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WP1464Win-win in Balance: Environmental Target Constraints of Local Government and High-quality Economic DevelopmentYu  Yongze,Fu  Yu  and  Zhuang  Haitao  
WP1448Value-added Tax Change, Labor Demand and the Micro-foundation of Laffer CurveYao  Dongmin,  Zhu  Yongyi  and  Zhang  Pengyuan  
WP1423The Effect of Equity Incentive on InnovationZhang  Qianqian,Zhou  Mingshan  and  Dong  Zhiyong  
WP1394Factor Endowments, Wage Inequality and Human Capital FormationLi  Chengyou,  Sun  Tao  and  Jiao  Yong  
WP1337A Theory of Fiscal Decentralization with Information AsymmetryZhao  Xiaojun,Wang  Can,Liu  Weigang  and  Cui  Xiaoyong  
WP1324Fiscal Volatility and Optimal Fiscal Rules: Based on Open Economy DSGE ModelWang  Liyong  and  Ji  Yao  
WP1316Factor Endowments, Wage Inequality and Human Capital FormationLi  Chengyou,  Sun  Tao  and  Jiao  Yong  
WP1313Economic Policy Uncertainty and Innovation——Evidence from Listed Companies in ChinaGu  Xiaming,Chen  Yongmin  and  Pan  Shiyuan  
WP1270A Study on Government Spending Multiplier with the Enterprise Heterogeneity and Financial Friction ConsideredWang  Liyong  and  Xu  Xiaoli  
WP1251How Financial Innovations in Developed Markets Affect Emerging Markets?——A Collateral Equilibrium ApproachWang  Yongqin  and  Du  Julan  
WP1214Optimal Monetary Policy Rule with Financial FactorsMa  Yong  
WP1200Researches on Effectiveness of Structural Monetary Policy in China——Based on Differentiated Deposit Reserve PolicyWang  Liyong  and  Ren  Jin  
WP1192On Peer Effect of Chinese Listed Firms’ Capital StructureJiang  Yonghong,Mo  Bin  and  Tian  Cunzhi  
WP1170Based on the Panel Threshold Analysis of Prefecture-level City Data from Northeast ChinaLi  Shaorong  and  Zhu  Yongqing  
Marx's Income Distribution Theory and Its Modern EnlightenmentCao  Yongdong  
WP1130Underwriter Reputation and Post-IPO Performance:New Evidence from IPO Fraud of Chinese Listed CompaniesZhang  Xueyong  and  Zhang  Qiuyue  
WP1126Do Fiscal Transfers improve the incentives of local governments to increase social spending?Li  Yongyou  
WP1115Environmental Regulation, Industrial Transfer and Reconstruction of China's Economic GeographyWang  Jun,  Huang  Xianhai  and  Hu  Yong  
WP1076Divergent movements in CPI and PPI: Interaction between Domestic and International FactorsHe  Liping,Hu  Zaiyong  and  Li  Na  
WP1072Property Effect on Family Labor Supply: Evidence from ChinaWang  Yong  and  Ge  Yanxia  
WP1037Do Industrial Policies Promote Industrial Structure Upgrading?Han  Yonghui,  Huang  Liangxiong  and  Wang  Xianbin  
WP991Entrepreneur Selection, Rent-seeking and Economic GrowthHu  Yonggang  and  Shi  Chong  
WP972Venture Capital,Innovation and Post-IPO PerformanceZhang  Xueyong  and  Zhang  Yeqing  
WP962Market Power, Efficient Market Power, and Welfare LossesDeng  Zhongqi  and  Chen  Yongjun  
WP939Multinational Retailers and Manufacturing Industry Resource Reallocation Efficiency of ChinaLi  Kunwang  Zhou  Xiaoxue  and  Wang  Yongjin  
WP890The “Chinese Mode” Fiscal Decentralization and TFP:Race to the Bottom or Race to be BetterYu  Yongze,Liu  Dayong  and  Huang  Qunhui  
