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Regional protection, resource misallocation and regional environmental welfare performance
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TitleRegional protection, resource misallocation and regional environmental welfare performance  
AuthorSong Malin, Jin Peizhen and Zhou Yuanxiang  
OrganizationAnhui University of Finance & Economics; School of Economic & Trade, Hunan University;; 
Key WordsRegional protection; Resource mismatch; Environmental welfare performance; DEA-Hybrid-Network model; Spatial overflow effect 
AbstractUnder the reality that the 12th Five-Year Plan is progressed slower than schedule, the resource mismatch resulted from the regional protection will affect the regional environmental welfare performance greatly. This paper tries to include the health factors of social residents into a microanalysis frame and divide the general development performance of all regions in China which is acquired by using the DEA-Hybrid-Network model into macroeconomic performance and micro-environmental welfare performance. On this premise, this paper collects provincial panel data during the period of 2002 to 2011 to empirically analyze the effects of regional protection and resource mismatch on the regional environmental welfare performance. Analysis results show that regional protection which is embodied by market segmentation will restrict the free flow of merchandizes and elements, which will further aggravate regional resource mismatch; regional protection and resource mismatch have few obvious effect on regional macroeconomic performance but can obviously inhibit the micro-environmental welfare performance; regional protection and resource mismatch will aggravate the losses of environmental welfare performance in other regions through the spatial overflow effect, which indicates that the problem of regional environment management features close spatial relevance and benefit-both treatment. Therefore, it will be of great practical significance to improve regional environmental welfare performance by further reducing regional protection and market segmentation to bring the decisive functions of market into full play in resource allocation. 
Serial NumberWP885 
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