1,  Ping  Qin3  and  Lanlan  Wang  
WP394Financial Repression and Household Consumption in Urban ChinaLi  Tao  and  Chen  Binkai  
WP377Does Financial Constraints Impede Technical Efficiency Improvement?Chen  Haiqiang,  Han  Qian,  and  Wu  Kai  
WP287Fertility-Control Policy, Labor Force Structure and Economic GrowthGuo  Kaiming,  Yu  Jingwen  and  Gong  Liutang  
WP278Has China’s grain price growth become more stable?--An investigation based on structural break regime switching modelLu  Jie  and  Zhu  Xinkai  
WP276Substitution Between Rent and Tax, Revenue and Real Estate PolicyHuang  Shao-an  and  Chen  Binkai  
WP246Research on the Wealth Distribution of Chinese Urban Households: A Behavioral PerspectiveXiao  Zhengyan  and  Liu  Kai  
WP173L& Supply, Housing Price & Household Saving in Urban China: Evidence from Urban Household SurveyChen  Binkai  and  Yang  Rudai  
WP89Homeownership and Happiness: Theory and Evidence from ChinaTao  Li,  Yupeng  Shi  and  Binkai  Chen  
WP59The Effects of Multimarket Contact on Market Entry and PerformanceYao  Kai  
WP24Theoretical Logic and Sinicization of the Consumption Function: A Survey of LiteratureZhu  Xinkai  and  Luo  Chen  
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