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“A Decade’s Review: The 11th China Youth Economists Forum & Talent Training Seminar” Held in Peking University
Date:2010-10-22       From:Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

fluctuations, local government’s countercyclical fiscal policies’ influences on industrial development, fiscal policies’ impacts on net exports and effective exchange rate. Other researchers tried to find out the impacts of income inequality and health on the elders’ happiness.


In the area of micro economics, some scholars explored the mutual relation of the patent holding company’s market entrance timing strategy and the optimal patent licensing strategy. Some scholars studied the mechanism of intellectual property protection’s effects on technical progress. Some scholars used game theory model to analyze the role of “patients’ retreat” in constraining the physicians’ behavior, while others tried to find out the significant defects in China's basic endowment insurance system for urban workers.


In the area of financial economics, some scholars conducted theoretical and empirical analyses of large stockholder’s "housekeeper role" and its impact on corporate performance in the context of crisis based on listed company data from 2003 to 2009. Some scholars studied the influence of listed private companies’ ownership structure and dividend policy on company value. Some scholars studied the role of term structure of interest rates in forecasting forward rate, which has an important reference value for the central bank to observe the market expectations for economy and future interest rates and judge the monetary policy, while other scholars studied the roots of financial regulation and the efficiency loss it caused.


In the area of economic practice of China, some scholars constructed an evaluating index system to assess the status of green production system in some developed area. Some scholars estimated the technology content of our country’s export product with input-output table, and studied the international competence of China, America and Japan. Other scholars studied the influence of outsourcing on China’s industrial labor structure, and put forward suggestions for the development of China’s labor market under the new international trend.


In the area of economic theory, some scholars analyzed the problems of promoting agricultural modernization in industrialization and urbanization process with a general equilibrium model. Some scholars taking people’s fertility motivation, including family endowment and altruism into consideration, examined the long-term effects of public education and social security on economic growth and inequality. Other scholars studied the mechanism through which natural resource development activities affect regional technology progress and economic growth.


The papers discussed in the forum cover the frontier and hot issues of current economic theory and practice. The problems studied are of great importance, and the research methods used are advanced. In all, to a great extent, the papers represent a high level research achievement of our domestic youth scholars.

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