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WP1448Value-added Tax Change, Labor Demand and the Micro-foundation of Laffer CurveYao  Dongmin,  Zhu  Yongyi  and  Zhang  Pengyuan  
WP1409What Influences the Asymmetry of Investors’ Underreaction and Overreaction?Li  Xuefeng,Yuan  Shuai  and  Tang  Qiao  
WP1402Pension Income, The Pattern of Intergenerational Transfers and Rural EndowmentCai  Weixian  and  Shen  Xiaoyuan  
WP1401Standardized development of Chinese Private Financing In the symbiosis of “the private investment and financing”Li  Yuanhua  
WP1374The Study of the Impact of Interest Rate Liberalization on Substitution of Formal and Informal Finance in Rural AreasXu  Yueli,Liu  Zhiyuan  and  Zhou  Hang  
WP1370Shadow Banking,Rigid Payment and Macro Prudential Policy:Based on GK Framework Extension AnalysisLi  Jianqiang,Yuan  Jia  and  Wei  Lei  
WP1328Does Corporate Donation Lead to More Tax Aggressiveness? An Empirical Evidence of China’s Listed FirmsYuan  Cheng,Hu  Tao  and  Li  Yue  
WP1322Financial Asset allocations and Corporate Financing and Investment Decisions: Theory and Evidence from ChinaZhang  Jun,Liu  Guanchun  and  Liu  Yuanyuan  
WP1313Economic Policy Uncertainty and Innovation——Evidence from Listed Companies in ChinaGu  Xiaming,Chen  Yongmin  and  Pan  Shiyuan  
WP1305Opinion Leadership, Limited Attention and OverreactionLi  Jinliang,He  Chengying,Liao  Dan  and  He  Muyuan  
WP1265The Demand Curve of Genetically Modified Foods——decision making in ambiguous stateYao  Dongmin  and  Zhang  Pengyuan  
WP1234Biased Technical Progress, Industrial Structure Change and Factor Income Shares in ChinaWang  Linhui  and  Yuan  Li  
WP1227Cash Conversion Cycle and Firms’ Credit ConstraintsLi  Zhiyuan  and  Tang  Xueliang  
WP1216Talent Allocation and China’s Economic GrowthPan  Shiyuan,Zhu  Dandan  and  Xu  Kai  
WP1208Reverse Merger, Shell Value and Resource Allocation EfficiencyQu  Yuanyu,Shen  Tao  and  Wu  Weixing  
WP1185House Price and Residents’ Risk PreferenceZhang  Guangli  and  Liu  Xiaoyuan  
WP1058Controlling Shareholder’s Equity Pledge and Tax Avoidance of Listed CompaniesWang  Xiongyuan,OuYang  Caiyue  and  Shi  Zhengyang  
WP1148Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policies in the Face of Disasters in ChinaZhao  Xiangqin,  Yuan  Jing  and  Chen  Guojin  
WP1080The Differentiation and Heterogeneous Convergence of China’s Interprovincial InflationZhou  Jian,Guo  Guang-yuan  and  Cui  Chang  
WP965Economic structure and money demand: an analysis based on output composition of the three economic sectorsChen  Sichong,Xu  Qiyuan  and  Li  Wenxue  
WP958The dynamics of Structural Fiscal regulating and Fiscal tools Bian  Zhicun  and  Yang  Yuanyuan  
WP957The Central Government Rotation and Corporate Risk Taking: is the Effect of Economic Policy Uncertainty, or the Results ofZhi-yuan  Liu  and  Cunfeng  Wang  
WP949Incomplete contract and international trade : a literature reviewLiu  Wenge,Xiao  Yuanyuan  and  Zhou  Fangzhao  
WP942Short Term Global Capital Flow and Local Cost of DebtHan  Qian,Yuan  Yufei  and  Wu  Boqiang  
WP920Geography, Spatial Externalities and Institution Evolution: How Can Marketization Reshape China's Economic Geography?Yuan  Qian  
WP901Demonstration effect, city identity and consumption of rural workers——In the case of ShanghaiYuan  Fang,  Shi  Qinghua  and  Zhou  Hui  
WP885Regional protection, resource misallocation and regional environmental welfare performanceSong  Malin,  Jin  Peizhen  and  Zhou  Yuanxiang  
WP879Subsidy, the Factor Structure Change and Quality Improvement of Industrial Enterprises GrowthZhang  Tongbin    and    Ma  Liyuan  
WP872The Scale Effect and Evolution Mechanism about Resident Consumption DemandOuyang  yao,Fu  yuanhai  and  Wang  Song  
WP868Administrative Boundary Adjustment and Urbanization of Population:Evidence form City-county Merger in ChinaTang  Wei  and  Wang  Yuan  
WP841The Evolution of the Efficiency of Chinese Manufacturing’s Inter-provincial Resource AllocationSun  Yuanyuan  and  Zhang  Jianqing  
WP839How does Demographic Structure Affect Current Account Imbalance?Li  Bing  and  Ren  Yuan  
WP829Earmarked Grants and Local Government Spending BehaviorYin  Zhendong  and  Tang  Yuang  
WP820Enterprise Industry Lock-in and Shocks on the Industry MarketLi  Yuanhua  
WP819SOEs Reform’s Impact on Economic GrowthXu  Zhaoyuan  and  Zhang  Wenkui  
