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Economic Research --- special issue on consumer finance research
Date:2010-10-24       From:


Recent years, there has been a rapid development of consumer finance such as credit cards, mortgage loans and auto loans in our country. From the micro-level perspective, the development of consumer finance has satisfied the new demand of people and changed their personal consumption habits, investment decision, risk management and life planning. From the macro-level, it has also facilitated the economy pattern transformation from investment-led growth to consumption-led growth, and therefore contributed to economic sustainable development.


According to the international practice that academic journals publish special issue on an specific topic and the good tradition that Economic Research Journal published special issue (supplement) in 1956 and 1979 , the China Center for Financial Research ,Tsinghua University will hold the first Conference on Consumer Finance in Tsinghua SEM on November 5, 2010 .Base on the conference’s achievements, the Economic Research Journal will publish the special issues on consumer finance research in December 2010 to promote the academic research on consumer finance in China( the supplement in 1979  was  focus on “the law of value in the socialist economy” and totally consisted of 14 papers . The authors included a number of academic authorities, such as Xue Muqiao, Sun Yefang, Luo Gengmo, Su Xing, Gu Shutang, Zhou Shulian, Wu Jinglian and their researches mainly focused on the relationship between the economic planning and market mechanism),


This is the first time the economic research journal has published a special issue since 1979, therefore we position it with high reference point, high standard and  international outlook. We will strictly follow Economic research Journal academic standards and implement review process . Eventually we will publish about 13 selected papers from the conference.


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