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WP1452Interpretation of Chinese Fiscal Decentralization:Contracts’ Structure and Economic EffectsLv  Bingyang  and  Hu  Shen  
WP1406Empirical Studies on the China’s Financial and Economic Cycles——Policy options on the double cyclesWang  jinbin,  Lu  liyang  and  Shi  wendong  
WP1386An Evolutionary Analysis of Financial Innovation and RegulationXu  Wenbin,  Zhao  Lin  and  Lee  Jevons  
WP1368Is There a "Capital Allocation Puzzle" in Emerging Economies and Developing Countries?Wang  Jinbin  and  Liu  Lu  
WP1351Confucianism and EntrepreneurshipZhang  Chuanchuan,  Shen  Guangjun,  and  Chen  Binkai  
WP1344Service inputs in manufacturing and embodied carbon emission of exportLiu  Bin,Wang  Naijia,Yu  Miaojie  and  Zhu  Xuechang  
WP1327Houseprice Expectations and Household Risky Financial Asset Allocation——Theoretical Study and Empirical Evidence from CHFSXu  Shuyi  and  Xu  Yibin  
WP1287Can Compulsory Education Law Improve Intergenerational Mobility?Chen  Binkai,Zhang  Shujuan  and  Shen  Guangjun  
WP1263Income Inequality, Credit Constraints and Social Status Seeking of Households in Rural ChinaHang  Bin  and  Yan  Xinhua  
WP1248Service opening, Managerial Efficiency and Firms` Export——Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisSun  Puyang,  Hou  Xinyu  and  Sheng  Bin.  
WP1246A Research on the Influence of Outward Foreign Direct Investment on Capacity UtilizationYang  Zhenbing  and  Yan  Bing  
WP1240Transmission Mechanism and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy on Interest Rate of Informal FinancePan  bin,Xie  Ping  and  Jin  Wen  Wen  
WP1230The Information Governance Effects of Margin-trading and Short-sellingLi  Zhisheng,Ma  Weili,Li  Hao  and  Lin  Bingxuan  
WP1229Social Network and the Sustainable Development of Microfinance in ChinaSu  Dongwei,  Chen  Chunchun,Xu  Zhenguo  and  Li  Bin  
WP1215The Effect of Union on the Wage Structure and Wage InequalityNie  Haifeng,Xing  Chunbing  and  Yue  Ximing  
WP1192On Peer Effect of Chinese Listed Firms’ Capital StructureJiang  Yonghong,Mo  Bin  and  Tian  Cunzhi  
WP1191Global Value Chain, Industry’s Agglomeration and Firm’s Productivity: How does “Distant” interact with “neighbor”?Su  Danni,  Sheng  Bin,  Shao  Chaodui  and  Chen  Shuai  
WP1184The Transformation of China's Foreign Economic Strategy under the “New Normal”Gong  Gang,  Ma  Li,  Li  Bingnian  and  Xu  Wenge  
WP1178Is Driving Asset Prices Up Able to “Stabilize Economic Growth”?Chen  Yanbin,Liu  Xizhe  and  Chen  Weize  
WP1062Who is willing to destock, state-owned or non-state-owned real estate business?Liu  Bin,  Huang  Kun  and  Wang  Lei  
WP1059Cognitive Abilities and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from ChinaLi  Tao,  Zhu  Junbing  and  Fu  Lin  
WP1121Will RMB Exchange Rate Fluctuation Affect Investment of China’s Manufacturing Industries?Wang  Jinbin  and  Ni  Ying  
WP1045Structure Deviation of Export and Domestic Demand: Causes and ConsequencesYi  Xianzhong,  Bao  Qun,  Jun  Hou  and  Zhang  Yabin  
WP1037Do Industrial Policies Promote Industrial Structure Upgrading?Han  Yonghui,  Huang  Liangxiong  and  Wang  Xianbin  
WP1028Biased Investment under Chinese Style DecentralizationWu  Yanbing  
WP986The Loss of Technology in Chinese Elitism:Evidence from Economics ViewDing  Zhong  and  Deng  Kebin  
WP981The Decreasing Effectiveness of China’s Monetary Policy and Expectation ManagementGuo  Yumei,  Chen  Weize  and  Chen  Yanbin  
WP956Influence of Overseas RMB on Domestic Money Supply——Based on the Reflow of International CurrencyYan  Jiajia,  Guo  Chunsong,  Huang  Xin  and  Huang  Wenbin  
WP896Study on the Relationship Between Foreign Trade Imbalance and Capital FormationGao  Qian,  He  Rong  and  Zhu  Qibing  
