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An introduction to series of “100 economists who have influenced Chinese economy during the past six decades”
Date:2010-10-24       From:


In 2009, our country marked 60 years since the founding of New China. In the past 60 years, especially the years after reform and opening up, China has made great achievements both in the practice progress and theory innovation of socialist economy. During this great era, Chinese economists have played an essential role .They have put forward substantial valuable policy advices and recommendations in relation to a variety of economic fields such as the population economic theory ,the commodity economic theory .the rural household contract responsibility system, the state-owned enterprises reform, the foreign investment introduction, the macroeconomic management, the economic development strategies, the socialist market economy development, the industrial restructuring and upgrading, the income distribution system reform, the regional economic development coordination , the financial system reform, the fiscal and taxation system reform, the capital market development, the economic growth pattern and economic system transformation and so on . we shall never forget their great contributions in both theoretical and practical aspects on our country’s economy.


On the 60th anniversary of People’s Republic of China and 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, we realize the importance to review the outstanding research results accomplished by several generations of Chinese economists and broadcast their great contributions to our country’s economy .We also believe it would exert positive influence on economic theory and practice and become a great inspiration, guidance and encouragement to the younger generation who will receive the torch of future. That’s why the Economic Research Journal editors cooperate with Guangdong Economic Press published series of “100 economists who have influenced China’s economy during the past six decades” in September 2009 .


The series consists of eight volumes and is chiefly edited by Wu Taichang, Zhang Zhuoyuan, Wu Jinglian, Li Yining and Liu Wei .106 economists selected by editorial committee will be introduced in the series .The whole editorial workforce of Economic Research Journal edited the series and the leaders and editors of the Guangdong Economic Press have done a lot of detailed work on communication, revision and publication.


The successful publication of the series not only demonstrated the great research achievements accomplished by the economists in the past six decades but also dedicated itself to the 60th anniversary of PRC. We believe it will continue playing an irreplaceable role in the socialist economic theory and practice of our country.


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