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On the Human Capital Accumulation Effects from Poverty Alleviation through Education Program
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TitleOn the Human Capital Accumulation Effects from Poverty Alleviation through Education Program  
AuthorZhao Ying,Shi Zhilei and Liu Heqing  
OrganizationZhongnan University of Economics and Law;Sun Yat-sen University;; 
Key WordsPoverty alleviation through education; Education Quality; Justice in the beginning; Long term Effects 
AbstractPoverty alleviation through education is a targeted way to reduce the poor, yet lack of scientific evaluation of macro policies on individuals after enforcing several programs since 1990 in China. This paper adopts the First National Poverty Alleviation through Education Program (NPAEP, hereafter) from 1995 to 2000 as an exogenous shock to accomplish this goal, while utilizing the confidential county identification codes used in the China Labor Dynamic Survey (CLDS). The results show that: (1) NPAEP makes up the opportunity leaks in the rural counties thus promoting their chance to receive compulsory education as well as reduce the drop outs and the postponed both in absolute and relative ways; (2) this kind of education is of poor quality, and the individuals stopped to receive higher education after completing the junior schools, thus leads to the relatively low skills in the labor markets in the long run; (3) the draw backs of NPAEP and limitations of individuals restricts the amount and growth of their wages later in the labor markets. As the average education years continues rise, the NPAEP’s positive effects are fading. In order to accomplish the targeted poverty alleviation, further promotion of education years of the rural should be vital.  
Serial NumberWP1298 
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