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Research on China’s Market Economy Development
(Major Philosophy and Social Science Research Project Supported by the Ministry of Education)
Date:2012-04-11       From:Feng Ke, School of Economics of Pecking University

formulation and implementation of the stage economic policies. The relevant results have been published on Economic Research Journal and other magazines.


Fourth, it does systemic study on the relationship between industrial and regional structure adjustments and the development of economy and society in the process of marketization. The series results are of great significance in understanding the problems and performances in the structure adjustments. The relevant results have got the second prize of Beijing philosophy and social science outstanding achievements.


Fifth, it studies the theory and practice of distribution in the process of marketization, such as value theory, distribution theory and the adjustment mechanism of the income distribution. The related results have got the first prize of Beijing philosophy and social science outstanding achievements.


Sixth, referring to Economic history and Economic thought history, it studies the history of China’s marketization and industrialization. Especially it does system arrangement for the economic development history since the founding of the Republic of China. This is of great reference value to understand the Chinese socialist market economic transition and path.


Seventh, it does systemic study on the reform and foundation of the social security system. The research achievements published have played an important role in founding China's social security system.


The research has produced both academic and applicable effects. The stage achievements have been published on core periodicals and were cited frequently. The annually published report China’s Economic Growth Report has got extensive reflections. The research achievements will play an important part in promoting the study of China’s transition economic theory and policy. What the research team need to do further is to generalize transition theory from the large   amount of empirical and theory study they have done before. The basic framework has been built up and the further task is to refine transition theory and market theory. The team has been doing the job since the subject was finished in December, 2008.

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