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WP1305Opinion Leadership, Limited Attention and OverreactionLi  Jinliang,He  Chengying,Liao  Dan  and  He  Muyuan  
WP1216Talent Allocation and China’s Economic GrowthPan  Shiyuan,Zhu  Dandan  and  Xu  Kai  
WP1205Time-lag of foreign exchange payment, Openness, and exchange rate pass-through: Analysis based on DSGE modelGuichuan  Deng  and  Danyang  Xie  
WP1202Executive Stock Incentive and Major Shareholder Tunneling——Study on the stability of collusion between shareholder and manLiu  Jingjian,  Ji  Danning  and  Fu  Jie  
WP1191Global Value Chain, Industry’s Agglomeration and Firm’s Productivity: How does “Distant” interact with “neighbor”?Su  Danni,  Sheng  Bin,  Shao  Chaodui  and  Chen  Shuai  
WP1033How Much is the Deviation between Fictitious Economy and Real Economy in the World?Su  Zhi,Fang  Tong  and  Xu  Shudan  
WP997The Relationship Between the Innovation Investment and Stock Market Performance in GEM FirmsZhou  Mingshan,Zhang  Qianqian  and  Yang  Dan  
WP796Resource Endowment, Structural Differences and the Decision of Agri-Food Products Trade in ChinaWang  Dan  and  Qiao  Changtao  
WP773Local officials Turnover and Corporate Risk——Evidence from Chinese Listed FirmsLuo  Danglun,  Liao  Junping  and  Wang  Jue  
WP744Official’s Turnover and Local Government Debt IssueLuo  Danglun  and  Yu  Guoman  
WP660Forecasting Quarterly GDP in China with Mixed-Frequency Data: A Model ComparisonZheng  Tingguo,Xia  Kai  and  Dang  Jue  
WP546Performance Aspiration, Managerial Discretion and Strategic Change: An Empirical Study in ChinaLian  Yanling,  He  Xiaogang,  Zhou  Bing  and  Marian  (Dan-Wei)  Wen  
WP501Performance Aspiration, Managerial Discretion and Strategic Change: An Empirical Study in ChinaLian  Yanling,  He  Xiaogang,  Zhou  Bing  and  Marian  (Dan-Wei)  Wen  
WP437Political Achievement Demands of Local Government,Government Control Right and Corporate ValueLu  Dong,Sun  Yan,  Zhou  Wei  and  Yang  Dang  
WP423The Multi-level Optimization Allocation of Trading Foreign Exchange Reserve Assets:Luo  Sumei  and  Zhou  Guangyou,Institute  for  Financial  Studies,  Fudan  University  
WP391Unbalance for Growth——The Cause and Transition of Unbalanced Development in ChinaFu  Caihui  and  Wang  Dan  
WP370The “Uneven Bars” Bids of Institutional Investors and IPO Pricing MechanismLi  Xindan,  Li  Dongxin,  Yu  Honghai  and  Zhu  Weihua  
WP306Rent-Seeking and the Breakthrough Enterprises Achieved in Industry Barries—— the evidences from the Chinese listed enterprLuo  Danglun  and  Zhao  Cong  
WP218An Absolute Price Analysis about the Comparative Advantage TheoryNie  Dan  
WP199An Evaluation of the Efficiency of Chinese Industry Enterprises’ Innovation PerformanceYahong  Zhou    Xiaodan  He  and  Yao  Shen  
WP168Do Analysts’ Recommendations Have Investment Values:Empirical Evidence From Listed Companies Luo  Danglun    and    Wang  Hong  
WP141Does Tax Avoidance Enhance Firm Value?——Evidence from Chinese Listed CompaniesChen  Xudong,,Wang  Xue,Yang  Dan  and  Ye  Jianming  
WP92Political Achievement Demands, Government Controland Marginal Social Expenditure: Lu  Dong,  Sun  Yan,  Yang  Dang  and  Yang  Jijun  
WP29Political Connections、Official Inspection and Firm Performance Luo  Danglun,  Ying  Qianwei  and  Wu  yanting  
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