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WP1183Regional reputation for quality and firms’ export performanceYe  Di  and  Zhu  Linke  
WP1118Helping Others Achieve Success: The Investment Behavior of Non-equity CrowdfundingTingfeng  Jiang  ,  Ke  Tang  and  Nan  Ru  
WP1084Institutional Environment and Allocation of Entrepreneurial TalentFeng  Ke  and  Hu  Tao  
WP1027Controlling Shareholder’s Share Pledge and Real-activity Earnings Management of Listed CompaniesXie  Deren  and  Liao  Ke  
WP1022Motality Shock,Household financial Fragile and Risk AversionZhang  ji,Zhu  Wei  and  Wang  Yake  
WP986The Loss of Technology in Chinese Elitism:Evidence from Economics ViewDing  Zhong  and  Deng  Kebin  
WP952Study on coordination effect between Macro-prudential policy and monetary policy in ChinaYin  Kedong,Wu  Hao  and  Li  Xuemei  
WP940China’s Fiscal Multipliers and Business CycleChen  shiyi  and  Chen  Dengke  
WP924Welfare Cost of Economic Fluctuations during after High Speed Development PeriodZhang  Keng  
WP903Fund Family Co-holding: Opinion Disagreement and Stock ReturnLi  Ke,  Lu  Rong  and  Xia  Yi  
WP881The Non-linear Contribution of Net Export to Growth:Empirical Evidence from China’s Provincial Panel Data from 1995 througGu  Kejian  and  Chen  Zhongfu  
WP635The impact of household income inequality on fertility:from local residents and migrantsLiu  Xuke  
WP624Short-sale Constrains and Stock Mispricing:The Evidences from the Margin Transactions InstitutionLi  Ke    Xu  Longbing    and  Zhu  Weihua  
WP603The Puzzle of Financial Constraints Risk in ChinaDeng  Kebin  and  Zeng  Haijian  
WP402Financial Contagion Analysis with Information Disclosed by StagesYan  Gao,  Xinyu  Zhang,  Ke  Cheng,  Xiaoguang  Yang  and  Guohua  Zou  
WP387Commitment, Consumer Choice and Product Quality LevelWang  Xiayang  and  Fu  Ke  
WP382Catastrophe Warning on China’s A-Share Market BubblesYin  Kedong,  Jin  Xue  and  Wang  Hui  
WP379Effect of Foreign Trade Structure Change to Energy Consumption of ChinaZhou  Shen,  Li  Keai  and  Ren  Xili  
WP314Factor Inputs, Food Security and Farmers’ Income: Effects, Conflict and coordinationPeng  Keqiang  and  Ma  Xiao  
WP308Output Gap, Inflation and the Social Welfare Loss in ChinaChen  Li-feng  ,  Fan  Hong-zhong  and  Kevin  Huang  
WP187Industrial Structure, City Size and Chinese Urban ProductivityShanzi  Ke  and  Yao  Zhao  
WP113Wage and Wage Equation in Urban Chinese Labor MarketZhang  Ke  and  Zhao  Zhong  
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