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Win-win in Balance: Environmental Target Constraints of Local Government and High-quality Economic Development
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TitleWin-win in Balance: Environmental Target Constraints of Local Government and High-quality Economic Development  
AuthorYu Yongze,Fu Yu and Zhuang Haitao  
OrganizationNanjing University Of Finance & Economics; ; 
Key WordsEnvironmental Goals Restrict; Environmental Regulation; High-quality Economic Development 
AbstractUnder the background of high-quality economic development in China, this paper comprehensively measures the index of high-quality economic development at the urban level, and analyses its spatial and temporal characteristics. On this basis, This paper studies the impact of environmental objective constraints of local governments on the high-quality development of urban economy by using DID model and instrumental variable method from the perspective of environmental target constraints with typical Chinese characteristics. The data in this paper are collected from 230 cities' government work reports from 2004 to 2013. The results show that: (1) the high-quality development of Chinese cities has significant improvement and cluster effect, in which the quality of eastern areas is the highest and that of western areas is the lowest; (2) the environmental goal constraint will significantly promote the high-quality development of local economy after the environmental performance is included in the official evaluation, and which has greater effect on the eastern developed cities and high proportion of industrialization cities;(3) Environmental goals restrict will encourage local governments to promote high-quality development of local economy by formulating more environmental protection documents as a direct way of environmental regulation and guiding enterprises to strengthen innovative behavior. This conclusion is valid in a series of robustness tests. The above conclusions provide a realistic basis for realizing "win-win" between environmental governance and high-quality economic development in China. 
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