WP879Subsidy, the Factor Structure Change and Quality Improvement of Industrial Enterprises GrowthZhang  Tongbin    and    Ma  Liyuan  
WP870To Export or not to Import:The New Idea of China's Foreign Trade Strategy under the "New Normal"Gong  Gang,Li  Bingnian  and  Xu  Wenge  
WP839How does Demographic Structure Affect Current Account Imbalance?Li  Bing  and  Ren  Yuan  
WP831Skewed Distribution, Leverage Responded and Win-win Labor-capital RelationLiu  Bin  and  Wang  Lei  
WP763An Empirical Analysis on Matching Efficiency of Labor Market in China:Based on Macroeconomic DataHan  Hongyun  and  Liang  Haibing  
WP761An Extended Lewis Dual Economy Model and Its Application to ChinaYe  Zhenmao,  Zou  Yuxiang  and  Wang  Xiaobing  
WP759Can Exchange-rate Appreciation Upgrade Capital-labor Ratio in the Manufacturing Sector in China?Wang  Jinbin  and  Wang  Meijuan  
WP738The Breakdown of the Quantity Theory of Money in China after 2008 Financial CrisesChen  Yanbin,  Guo  Yumei  and  Chen  Weize  
WP723The Welfare Effect of Medical Insurance:Estimation based on Sufficient StatisticsZhao  Shaoyang,Zang  Wenbin  and  Yin  Qinshuang  
WP689China's Provincial Capital Stock by Types: 1985-2011Huang  Shaoqing,Shi  Hao  and  Ye  Bing  
WP679Export and Enterprise Productivity: Does Destination Matter?Liu  Bin  ,  Wang  Jie    and  Li  Lei  
WP678Treaty Ports, Railroad, and Industrialization in Modern ChinaLiang  Ruobing  
The Research on Phase Fluctuation Characteristics and Driving Mechanism of Chinese Business Cycle FluctuationZhang  Tongbin  and  Gao  Tiemei  
WP661The Stylized Facts of China’s Unbalanced Economic Growth:Zhang  Shangfeng,Xu  Bing  and  Wang  Tongsan  
WP649An Empirical Study on the Performance of M&A of Listed Central Government-owned EnterprisesTong  Shenghui,  Lin  Guangbin  and  Wang  Jun  
WP624Short-sale Constrains and Stock Mispricing:The Evidences from the Margin Transactions InstitutionLi  Ke    Xu  Longbing    and  Zhu  Weihua  
WP610Interest Rate Control and the Imbalance of Aggregate Demand StructureChen  Yanbin,  Chen  Xiaoliang  and  Chen  Weize  
WP603The Puzzle of Financial Constraints Risk in ChinaDeng  Kebin  and  Zeng  Haijian  
WP600Technology Innovation, Technology Introduction and the Transformation of Economic Growth PatternTang  Weibing    Fu  Yuanhai    and    Wang  Zhanxiang  
WP598Employment Protection Legislation, Cost Stickiness, and Corporate ResponseLiu  Yuanyuan  and  Liu  Bin  
WP579Understanding M2/GDP: A New Analytical Framework and Policy ImplicationsLi  Bin,  Wu  Ge  and  Li  Wenzhe  
WP565Inter-group Cooperation with Unequal Revenues: Micro-evidences from Laboratory ExperimentsHuang  Zhanbing  
WP546Performance Aspiration, Managerial Discretion and Strategic Change: An Empirical Study in ChinaLian  Yanling,  He  Xiaogang,  Zhou  Bing  and  Marian  (Dan-Wei)  Wen  
WP533How Effective are Macroprudential Policies in China? Wang  Bin  and  Sun  Tao  
WP525External Equilibrium Growth Rate: Evidence from ChinaWang  Jinbin  and  Li  Sha  
WP517The Effects of China’s Inflation on Wealth InequalityChen  Yanbin,  Chen  Weize,  Chen  Jun  and  Qiu  Zhesheng  
WP501Performance Aspiration, Managerial Discretion and Strategic Change: An Empirical Study in ChinaLian  Yanling,  He  Xiaogang,  Zhou  Bing  and  Marian  (Dan-Wei)  Wen  
WP478Regional Distribution of the Return to Education for Rural-to-Urban Migrants and Its Impact on MigrationXing  Chunbing,  Jia  Shuyan  and  Li  Shi  
WP444China's Manufacturing Firms' Entry-exit and Dynamic Evolution of TFPMao  Qilin  and  Sheng  Bin  
WP440RMB Internationalization byBond StrategyGong  Gang,Li  Bingnian  and  Yang  Guang  
WP430The Study of Shadow Prices of Non-performing Loans in Chinese Commercial Banks under Different Risk PreferencesWang  Bing  and  Zhu  Ning  
