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The Quality of Convergence between Industrialization and Informatization: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
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TitleThe Quality of Convergence between Industrialization and Informatization: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis  
AuthorXie Kang, Xiao Jinghua and Wu Jiapei  
OrganizationBusiness School, Sun Yat-sen University; State Information Center;; 
Key WordsConvergence between Industrialization and Informatization(CII); Industrialization Deviation; Informatization Deviation; Convergence Quality; Coordination Cost 
AbstractConvergence between industrialization and informatization(CII) can be treated as transforming the way of Chinese economic development. Meanwhile, such convergence is also the significant theory for practices to support the development of Chinese contemporary economic society. From a perspective of synergetics, and on a basis of convergence model, this paper holds the opinion that the frictional cost generated from convergence basis and environmental deviation will impact the convergence path thus leading to the deviation of either industrialization or informatization. In order to decrease the deviation, it may generate the coordination cost from the process. Thus, the development characteristic of punctuated equilibria will be reflected from the theoretical convergence. Besides, it will astringently form a standard in judging the quality of a CII. According to the panel data from 31 Chinese provinces from the year of 2000 to 2009 to exploring CII, it can be found that the deviation of CII shows the trend of increasing. Besides, the quality of convergence process presents the trend of decreasing. Additionally, combining the impacts such as the changed style of economic growth in China, the transformation from primary industry to secondary industry and even to tertiary industry, and the inconspicuous contribution in reducing energy consumption per GDP unit in each Chinese province, it can be suggested that the quality of CII still needs to be further improved. Thus, a suggestion has been proposed from this paper that, during the period of “12 5”, the convergence policy should be made in various classifications on a basis of punctuated equilibrium of characteristic in CII. Besides, provinces or municipalities with high quality of convergence should reinforce balanced development of industrialization and informatization, while provinces or municipalities with relative low quality of convergence should consider the requirement of informatization in the high-speed development its industrialization. 
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