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WP1389On the Government-Expenditure Multipliers and the Choice of Development AgendasGu  Yanwei,  Jin  Yu  and  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP1370Shadow Banking,Rigid Payment and Macro Prudential Policy:Based on GK Framework Extension AnalysisLi  Jianqiang,Yuan  Jia  and  Wei  Lei  
WP1286The Global Value Chains and Their Extension in China: Regional Interactions and Value-added GainsPan  Wenqing  and  Li  Genqiang  
WP1239Determination of Labor Allocation between Manufacturing and Service IndustriesWu  Qiang,  An  Xiubo  and  Zhu  Shu  
WP1225Housing Bubbles and Housing Wealth EffectHe  Xingqiang  and  Yang  Ruifeng  
1201The Effects of IPO on Technology Innovation Performance and its Structural TransformationHu  Zhiqiang,  Zhao  Meijuan  and  Jiang  Yang  
WP1196Who is More Diversified Business: Industry-Supported Enterprises or Non-Supported Enterprises?Yang  Xingquan,Yin  Xingqiang  and  Meng  Qingxi  
WP1151Why Segmentation Continues?——Effect and Mechanism of Active Segmentation on Economic GrowthFu  Qiang  
WP1139Separation of Ownership, Agency Costs and Funds Idle——Evidence from China’s Listed Firms from 2007-2015Wen  Chunhui  ,Li  Silong  ,Yang  Jinqiang  and  Luo  Ming  
WP1123The Doctor-patient Conflicts, the Drift of Opinions, and the Doctor Collective ReputationCai  Dongling,  Zhang  Yilin  and  Gong  Qiang  
WP1106Manufacturing Capital Allocation Distortion and TFP Loss in China: Theory and evidenceYang  Pu  and  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP1083The Doctor-patient Conflicts, the Drift of Opinions, and the Doctor Collective ReputationCai  Dongling,  Zhang  Yilin  and  Gong  Qiang  
WP1068Value Theory, Value Investment and Market StabilizationGao  Qiang  and  Zou  Hengfu  
WP1050Impact of urbanization on residential household appliance in ChinaLin  Boqiang  and  Liu  Chang  
WP1036The Nonlinear Price Transmission between CPI and PPI: Production Chain and Price expectationSun  Jianqiang,  Cui  Xiaomei  and  Cai  Yumei  
WP964Cash-flow Uncertainty and Corporate InnovationLiu  Bo,Li  Zhisheng,Wang  Hongli  and  Yang  Jinqiang  
WP963Structural Bias of Our Economic Growth at Business Cycles: Based on Substitution Elasticity among IndustriesWei  Qiang  and  Fan  Gang  
WP942Short Term Global Capital Flow and Local Cost of DebtHan  Qian,Yuan  Yufei  and  Wu  Boqiang  
WP902Do Energy and Environment Efficiency Benefit from Foreign Trade?Lin  Boqiang  and  Liu  Hongxun  
WP814Research on Social Security Income Redistribution Effect in ChinaWan  Yanzhong,  Long  Yuqi,  Jiang  Chuiping  and  Xu  qiang  
WP736Technology Advance and Carbon-Dioxide Emission in China—Evidence from the Empirical Study on Rebound EffectLin  Boqiang  and  Yang  Lish  
WP656Market-oriented Interest Rate, Deposit Insurance System and Banking Runs——based on the Dynamic Model PerspectiveTian  Guoqiang  ,  Zhao  Yupu    and  Gong  Rukai  
WP620Government Spending MultiplierWang  Guojing  and  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP585Financial Shocks and Chinese Business CyclesWang  Guojing,  Tian  Guoqiang  
WP560A Study of The Current Development, Structure and Performance of China’s Business GroupGuojian  Zheng,Dongjie  Lin  and  Weiqiang  Tan  
WP555Shadow Banking and Monetary Policy TransitionQiu  Xiang  and  Zhou  Qianglong  
WP548The Nature and Avoidance of “Middle-Income Trap”Tian  Guoqiang  and  Chen  Xudong  
WP477Financing Constraints, the Decline of Labor’s Share and China’s Low ConsumptionWang  Wei,  Guo  Xinqiang  and  Ai  Chunrong  
WP447Regional Revitalization Strategies and the Industrial Spatial Structure Changes in ChinaHong  Junjie,  Liu  Zhiqiang  and  Huang  Wei  
WP408Incentives, Information and Food Safety RegulationGong  Qiang,  Zhang  Yilin  and  Yu  Jianyu  
WP377Does Financial Constraints Impede Technical Efficiency Improvement?Chen  Haiqiang,  Han  Qian,  and  Wu  Kai  
WP352Decentralization, Land Finance and Urban InfrastructureTang  Yugang  and  Chen  Qiang  
WP351The Income Distribution Effects of Personal Taxes:Numerical Simulation Analysis Based on a Heterogeneous OLG ModelLiu  Yuansheng,  Yang  Chengyu  and  Yuan  Qiang  
WP314Factor Inputs, Food Security and Farmers’ Income: Effects, Conflict and coordinationPeng  Keqiang  and  Ma  Xiao  
WP263The Controversy on Value Transformation and New Dynamic SolutionCheng  Enfu,  Ma  Yan  and  Yan  Jinqiang  
wp223Does Dividend-Protective Stock Incentives Urge Frims to Increase Cash Dividends?Hu  Guoqiang,Zhang  Junmin  and  Xiao  Zezhong  
WP167Analysis and Measure of Power Grid’s Market Power in ChinaYu  Liangchun  and  Fu  Qiang  
WP164Productivity Heterogeneity, Minimum Wage and Firms’ Exports in ChinaChuren  Sun    Shuang  Ma  and  Guoqiang  Tian  
WP136Business Owners’ Social Status, Economic Achievement and Firm PhilanthropyGao  Yongqiang,  He  Xiaobin    and    Li  Lulu  
WP103Research on the Environmental Performance of Foreign Direct Investment Firms: The Case of ShanghaiLin  Liguo  and  Lou  Guoqiang  
WP101Mechanism of Excess Capacity Based on China’s Regional Competition and Market DistortionJIANG  Feitao,GENG  Qiang,LV  Daguo  and  LI  Xiaoping  
WP100Why Didn’t WTO Entry Cause Upgrading of China's Industrial Structure?Liu  Qiang  and  Fan  Ai-jun  
WP44Institution Distortion, Technical Progress and China’s Economic Growth Fu  Qiang  
WP23Inter-industry Technology Spillover Effects in China:Evidence from 35 industry sectors Pan  Wenqing,  Li  Zinai  and  Liu  Qiang  
wp14Why Do We Prefer Fairness: An Explanation Based on Evolutionary View Dong  Zhiqiang  
WP12Poor Temples and Rich Monks: When Can Competitions Reinforce the Discipline of Governments Lou  Guoqiang  
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