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WP1378“The Insurance Funds Placards” and Corporate Governance in Dispersed Ownership EraZheng  Zhigang,  Shi  Lina  and  Huang  Jicheng  
WP1337A Theory of Fiscal Decentralization with Information AsymmetryZhao  Xiaojun,Wang  Can,Liu  Weigang  and  Cui  Xiaoyong  
WP1289“Irrational” Housing Demand——A Study based on the Dual Attributes of HouseGong  Gang,  Zhang  Lu  and  Wei  Xiye  
WP1207Does Environmental regulation cause pollution to transfer nearby?——Evidence from Chinese citiesShen  Kunrong,  Jin  Gang  and  Fang  Xian  
WP1204Housing Market Fluctuation and the Effectiveness of Macroeconomic ManagementHuang  Zhigang  and  Xu  Wei  
WP1184The Transformation of China's Foreign Economic Strategy under the “New Normal”Gong  Gang,  Ma  Li,  Li  Bingnian  and  Xu  Wenge  
WP1166Innovation or Rent-seeking? Allocation of Entrepreneurial Effort in Chinese Private FirmsHe  Xiaogang,Li  Xinchun,  Jia  Zhihan,  Deng  Hao  and  Wang  Bolin  
WP1141China’s One-Child Policy and the Missing of EntrepreneurshipChen  Gang  
WP1101Asset Shortages: the Power or Resistance on Regional Economic Growth?Yang  Yang  and  Yang  Shenggang  
WP1097Institutional Environment and Entrepreneurial Firm’s Growth:An Empirical Study in ChinaHe  Xiaogang,Lv  Feifei,Deng  Hao,  Li  Xinchun  and  Zhu  Lina  
WP1074Land System Reform, Financial Innovation, and Rural Family EntrepreneurshipFan  Gangzhi  and  Huang  Yuhong  
WP1069Educational Investment, Fiscal Policy and Economic DevelopmentZhao  Xiaojun,  Weigang  Liu  and  Hu  Tao  
WP1051Tenure Stages and Independent Directors’ Voting BehaviorZheng  Zhigang,Kan  Shuo,Lin  Yikun,Hu  Bo  and  Huang  Jicheng  
WP1047Urbanization: The Great Thrust of Multi-Level Capital Market Development?Fan  Gangzhi,Huang  Yuhong  and  Yi  Daichun  
WP1021Revised Estimation of China’s Infrastructure Capital StockHu  Lipeng,  Fan  Gang  and  Xu  Jianguo  
WP991Entrepreneur Selection, Rent-seeking and Economic GrowthHu  Yonggang  and  Shi  Chong  
WP963Structural Bias of Our Economic Growth at Business Cycles: Based on Substitution Elasticity among IndustriesWei  Qiang  and  Fan  Gang  
WP876Bank Incentive, Relationship Lending and Optimal Loan Interest RateZhang  Yilin  and  Fan  Gangzhi  
WP870To Export or not to Import:The New Idea of China's Foreign Trade Strategy under the "New Normal"Gong  Gang,Li  Bingnian  and  Xu  Wenge  
WP842The Nonlinear Transmission Effect of International Factors to Chinese InflationOuyang  Zhigang  
WP810The Employment Effects of Happiness——An empirical study on happiness, employment and recessive reemploymentLi  Shu  and  Chen  Gang  
WP791Political Promotion of SOE Executives: the Implicit Incentive versus Incentive DistortionZheng  Zhigang,Kan  Shuo  and  Huang  Jicheng  
WP784Compulsory Education Law and Return to Education in Urban China: Based on Regression Discontinuity DesignLiu  Shenglong,Zhou  Shaojie  and  Hu  Angang  
WP670Impact of Public Investment on Private Investment in China: Crowd-out or Crowd-in?Liu  Shenglong,  Yan  Yilong  and  Hu  Angang  
Understanding Economic Crisis from the Debt’s PerspectiveGong  Gang,Xu  WenGe  and  Yang  Guang  
WP594The Match of Central Bank Communication and Actual Intervene Tools and Its Switch OpportunityOuyang  Zhigang  
WP546Performance Aspiration, Managerial Discretion and Strategic Change: An Empirical Study in ChinaLian  Yanling,  He  Xiaogang,  Zhou  Bing  and  Marian  (Dan-Wei)  Wen  
WP511Urbanization, Economic Agglomeration, and Employment Multiplier Effects in ChinaYuan  Zhigang  and  GaoHong  
WP501Performance Aspiration, Managerial Discretion and Strategic Change: An Empirical Study in ChinaLian  Yanling,  He  Xiaogang,  Zhou  Bing  and  Marian  (Dan-Wei)  Wen  
WP487Understanding Business Cycles: Perspective from Stabilizing and Destabilizing MechanismGong  Gang  and  Gao  Yang  
WP468Judicial Independence and Market FragmentationChen  Gang  and  Li  Shu  
WP462The International Co-movement of Trend and Cycle Fluctuation of China’s Economic GrowthOuyang  Zhigang  
WP450Cool Thinking on RMB Internationalization, with a Consideration of the Direction of International Monetary System ReformWang  Guogang  
WP440RMB Internationalization byBond StrategyGong  Gang,Li  Bingnian  and  Yang  Guang  
WP429Investment Efficiency Puzzle: Financial Constraint Hypothesis and Monetary Policy ShockYu  Kun,Li  Zhiguo,Zhang  Xiaorong  and  Xu  Jiangang  
Environmental Regulation and the Growth of ProductivityLi  Shu  and  Chen  Gang  
WP364System Reform of Market for Corporate Control Improve Corporate Governance and Performance of M&A?Chen  Yugang,  Chen  Wenting,  Lin  Jingrong  
WP352Decentralization, Land Finance and Urban InfrastructureTang  Yugang  and  Chen  Qiang  
WP330Fiscal Policy Rule, Expectation and Private Consumption-From the Perspective of Business CyclesHu  Yonggang  and  Guo  Changlin  
WP322Joint-stock System or Share Cooperative System? A Comparative Study on the Performance of Different Rural Financial InstiLi  Guangzi  and  Gang  Zeng  
WP307Total Quantity Control, Interregional Allocation of Emission Permits and Economic PerformanceQiao  Xiaonan  and  Duan  Xiaogang  
WP283The Rural-urban Inflation Convergence and Its Factors in ChinaOuyang  Zhigang  
WP215Cronyism of Board Culture and Excessive Executive Compensations-Evidence from Chinese Listed FirmsZheng  Zhigang,  Sun  Juanjuan  and  Rui  Oliver  
WP210Accumulation-Oriented Exchange Regime: The Choice of LDC’s Who Issue Non-international CurrenciesGong  Gang,  Gao  Jian  and  Li  Bingnian  
WP148Chinese Foreign Exchange Reserve——Based on Expanded dynamic optimization modelZenggang  Li  and  Qing  Zhao  
WP107The Rotation and Tenures Limits of Chinese Governors: Chen  Gang  and  Li  Shu  
WP66Advances in China’s Cultivated Land Rental Market-New Evidence of Transaction Cost TheoryGao  Liangliang,  Huang  Jikun  and  Xu  zhigang  
WP32Intergovernmental Competition、Land Finance and the Making of China’s Excellent InfrastructuresTang  Yugang,  Zhao  Daping  and  He  Nianru  
WP27Competitive Fiscal System and Fiscal Competition: Jiangsu Vs. Zhejiang Tang  Yugang  
WP7Structural Problems and External Imbalance Yuan  Zhigang;Zhang  Ruoxue  
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