WP396Explosive Enterprise Immoral Acts and Ineffective Government RegulationsLi  Xinchun  and  Chen  Bin  
WP395Tax Competition, Tax Enforcement and Tax AvoidanceFan  Ziying  and  Tian  Binbin  
WP394Financial Repression and Household Consumption in Urban ChinaLi  Tao  and  Chen  Binkai  
WP393The Nature and Reform of China’s Tax-sharing System  Bingyang  and  Nie  Huihua  
WP374Should the General Purpose Transfers be Strengthened? -An Analysis Based on Distortionary Tax and the Flypaper EffectMao  Jie  and  Lv  Bingyang  
WP372Population Aging and The Growth of Health Care Expenditure: An Empirical Study of The Age Neutrality HypothesisWang  Xun  and  Liu  Guanbin  
WP313China’s Development and Transformation Model:from Perspective of Bureaucratic GovernanceWang  Xianbin  and  Xu  Xianxiang  
WP311The “Red Power” of EntrepreneursMai  Yiyuan,  He  Xiaobin  and  Xiong  Chan  
WP309The Duration of Firm-destination Export Relationships—Evidence from ChinaChen  Yongbing  ,Li  Yan  and  Zhou  Shimin  
WP305Estimating Land Pricing Behavior of China’s Local Governments--A Conjecture Variation ApproachLI  Bing    Chen  Ting  and  Ma  Sen  
WP280Words or Actions?—The optimal monetary policy communication in ChinaLu  Zhen  and  Lin  Bingxuan  
WP276Substitution Between Rent and Tax, Revenue and Real Estate PolicyHuang  Shao-an  and  Chen  Binkai  
WP244Finance and Taxation Policy Motivation, High-tech Industry Development and Industrial Structure AdjustmentZhang  Tongbin  and  Gao  Tiemei  
WP239Inflation, Influence Factors and Information ChannelMeng  Qingbin,  Wu  Lei  and  Jin  Xiaoting  
WP216Calculation on China’s Functional Income Distribution and RedistributionLv  Bingyang  and  Guo  Qingwang  
WP210Accumulation-Oriented Exchange Regime: The Choice of LDC’s Who Issue Non-international CurrenciesGong  Gang,  Gao  Jian  and  Li  Bingnian  
WP207China's Instrument Rules and Targeting Rules of Monetary PolicyGuo  Hongbing  ,  Chen  Ping  and  Duan  Junshan  
WP190Investment and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from China's Industrial EnterprisesXu  Mingdong  and  Chen  Xuebin  
WP180Health insurance and consumption: Evidence from China’s New Cooperative Medical SchemeBai  Chongen,  Li  Hongbin  and  Wu  Binzhen  
WP173L& Supply, Housing Price & Household Saving in Urban China: Evidence from Urban Household SurveyChen  Binkai  and  Yang  Rudai  
WP172The Determinants of Industrial Firms’ Export Behavior in ChinaQiu  Bin,  Xu  Kangning,  Liu  Xiuyan  and  Gao  Bo  
WP163Why are the RMB Exchange Rate Policy and its Behaviors Reasonable?Wang  Jinbin,  Li  Nan  and  Sun  Tao  
WP147Economic Growth and Electricity Consumption in China: A Multivariate AnalysisFang  Debin,Ye  Chun  and  Yu  Qian  
WP137The Trade Effects of Revealed Comparative Advantage and US Antidumping Actions against Chinese Products: An Empirical ReseShen  Guobing  
WP136Business Owners’ Social Status, Economic Achievement and Firm PhilanthropyGao  Yongqiang,  He  Xiaobin    and    Li  Lulu  
WP129Factor Price Distortion and Export Behavior of China’s FirmsShi  Bingzhan  
WP127China’s Multi-product Export Firms and Product Scope: Facts and ExplanationsQian  Xuefeng,  Wang  Sheng  and  Chen  Yongbing  
WP118Housing Privatization, Marketization and Wealth Inequality in Urban ChinaHe  Xiaobin  and  Xia  Fan  
WP95The Wage Premium for Elite College among Recent College GraduatesShi  Xinzheng,  Li  Hongbin,  Meng  Lingsheng  and  Wu  Binzhen  
WP89Homeownership and Happiness: Theory and Evidence from ChinaTao  Li,  Yupeng  Shi  and  Binkai  Chen  
WP68Habit Formation, Potential Liquidity Constraints and Consumer Behavior of Urban Households Hang  Bin  
WP53Investment-driven land supplyZhang  Li  Wang  Xianbin  and  Xu  Xianxiang  
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