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WP1058Controlling Shareholder’s Equity Pledge and Tax Avoidance of Listed CompaniesWang  Xiongyuan,OuYang  Caiyue  and  Shi  Zhengyang  
WP1052Catastrophic Health Expenditure, Multi-level Medical System and Health Care Utilization Zhu  Minglai,  Yu  Xinliang,  Wang  Meijiao  and  Xiong  Xianjun  
WP1037Do Industrial Policies Promote Industrial Structure Upgrading?Han  Yonghui,  Huang  Liangxiong  and  Wang  Xianbin  
WP1025Margin-trading, Short-selling and the deterioration of crash risk: Evidence from ChinaChu  Jian  and  Fang  Junxiong  
WP912Can Internet Search Behavior Help to Forecast the Macro Economy?Liu  Taoxiong,  Xu  Xiaofei  and  Fan  Fangda  
WP863How Does SMBs’ Development Affect SMEs’ Financing?Guangzi  Li,  Dehua  Xiong  and  Li  Liu  
WP843Financial Development, Economic Growth and Provincial CO2 Emission in ChinaLing  Xiong  and  Shaozhou  Qi  
WP828Compliance with Legal Minimum Wages in China-------Using a Matched Firm-Employee Data SetYe  Linxiang,  Gindling  T.H.,  Li  Shi  and  Xiong  Liang  
WP824The Theory Falsification of “Lewis Turning Point”:——From the View of Product MarketLi  Wenpu  and  Xiongying  
WP785the dynamic effects of labor transfer on labor share and the rate of consumption in GDPChang  Jinxiong  and  Dong  Fei  
WP753The Dynamic Effects of Labor Transfer On Labor Share and The Rate of Consumption in GDPChang  Jinxiong  and  Dong  Fei  
WP751Split-share Structure Reform and earning management between PRE_IPO and Post-IPOFang  Junxiong  
WP686Moral Hazard, Government Regulation and the Financing of High-tech SMEsYan  Zhixiong,  Zhang  Jingwei  and  Fei  Fangyu  
WO614Economic Development, Public Education Investment and Human Capital AccumulationCai  Guowei  and  Liu  Jianxiong  
WP572Research on the Acting Mechanism of Chinese Residents Income Gap Change to Firms’ Product InnovationAn  Tongliang  and  Qian  Huixiong  
WP523Liquidity, Information Content of Stock Prices and CEO IncentivesSu  Dongwei  and  Xiong  Jiacai  
WP401The Rise of China's Coastal Areas: Power of MarketWei  Qian,  Wang  An,  Wang  Jie,  Liu  Taoxiong  
WP341Incomplete Information、Production Lag and The Pig Price CycleYan  Zhixiong  
WP311The “Red Power” of EntrepreneursMai  Yiyuan,  He  Xiaobin  and  Xiong  Chan  
WP301Study on Capital Buffer Behaviors under Fluctuations of Macro-economy Evidence from 45 Commercial Banks in China Xian  Huang  and  Qiyue  Xiong  
WP198The Wealth Structure and Stainable Development in ChinaHuang  Liangxiong  and  Cai  Guowei  
WP171Do Chinese State Owned Enterprises Pay Higher Wage?Zhengfei  Lu    Xiongyuan  Wang  and  Peng  Zhang  
WP169Consumption Function Theory based on Life Cost Hypothesis——A Consumer Behavior Hypothesis about Heterogeneous Income and CChen  Huixiong  
WP109The Pig Production Lag,Price Expectation and Government InterventionYan  Zhixiong  
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