Working Papers
WP1256Title:Escape Spatial Poverty Taps on the Hu Huanyong Line: A Perspective of Geographic ExternalitiesAuthor:Xu  Chunhua  and  Gong  Weijin   View Count:17
       Abstract:By using a variety of econometric regression models to analyze the 2005~2012 spatial panel data of 505 poverty regions at the county level in China, this paper analyzes the impact on spatial poverty taps on the Hu Huanyong Line from the perspective of first geographic externalities (FGE) and second geographic externalities (SGE), gets following results: firstly, land capital, physical capital, soc
WP1255Title:Diversity Agglomeration, Specialization Agglomeration and City economic ResilienceAuthor:Wang  Shiping  and  Qian  Xuefeng   View Count:16
       Abstract:Using the 286 Chinese cities data in 2003-2011, this paper examines the relationship and mechanism between the city agglomeration and the city economic resilience. We find that: (1) city agglomeration significantly improves the city economic resilience. (2) the diversity agglomeration also has significant effect on the city economic resilience, but the specialization agglomeration not. (3) for the
WP1254Title:Demography, Labor Quality and Total Factor ProductivityAuthor:Yi  Zhen  and  Zhu  Chao   View Count:16
       Abstract:The role of population demographics in economic development is one of the oldest themes in economics. Recent literature provides empirical support for an effect of demographic structure on economic growth. This literature does not give attention to the possibility that age structure might also have an effect on total factor productivity (TFP). This paper characterizes the behavior of economic part
WP1253Title:Broker or Reseller? ——Choice of Transaction Forms in Interdependent ProductionAuthor:Xie  Lijuan  and  Wang  Shixun   View Count:30
       Abstract:The form of transaction can be reducible to the broker and the reseller in consideration of the alienation of the property. The reseller suggests the necessity of which commercial capital is independent of the industry capital referring to Karl Marx. However, the proportion of the broker overwhelms the reseller in China, distorting the balance of the transaction form. We develop the contract theor
WP1252Title:The International Risk Taking Channel of Capital FlowsAuthor:He  Guohua  and  Li  Jie   View Count:31
       Abstract:The phenomenon of currency appreciation tends to promote domestic credit booms and trigger the financial crisis, which is called the international risk-taking channel effect of capital flows, has been shown in recent empirical research. Based on an open economy competitive equilibrium structure, we connect the endogenous relationship between financial risk and capital flows, and separate the inter
WP1251Title:How Financial Innovations in Developed Markets Affect Emerging Markets?——A Collateral Equilibrium ApproachAuthor:Wang  Yongqin  and  Du  Julan   View Count:29
       Abstract:The rise of securitization markets and shadow banking has changed the international financial landscape, yet has been little explored by scholars. Using a collateral equilibrium framework, this paper studies how financial innovations in developed markets (DMs) affects asset prices and growth in emerging markets (EMs). The paper finds that in DMs, financial innovations under financial integration c
WP1250Title:The Economic Impact of Rollover Restriction on Micro CorporationsAuthor:Liu  Haiming  and  Cao  Tingqiu   View Count:49
       Abstract:Recently firms often face funding difficulties or even go bankrupt due to banks’ loans withdrawal or rollover stop, making it a focus for academics as well as supervisory agency. To solve this problem, the authorities have introduced several policies that require banks to lessen their lending standards and cut down their loans withdrawal or rollover stop. So what influence will the change of rollo
WP1248Title:Service opening, Managerial Efficiency and Firms` Export——Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisAuthor:Sun  Puyang,  Hou  Xinyu  and  Sheng  Bin.   View Count:43
       Abstract:Based on the service input market reform, the paper analyze the impact of China`s service foreign equity restrictions policy adjustment on downstream manufacturing firms` export. This paper firstly proposes a theory model to prove that service sector opening has effect on manufacturing firms` export by reducing cost, and also the effect is enhanced by firms` managerial efficiency. The paper calcul
WP1247Title:The Structural Efficiency of Capital Investment And Long-term Growth in the Transfering Dynamic EconomyAuthor:Liu  Yiqun  and  Huang  Xianhai   View Count:59
       Abstract:Capital structure efficiency is almost equal to long-term growth when capital quantity growth is no longer important. Our theoretical model explain the meanings of the structural efficiency of capital and its implications to the long-term economic growth of a country. It improves the rate of return on capital investment, the incentives of investment and the growth momentum. We use the empirical da