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Search Models of Labor, Income Distribution and Stability of SSA
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TitleSearch Models of Labor, Income Distribution and Stability of SSA  
AuthorDing Xiaoqin and Yang Xiaozhong  
OrganizationShanghai University of Finance and Economics; 
Key WordsSearch Models; the rate of surplus value; SSA 
AbstractThe evolution of the accumulation of social structure (SSA) should focus on the core of relationship between labor and capital. The criterion for judgement the stability of SSA in the paper is the rate of surplus value which return to the Marx classical theory and we establish the relationship between income distribution, the rate of surplus value and SSA in search models of Labor to study the stable boundary conditions of SSA. We find that the more perfect the unemployment insurance social welfare system is, or the higher the degree of labor union, or the greater post - workers separated, the rate of surplus value is decreased and SSA is not stable. The only way to maintain SSA stability is increasing the equipment investment and improving post operation cost, but it will lead to the capital organic composition hike and the relative surplus crisis of capitalist production burst, thus the conclusion hold: the instability of SSA in long term derives from the distribution irreconcilable between labor and capitalist that root in capitalist system. Although the increased workers' bargaining ability can improve the efficiency of resource allocation of capitalism, but this does not change the contradiction between production and private ownership of social production, SSA is still not stable. So the private ownership of the means of production is the root cause of instability of capitalism SSA. 
Serial NumberWP1320 
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