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Empirical Study of Multidimensional New Urbanization in China——Analysis of 289 Prefecture and Higher Level Cities
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TitleEmpirical Study of Multidimensional New Urbanization in China——Analysis of 289 Prefecture and Higher Level Cities  
AuthorHu Biliang,Zhang Kunling,Liu Min and Luo Fei  
OrganizationBeijing Normal University 
Key Wordsnew urbanization;traditional urbanization;multidimensional perspective;spatial pattern 
AbstractThe unsustainability of the traditional urbanization development urgently needs to change to the new urbanization direction of sustainable and human-centered development. Its sustainability is not only reflected in the coordination and balance of population, economy, resources and environment, but also in a series of sustainable social institutions and spatial planning arrangements. Based on the connotation requirement, an indicator system of new urbanization index including resources, environment, economy, population, society and space dimension is constructed in this article. By comparing new urbanization with traditional urbanization, the paper analyzes the basic situation of new urbanization development, the relationship with traditional urbanization and the spatial distribution pattern of 289 prefecture and higher level cities in China. The results show that: 1. If using the urbanization rate as a measure standard, there is a large degree of overestimation or underestimation of new urbanization development level, which reflects the shortcoming of the urbanization rate as a single measure; 2. Economic variable is still the main driving force of the new urbanization, but the new urbanization emphasis more on multi-dimensional synergy, and weaken the economic factor compared to the traditional urbanization; 3. China's new urbanization development level was in the pattern of decreasing from east to central then west area, which coincide with regional differences of socio-economic development in China. 
Serial NumberWP1232 
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