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Exploration on the Paradigm Construction of Surplus Value Theory Analysis
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TitleExploration on the Paradigm Construction of Surplus Value Theory Analysis  
AuthorWu Jie, Yu Fugong, Xu Deyou and Wu Zili  
OrganizationNational Simulation and Control Engineering Technology Research Center;Party School of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPC;;;; 
Key WordsSurplus Value Theory; Production Price; Value Transformation; Newtonian Mechanics; Theoretical Paradigm 
AbstractThis paper provides a new perspective for the construction of Marxist political economics by using a new research paradigm for exploring value transformation that with the analogy of Newtonian mechanics, classical economics principles which Marx used to create surplus value theory has been transformed into the basic axioms with self-consistent mathematical theory form, where reasoning that value is determined by labor, surplus value is created by labor. The main contents include: (1) according to Smith's dexterity of workman, absolute surplus value must be produced in the continuous process of capital operation; (2) assuming value of wealth system is closed, as long as conditions of Lagrange function in economics are satisfied, the average rate of surplus value and the average profit rate are equal in different industries of any capital organic composition forms; (3) based on the new scientific paradigm of the surplus value theory, there is a new way for the solution to the problem of value transformation.  
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