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1373Exploration on the Paradigm Construction of Surplus Value Theory AnalysisWu  Jie,  Yu  Fugong,  Xu  Deyou  and  Wu  Zili  
WP1348Heterogeneity of Monetary Transmission Mechanism and the Matthew Effect of Liquidity Allocation in Real EconomyYang  Jisheng  and  Xiang  Jingjie  
WP1346Relative Performance Evaluation and Mergers and Acquisitions: Theory and Empirical EvidenceLi  Guangzhong,  Li  Jie,  Zhu  Jiaqing  and  Li  Xinchuna  
WP1344Service inputs in manufacturing and embodied carbon emission of exportLiu  Bin,Wang  Naijia,Yu  Miaojie  and  Zhu  Xuechang  
WP1339Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei,  Ding  Jie  
WP1317Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei  and  Ding  Jie  
WP1304An Analysis of the Consumption Structure of Chinese Urban Households: 1995-2013Tang  Qi  ,  Xia  Qingjie  and  Li  Shi  
WP1291Firm Heterogeneity, Trade Liberalization and Market DistortionMao  Haitao,Qian  Xuefeng  and  Zhang  Jie  
WP1277Measures on Capacity Utilization Rate and Productivity Estimation for Chinese Manufacturing FirmsYu  Miaojie,  Jin  Yang  and  Zhang  Rui  
WP1252The International Risk Taking Channel of Capital FlowsHe  Guohua  and  Li  Jie  
WP1226Why Does Barter not lead to Monetary Institution?Zhang  Jie  
WP1210Is the Disclosure Policy of Corporate Environmental Violation Effective in China?Fang  Ying  and  Guo  Junjie  
WP1202Executive Stock Incentive and Major Shareholder Tunneling——Study on the stability of collusion between shareholder and manLiu  Jingjian,  Ji  Danning  and  Fu  Jie  
WP1061How Can Mirror Strategy Resolve Trade Conflicts: A Political Economy AnalysisJu  Jiandong,  Ma  Jie  and  Wei  Dong  
WP1145How Serious Overcapacity is in China?——Comparative Analysis and Stylized FactsZhang  Shaohua  and  Jiang  Weijie  
WP1131Re-examing the effect of hukou change on migration household consumptionSun  Wenkai  and  Wang  Yijie  
WP1102Does EVA Promote Innovation of Central Government-Owned Enterprises(CGOEs)?Yu  Minggui,Zhong  Huijie  and  Fan  Rui  
WP1095Interest Rate Liberalization, Exchange Rate Reform and International Capital FlowChen  Chuanglian  and  Yao  Shujie  
WP1092Fiscal Autonomy and the Intertemporal Allocation Of Local Fiscal ResourcesFu  Minjie  
WP1081Social Media, Investor Sophistication and Earning Expectation: Evidence from SSE E-InteractionDing  Hui,  Changjiang  Lyu  and  Haijie  Huang  
WP1070Adaptive Learning and Chinese Inflation Disequilibrium AnalysisFan  Conglai  and  Gao  Jiechao  
WP1066Provincial Return to Capital and OvercapitalizationBai  Peiwen  and  Xu  Jie  
WP983Monetary Flow, Savings and Financial Property RightsZhang  Jie  
WP961Study on the Contributing Factors of Property Income InequalityNing  Guangjie  and  Luo  Lei  
WP948Armington Elasticities, Added Value of Products and Trade Welfare ImprovementJi  Yinjie  and  Luo  Laijun  
WP938Urbanization Promoted by Government: The Helping Hand or the Grabbing Hand?Lu  Shengfeng,Chen  Sixia  and  Zhang  Dongjie  
WP934Industrial Structure Change and Business Cycle——Theoretical Model and Empirical Test based on Labor MarketZhao  Xujie  and  Guo  Qingwang  
WP889Political Centralization, Fiscal Decentralization and Economic GrowthXiao  Jie,  Yang  Longjian  and  Gong  Liutang  
WP860Import Liberalization and Firm Profitability: Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisYu  Miaojie  and  Zhi  Kun  
WP847Processing Trade, RMB Exchange Rate and Domestic Value-added: Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisYu  Miaojie  and  Cui  Xiaomin  
WP835Incentive of Capital Lease: Financial Constrain or Financial Flexibility?Ma  Wenjie  and  Ding  Jianping  
WP816An Investigation on the “Divergence” Between CPI and PPI based on Three Sectors Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium ModLv  Jie  and  Wang  Gaowang  
WP803Research into Transfer Behavior of Food Safety Traceability Information Based on the Experimental EconomicsLiang  Jie,Chen  Yusheng  and  Yin  Shijiu  
WP784Compulsory Education Law and Return to Education in Urban China: Based on Regression Discontinuity DesignLiu  Shenglong,Zhou  Shaojie  and  Hu  Angang  
WP769Inequity of Equalization——Theoretical and empirical analysis on the net benefit of social health insurance in urban ChinaZhou  Qin,  Tian  Sen  and  Pan  Jie  
WP743The Dynamic Hierarchical Structure of Intra-sector Competition and the Matabolic Competition among FirmsMeng  Jie  and  Feng  Jinhua  
