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Social Deterrent Signals and Value Reconstruction:An Institutional Analysis of Unified Governance Regime for Food Safety
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TitleSocial Deterrent Signals and Value Reconstruction:An Institutional Analysis of Unified Governance Regime for Food Safety  
AuthorXie Kang, Xiao Jinghua, Yang Nankun and Wang Hongchang  
OrganizationSun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou;;; 
Key WordsFood Safety; Social Deterrent Signal; Value Reconstitution; Unified Governance Regime 
AbstractThere are few studies on difficulties that the policy encountered during the governance of food safety. Based on evolutionary game theory and two-stage model of a theoretical research, results indicate that, with the low probability of detecting irregularities into food markets, the supervision system primarily based on contracts is difficult to establish a credible determent even though increasing punishment, widening the regulatory or updating detecting techniques. Food technical innovations and industrial development cause the widening of credence goods within food, it is difficult to increase the probability of detecting irregularities or it may cause an unacceptable cost to society even if it can consider strategies such as traceable systems, information disclosure on a basis of social supervision etc. To solve the issue of low probability of detecting irregularities, a feasible governance policy is that, with an appropriate increase detecting probability, the government can use the public psychological behavior to establish social determent via drawing support from the principle of the bullwhip effect into supply chain. During this period, an appropriate increase detecting probability form a social determent signal from government to interest relevant parties of food safety thus creates a new separating equilibrium via dynamic game. However, such social determent signal remains costly in the long run, it needs to establish social consensus with determent thus reducing the long-run cost via value reconstruction to achieve the combined of social determent signal and value reconstruction of unified governance regime for food safety. 
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