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WP1432Asset Bubbles, Technological Innovation and Economic GrowthChen  Langnan  and  Wang  Shengquan  
WP1410Self-Estimation Bias, Wealth Illusion, and Consumption——Empirical Evidence from Chinese Urban HouseholdsGao  Nan  and  Liang  Pinghan  
WP1403 Co-evolution between Technologies and institutions: Muti-agent based learning modelHuang  Kainan  and  Guo  Xinyu  
WP1367Economic Policy Uncertainty, Financial Constraints and Firm LeverageTan  Xiaofen,  Wang  Yaqi  and  Li  Songnan  
WP1269Social Stratification and Economic Growth Driven by InnovationShao  Yihang,,Zhang  Zhaoyang,Liu  Yanan  and  Liu  Xiahui  
WP1156The Historical Materialism, Dynamic Optimization and Economic GrowthQiao  Xiaonan  and  He  Zili  
WP1118Helping Others Achieve Success: The Investment Behavior of Non-equity CrowdfundingTingfeng  Jiang  ,  Ke  Tang  and  Nan  Ru  
WP932The Substitution & Pervasiveness Effects of ICT on China’s Economic GrowthCai  Yuezhou  and  Zhang  Junnan  
WP914Carbon Emission Peak Constraint And Carbon Allocation StrategyQiao  Xiaonan  
WP809A Study on Health-related Economic Loss caused by haze pollution in Cities of ChinaQiao  Xiaonan,  lin  Yunhui  and  Jiang  Nan  
WP748The relationship between the macroeconomic variables and term structure of interest rates: evidence from ChinaChen  Langnan  and  Zheng  Hengliang  
WP729Why Does Government Size Grow?Gao  Nan  and  Liang  Pinghan  
WP722Independent Directors’ Social Networks and Trade Credit: Monitoring, Advising or Relationship Financing?Cao  Chunfang  and  Xu  Nan  
WPSocial Deterrent Signals and Value Reconstruction:An Institutional Analysis of Unified Governance Regime for Food SafetyXie  Kang,  Xiao  Jinghua,  Yang  Nankun  and  Wang  Hongchang  
WP423The Multi-level Optimization Allocation of Trading Foreign Exchange Reserve Assets:Luo  Sumei  and  Zhou  Guangyou,Institute  for  Financial  Studies,  Fudan  University  
WP399Wage Rate, the Mommy Trap and Unobserved TypesNan  Jia,  Li  Gan  and  Jie  Zhang  
WP365Corruption, Marketization and Political Budget Cycle in ChinaGao  Nan  
WP350Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate of RMB and the Optimal Elastic Band MeasurementWang  Aijian  and  Lin  Nan  
WP348Product Market Competition, Marketization, and Government SubsidyKong  Dongmin,Wang  Yanan  and  Liu  Shasha  
WP307Total Quantity Control, Interregional Allocation of Emission Permits and Economic PerformanceQiao  Xiaonan  and  Duan  Xiaogang  
WP234An Investigation of China’s Monetary Policy Shock from a Perspective of InstrumentsTian  Lei  and  Chen  Langnan  
WP192China have not become Pollution Industry Haven of developed countries by international trade?XU  Yuan  ,GU  Haiying  and    LI  Nan  
WP163Why are the RMB Exchange Rate Policy and its Behaviors Reasonable?Wang  Jinbin,  Li  Nan  and  Sun  Tao  
WP72Heterogeneous Factor Return, Stochastic Shock and Residual Income InequalityXu  Shu  and  Zhu  Nanmiao  
WP36Analysis on the Exchange Rate Dynamic of RMB and Monetary Control under the Conditions of Open Economy Wang  Aijian  and  Lin  Nan  
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