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Long Run Growth and Rise/Fall of Nation under the Pattern of——Institutionalism in the Context of Economic History Studies
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TitleLong Run Growth and Rise/Fall of Nation under the Pattern of——Institutionalism in the Context of Economic History Studies  
AuthorGao Cheng  
OrganizationNational Institutes of International Strategy,Chinese Academy of Social Science 
Key WordsLong Run Growth; Rise/Fall of Nation; Economy History; Non-Neural Property Rights; Relation between Government and Business 
AbstractThe Paper applied the long run growth theory to the research for the reasons of rise/fall of nation?in the context of economic history studies, and adopted neo-classical political economics theory, especially the logic and perspective of institutionalism to study on the relation between long run growth and rise/fall of nation. The essay discussed the decisive factors to help realizing the long run growth of a nation, and brief summarized the main opinions of institutionalism on this topic, the essay argued the theory of “factors of production” and “technological determinism” are failed to provide satisfied explanation to the question. Based on above analyses, the essay introduced the analyses pattern on property right and its change of neo-classical political economics theory into the research. The essay focused on discussion on the non-neural property rights mechanism and its impact to the long run growth. It concluded that the core issue of non-neural property rights mechanism is the relation and interactive of its supplier (nation) and affordable customers. Thus, the research focal point on this topic should be the different balance status between supplier and customer of property rights mechanism by gaming, how they reach the balance and what the impact brought the different balance status to the long run growth of nation, and the logical relation among them. Also the essay introduced the external competitive environment to the research as variable, and discussed this topic under the opener environment. 
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