WP715Independent Director Reputation and Earnings Quality of Chinese Family Firms: The Role of Audit CommitteesHaijie  Huang  and  Changjiang  Lyu  
WP679Export and Enterprise Productivity: Does Destination Matter?Liu  Bin  ,  Wang  Jie    and  Li  Lei  
WP659Global distribution of international currencies and RMB internationalizationHe  Qing,Wang  Fang,Guo  Junjie  and  Zhuang  Tailiang  
WP623A Research of Listed Companies’ Information Disclosure through New Media:An Empirical Analysis Based on MicroblogChen  Xinyuan    He  Xianjie    Wang  Xiaoyu    Li  He  
WP596Is there a “China Model” in China’s overseas M&As?——An estimate based on the Two-Stage Gravity ModelLiu  Qing,  Tao  Pan  and  Hong  Junjie Effect of Old-age Security on Labor Supply: Evidence from Rural Household SurveyCheng  Jie  
WP561Adaptive Learning, Macroeconomic Expectation and the Optimal Monetary Policy in ChinaBian  Zhicun  and  Gao  Jiechao  
WP560A Study of The Current Development, Structure and Performance of China’s Business GroupGuojian  Zheng,Dongjie  Lin  and  Weiqiang  Tan  
WP539Has China Displaced the Outward Investments of OECD Countries?Yao  Shujie,  Feng  Genfu  and  Wang  Pan  
WP526City size, Happiness and Spatial Optimization of MigrationSun  Sanbai,Huang  Wei  and  Hong  Junjie  
WP513An Inquiry into the Money in the Capital Market--An Empirical Analysis of U.S. “New Broad Money”Shen  Hanyao,  Zheng  Rongxin  and  He  Wenjie  
WP485Carbon Disclosure and Cost of Equity ——Evidence from CDP 2010 questionnaire for S&P 500 companiesJiang  Yan  ,  Wu  Jieyan  and  Luo  Le  
WP447Regional Revitalization Strategies and the Industrial Spatial Structure Changes in ChinaHong  Junjie,  Liu  Zhiqiang  and  Huang  Wei  
WP433Does health insurance lead to better health?Pan  Jie,  Lei  Xiaoyan  and  Liu  Guoen  
WP416Why are Spectators so Indifferent? Fan  Liangcong,  Liu  Lu  and  Liang  Jie  
WP406Imports, Heterogeneous Products and Firm ProductivityMiaojie  Yu  and  Jin  Li  
WP401The Rise of China's Coastal Areas: Power of MarketWei  Qian,  Wang  An,  Wang  Jie,  Liu  Taoxiong  
WP399Wage Rate, the Mommy Trap and Unobserved TypesNan  Jia,  Li  Gan  and  Jie  Zhang  
WP374Should the General Purpose Transfers be Strengthened? -An Analysis Based on Distortionary Tax and the Flypaper EffectMao  Jie  and  Lv  Bingyang  
WP373Proper Size , Investment Pattern of Target R & D Intensity and the Choice of ChinaSun  Xijie  
WP362The Fluctuations of China’s Consumer Price:Sticky Price, Price Setting and Policy ExperimentsQu  Shenning,  Wu  Lixue  and  Xia  Jiechang  
WP329Demography and International TradeYao  Yang,  Tian  Wei,  Yu  Miaojie  and  Zhou  Yi  
WP278Has China’s grain price growth become more stable?--An investigation based on structural break regime switching modelLu  Jie  and  Zhu  Xinkai  
WP272The Sources of China's Economic Growth from 1952 to 2008: A Non-parameter FrameworkLiang  Yongmei  and  Dong  Minjie  
WP259Why Free Labor Migration is So Important? ——Based on the Perspective of Intergenerational Income MobilitySun  Sanbai,  Huang  Wei  and  Hong  Junjie  
WP240Foreign Trade, Economic Growth and Evolution of Industrial Structure in China Zhang  Jie,  Zhang  Yuanyuan  and  Mo  Yang  
WP191The Evolution and the Driving Causes of Labor Income Share in ChinaSun  Wenjie  and  Shen  Kunrong  
WP186Real Demand, Precautionary Demand and Monopolized Supply---- Dynamic Decomposition of Crude Oil Pricing Mechanism WU  Libo    TANG  Weiqi  and    WANG  Renjie;;; of Public Sector and SOEs on Wage Inequality of Urban China: 1988-2007Xia  Qingjie,  Li  Shi,  Song  Li’na  and  Simon  Appleton  
WP132Market Size, Cannibalization and Policy Competition for a Multiproduct Multinational FirmMa  Jie  ,  Yue  Yang  and  Duan  Qi  
WP126Separation of Ownership and Control, Free Entry and Its Welfare ImplicationsMa  Jie,Duan  Qi  and  Zhang  Weiying  
WP104Exports, Productivity, and Credit Constraints: A Firm-Level Empirical Investigation of ChinaYu  Miaojie  and  Li  Zhiyuan  
WP83Patterns of Trade, Comparative Advantage and Productivity in the ASEAN-China-India Region Yu  Miaojie  
WP71Banking reform and Efficiency in China: 1995-2008 Yao  Shujie,  Jiang  Chunxia  and  Feng  Genfu  
WP65The Positive-sum Relations between Capital and Labor in the Creation of ValueJie  Meng  
WP40Conflict on Interest, Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts and Investment Recommendations Wu  Chaopeng,  Zheng  Fangbiao,  and  Yang  Shijie  
wp37Can Chinese Yuan Revaluation Decrease the Sino-U.S. Bilateral Trade Surplus? Yu  Miaojie  
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