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Trends of Macroeconomic during the “Twelfth Five Years” Period—A Study through Dynamic Monitoring and Analyzing
The National Social Science Fund
Date:2012-04-11       From:Econometric analysis and prediction research center, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

 As a major program of The National Social Science Fund, the opening report demonstration of Trends of Macroeconomic during the “Twelfth Five Years” Period—a study through dynamic monitoring and analyzing(10zd&010)was held in Dongbei University of Finance and Economics on Jan 8,2011. Lv Wei, the vice-president, and Wu Xudong, the section chief ,were present and gave their speeches.


The program leader, Professor Gao Tiemei made a summary opening report about the program, and the other 12 subtopic directors made opening reports about their subtopics as well. The Review Board, with Professor Zhao Zhenquan occupied in Jilin University as the chairman, listened and reviewed all the reports, and proposed relevant questions about the program. Members of the program answered the questions in a targeted way. After thorough discussion, the Review Board proposed as follows:


1. As the revolution of socialist market economy deepens, the adjustments of growth way and structure of economy are sure to make the economy more volatile, especially after 2008 when the global financial crisis damaged countries’ real economies badly. There is an urgent need for our government to improve and complete the monitoring and prediction of macroeconomic. The program mentioned above is of theoretical value and practical significance. On one hand, it is helpful for enriching the macroeconomic regulation theory about socialist market economy, while on the other hand, it is of significant impact on the perfection of macroeconomic regulation during the “Twelfth Five Year” Period, thus making our economy grow in a more steady, sustainable and faster way.


2. This is a topic with reasonable study frame and structure, specific goals and explicit contents which can satisfy the need of macroeconomic regulation. What’s more, a comprehensive understanding about the focal and difficult points, significant character and outstanding innovation are also impressive. The prediction about the stage achievements and final outcome are both proper, they are achievable with efforts.


3. Surrounding the main research goal, the topic focuses on the 5 most-watched aspects in macroeconomic regulation, that is, gross production, gross demand, price level, financial risks and key industries. And the topic is divided into 12 subtopics in a thoughtful way which makes the subtopics cover the main research task and easy for division and corporation.


4. Institutes in charge of and joined the program are Econometric Analysis and Prediction Research Center of DUFE, Institute of Quantity Economy and Technology Economy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Department of Economy Prediction of State Information Center, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science  of CAS, Quantitative Economics Study Center of Jilin University. All the organizations mentioned above are

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