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The Historical Materialism, Dynamic Optimization and Economic Growth
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TitleThe Historical Materialism, Dynamic Optimization and Economic Growth  
AuthorQiao Xiaonan and He Zili  
OrganizationSchool of Economics of Nankai University, 
Key WordsMarxism Economics; Historical Materialism; Dynamic Optimization; Economic Growth 
AbstractThe Marxism optimal economic growth theory is one of the most significant progresses in Marxism economics mathematical analysis in the 21st century. This theory is based on the historical materialism, and using the method of dynamic optimization to analyze the profound influence, which produced by the technological changes of the industrial revolution, to productivity and production relations. A series of development of this theory involves centralized and decentralization economy, class relations and exploitation, value and price, simple reproduction and expanded reproduction, the raise of organic composition of capital and the declines in the rate of profit, indeterminacy and the real business cycle, etc. From the point of the modelling procedures and mathematical techniques, this theory is similar to DSGE, which also can realize the decentralized decision making and intertemporal analysis, and it has introduced the uncertainty. From the point of the research content and main conclusion, this theory inherites the tradition of Marxist economics, and it takes economic growth as the main line, uses labor theory of value as the basis, considers the dynamic adjustment path of the accumulation of capital as the core, and reinterprets Marx's study of capitalist economy. Thus, knowing this theory will help us to be familiar with the latest research Foreign latest research trends of Marxism economics, and then promote the construction and development of the Chinese characteristic socialist political economy. 
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