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WP1268Intergenerational Mobility and its Decomposition: Growth Effect and Structural EffectLi  Renyu,  Chen  Xirong  and  Gan  Li  
WP1200Researches on Effectiveness of Structural Monetary Policy in China——Based on Differentiated Deposit Reserve PolicyWang  Liyong  and  Ren  Jin  
WP1027Controlling Shareholder’s Share Pledge and Real-activity Earnings Management of Listed CompaniesXie  Deren  and  Liao  Ke  
WP930Can Emissions Trading Scheme Achieve the Porter Effect in China?Tu  Zhengge  and  Shen  Renjun  
WP853Agglomeration Externality and Export with Heterogenous FirmsSun  Churen  ,Yu  Zhihao  and  ZhangTao  
WP839How does Demographic Structure Affect Current Account Imbalance?Li  Bing  and  Ren  Yuan  
WP733Structural Transition and China's Business CycleZhang  Liancheng  and  Ren  Guangyu  
WP643Insufficient Domestic Demand, Institutional Barrier and Lack of NVC Construction of Chinese Local EnterprisesRen  Baoquan,  Liu  Zhibiao  and  Wang  Liangliang  
WP592RMB Exchange Rate Appropriate Flexibility: Evidence from Frequency-domain Analysis of Sino-US TradeLiu  Qiren  and  Huang  Jianzhong  
WP473China’s Market-oriented Reform and the State Advances——Analysis in a Non-Free Market Economy with DSGE ModelsYang  Yi  and  Lin  Renwen  
WP379Effect of Foreign Trade Structure Change to Energy Consumption of ChinaZhou  Shen,  Li  Keai  and  Ren  Xili  
WP355Short-term Heterogeneity, Long-term Convergence and the Sino-US Trade RebalanceLiu  Qiren  
WP189The Effect of Housing Price Fluctuations on China’s Macro-economy——Calculation Based on the Input-output TableGao  Bo  and  Ren  Ruoen  
WP186Real Demand, Precautionary Demand and Monopolized Supply---- Dynamic Decomposition of Crude Oil Pricing Mechanism WU  Libo    TANG  Weiqi  and    WANG  Renjie  
WP164Productivity Heterogeneity, Minimum Wage and Firms’ Exports in ChinaChuren  Sun    Shuang  Ma  and  Guoqiang  Tian  
WP160The Potential and Actual Impact of Energy Price Increase to General Price Level in ChinaRen  Zeping  
WP145Study on China’s Green Economic Performance under the Binding of Energy-Save and Emission-AbateZhu  Chengliang    Yue  Hongzhi  and  An  Liren  
WP112Estimating and Testing the Optimal Currency Baskets in China--PMG dynamic panel ECMZhang  Xiaoli  and  Liu  Qiren  
WP51Tax Revenue Structure, Economic Growth and Efficiency Losses Chang  Shiwang  and  Han  Renyue  
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