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Global knowledge search and firm innovation performance——Empirical evidence from institutional perspective
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TitleGlobal knowledge search and firm innovation performance——Empirical evidence from institutional perspective  
AuthorZhong Changbiao,Yu Feng and Wang Chengqi  
OrganizationCollege of Business,Ningbo University;School of International Trade and Economics,Central University of Finance and Economics;College of Business,Yunnan University of Finance and Economics;; 
Key WordsGlobal Knowledge Search;Innovation Performance;Enterprise Institution;Regional Institution 
AbstractIn the context of open innovation, external knowledge search enhances innovation performance by providing complementary knowledge. By combining the enterprise innovation data of China's Ministry of science and technology in 2008-2011, the intellectual property rights (IPR) data of State Intellectual Property Office and the WDI data of world bank, this paper examines theoretically and empirically the effects of global knowledge search on innovation performance of Chinese firms by focusing on how the heterogeneity of institutional parameters moderate such relationship. And the results are independently replicated using the China industrial enterprise database from 2004 to 2009, the China overseas investment enterprise (institution) list and the enterprise patent data. It shows that global knowledge search has a positive effect on innovation performance of Chinese firms and this effect is more pronounced when the levels of regional marketization, government talent programe and political ties are higher. Especially, government talent programe shows the most significant and the largest moderating effect. While the level of regional IPR protection shows no significant effect. Our findings offer a powerful explanation as to why Chinese firms can still innovate in lack of competitive internal R&D capabilities and operating under weak IPR regimes. In the current stage, making full use of our institutional advantages, especially encouraging the cultivation and introduction of talent could be the choice for enterprise innovation. 
Serial NumberWP1404 
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