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Upgrading of industrial structure, Reduction of carbon emission density and energy intensity, and Low carbon development o
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TitleUpgrading of industrial structure, Reduction of carbon emission density and energy intensity, and Low carbon development o  
AuthorZhang Wei , Zhu QiGui and Gao Hui  
OrganizationNanJing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University;ChenDu University of Technology; 
Key WordsCarbonization of industrial system; Carbon emission intensity; Carbon emission density; Energy consumption intensity 
AbstractBy means of the kaya identity, this paper has done the factor decomposition of carbon emission in industrial system, and modeled the upgrading of industrial structure by the production function, which analyzed the impact of the upgrading of production factors on the low-carbon development of industrial system, such as production technology, capital and labor force. Based on these, this paper has constructed the carbon emission model of industrial system, and measured carbon emission intensity、carbon emission density and energy consumption intensity of industrial systems of China's 29 provinces during 1995-2012, and econometrically analyzed the factors which influenced carbon emission intensity、carbon emission density、energy consumption intensity of three industries in industrial systems and their change rates. The research found, in the long term, low-carbon development of China's industrial system was driven by the energy structure changes, which belonged to the type of energy structure change; energy structure of high carbon, the use of a large number of high carbon coal increased carbon emission density of industrial system; because of higher output proportion and energy consumption proportion of the industry II, the energy intensity of China's industrial system, that is, the efficiency of energy use is mainly affected by the industry II. In short, the energy structure change dominated low carbonization of China's industrial system; proportion of industrial energy consumption accounted for carbon emission density of industrial system in China; energy consumption technology and output proportion of the industry II determined energy consumption intensity of China's industrial system. 
Serial NumberWP1073 
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