WP800Social Network, Information Transfer and IPO UnderwritingHuang  Jun,Chen  Xinyuan  and  Yan  Endian  
WP765Can education expansion reduce income inequality?Yang  Juan,Lai  Desheng  and  Qiu  Muyuan  
WP673Transnational Flow of Service Capital Factor and the Mode of Service Sector Growth: A Dynamic ApproachYang  Zhiyuan,Xie  Qian  and  Zheng  Shilin  
WP663Research of Housing Price Rising Effects Based on DCGE :Economic Growth, Income Distribution and Wealth Gap WideningYuan  Pengfei  and  Feng  Lei  
WP648New Analysis on the Growth Effects of Factor Allocation in ChinaXin  Chao,  Zhang  Ping  and  Yuan  Fuhua  
WP623A Research of Listed Companies’ Information Disclosure through New Media:An Empirical Analysis Based on MicroblogChen  Xinyuan    He  Xianjie    Wang  Xiaoyu    Li  He  
WP618The Price Transmission Effect of Liquidity ShockLiu  Yuansheng,  Yang  Panpan  and  Wang  Yougui  
WP600Technology Innovation, Technology Introduction and the Transformation of Economic Growth PatternTang  Weibing    Fu  Yuanhai    and    Wang  Zhanxiang  
WP598Employment Protection Legislation, Cost Stickiness, and Corporate ResponseLiu  Yuanyuan  and  Liu  Bin  
WP514The Co-movement within Financial Markets of China: An Analysis to the Spillover Effects of Structural ShocksLiu  Lei,Lv  Yuanxiang,Wang  Yu  and  Liu  Xin  
WP511Urbanization, Economic Agglomeration, and Employment Multiplier Effects in ChinaYuan  Zhigang  and  GaoHong  
WP502Bank Credit, Firm Entry and Exit, and Economic Fluctuations in ChinaLing  Feng,  Yizhong  Guan,  Zhiyuan  Li  and  Ching-Yi  Lin  
WP460Liquidity, Implicit Information of Asset Prices and Monetary Policy ChoiceChen  Jiyong  ,  Yuan  Wei  and  Xiao  Weiguo  
WP442The Effects of Household Registration System Discrimination on Urban-rural Income Inequality in ChinaWan  Haiyuan  and  Li  Shi  
WP409Institutional Distance and Transnational Income Gap - An Instrumental Variable Selection of Population Heterogeneity Huang  Xinfei    Shu  Yuan    and  XuYumin  
WP351The Income Distribution Effects of Personal Taxes:Numerical Simulation Analysis Based on a Heterogeneous OLG ModelLiu  Yuansheng,  Yang  Chengyu  and  Yuan  Qiang  
WP332Income Disparity, Social Capital and Informal Interest RateXu  Lihe  and  Yuan  Yan  
WP311The “Red Power” of EntrepreneursMai  Yiyuan,  He  Xiaobin  and  Xiong  Chan  
WP299China’s Terms of Trade and Its Relation to the Macroeconomic Fluctuations (2001-2011)Feng  LU  and  Li  Yuanfang  
WP284Resource Mismatch in the Course of Structural Change:Wrong Path of the Less Development Countries’GrowthYuan  Fuhua  
WP245How Can Minority Shareholders Protect Their Own Interest: The Case of China Merchants BankYuan  Rongli,  Xiao  Zezhong  and  Zou  Hong  
WP243Job Creation and Destruction in China: Evidence of Manufacturing Industry between 1998 and 2007Ma  Hong,  Qiao  Xue,  and  Xu  Yuan  
WP240Foreign Trade, Economic Growth and Evolution of Industrial Structure in China Zhang  Jie,  Zhang  Yuanyuan  and  Mo  Yang  
WP228Structural Accelerating and Structural Decelerating in the Long Run Growth: An Exposition Yuan  Fuhua  
WP212Monetary shocks,Industry features and Relative Prices fluctuationsLiu  Shijing  ,  Chen  Changsheng  and  Xu  Zhaoyuan  
WP196The Cyclicality of Fiscal Policy, Financial Dependence and Industry GrowthYuan  An  and    Jun  Wang  
WP192China have not become Pollution Industry Haven of developed countries by international trade?XU  Yuan  ,GU  Haiying  and    LI  Nan  
WP184Is Chronic Poverty More Pervasive than Transient Poverty in Rural China?Zhang  Yuan,  Wan  Guanghua  and  Shi  Qinghua  
WP171Do Chinese State Owned Enterprises Pay Higher Wage?Zhengfei  Lu    Xiongyuan  Wang  and  Peng  Zhang  
WP104Exports, Productivity, and Credit Constraints: A Firm-Level Empirical Investigation of ChinaYu  Miaojie  and  Li  Zhiyuan  
WP88Exchange Rate Fluctuations、Heterogeneity Effect and the Estimation the City Border Effect between China and USAHuang  Xinfei    Shu  Yuan  and  Wei  Yunxin  
WP39International Trade、FDI and International R&D Spillovers:An Empirical Study Based on the Provincial Panel Data in China Huang  Xinfei  and  Shu  Yuan  
WP8Effects of Chinese Export Growth on Employment:ACGE Model Analysis Lu  Wencong;  Li  Yuanlong  
WP7Structural Problems and External Imbalance Yuan  Zhigang;Zhang  Ruoxue  
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