WP878Anti-corruption Campaign and Investment GrowthCheryl  Long  and  Xiaoyong  Huang  
WP875Does the Central Bank Management of the Exchange Rate Expectations really Work?Liu  Lanbiao,  Liu  Yongyu  and  Wang  Bo  
WP850The Distance to Government and Interregional Border Effect of Firms ProductivityZhao  Yongliang,Yang  zihui  and    Yang  Benjian  
WP848The Role of Land in Growth of Farmers’ Income: Protection or Obstacle?Luo  Yongmin  and  Fan  Liming  
WP840Market Shock, Factor Allocation Distorting and Productivity LossSu  Qilin,  Zhao  Yongliang  and  Yang  Zihui  
WP779Investigating the Effects of Public Expenditure Structure on Regional Comprehensive DevelopmentGong  Pu  and  Yang  Yongheng  
WP730The Determinants of Location Choices of China’s ODI: Institutions, Taxations and ResourcesWang  Yongxin,  Du  Julan  and  Wang  Kai  
WP696Can raising interest rate reduce inflation or increase inflation?Jiang  Chun,Zhao  Qiurong  and  Chen  Yong  
WP695Local Government Intervention, Land Market and Urbanization: Evidence from Prefectural-level Cites in ChinaFan  Jianyong,Mo  Jiawei  and  Zhang  Jipeng  
WP682R&D Spillover Effect between Chinese Industrial SectorsZhu  Pingfang,  Xiang  Gede  and  Wang  Yongshui  
WP671Financial Repression and Firm Nominal LoansShen  Yongjian,  Xu  Wei  and  Jiang  Dequan  
WP655Farewell Non-Ricardian Regime & Cracked cyclical InflationCui  Huimin,  Li  Wenqing  and  Cui  Yong  
WP602Institutional Environment, Local Government Investment Impulse and Local Soft BudgetChen  Zhiyong  and    Chen  Sixia  
WP595Tax Incentive, Cash Flow and the Deviation of Corporate Investment StructureFu  Wenlin  and  Zhao  Yonghui  
WP580Local Government Debt, Land Market Institution and Regional Economic GrowthFan  Jianyong  and  Mo  Jiawei  
WP522Property Tax in China: Is It Effective in Curbing Housing Price?Zhang  Qingyong  and  Zheng  Huanhuan  
WP521Network, Information Pool And Time Duplicate -- Duplicate Economic Model and Network Synergistic EffectZhang  yonglin  
WP472Financial Development, Financial Structure and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from 32 Countries.Ji  Zhihong  and  Bu  Yongxiang  
WP467How does Health Affect Economic Growth and DevelopmentWang  Dihai,Cui  Xiaoyong  and  Gong  Liutang  
WP460Liquidity, Implicit Information of Asset Prices and Monetary Policy ChoiceChen  Jiyong  ,  Yuan  Wei  and  Xiao  Weiguo  
WP422Resources Misallocation and Welfare Loss of Manufacturing Industry in China-Study on Labor Inputs Misallocation Using MicrYang  Zhen  and  Chen  Yong-jun  
WP412A Research on the Characters and Efficiency of Chinese National Income Growth under Open CircumstancesFan  Zhiyong  and  Mao  Xuefeng  
WP404Economic Crisis, the Depression of New Classical Economics and the Renaissance of Marxist EconomicsLiu  Changyong  
WP400Complete Division of Labor and the General Theory of Value:Cai  Jiming  and  Jiang  Yong-ji  
WP375Self-selection Or Agglomeration Economies?——Firm-level Evidence From China's Textile IndustryLuo  Yong,  Cai  Zhengzhe,  and  Fan  Zuojun  
WP353Income Inequality, Fiscal Policy Volatility and Economic GrowthWang  Liyong,  Ouyang  Lihui  and  Fan  Yazhou  
WP330Fiscal Policy Rule, Expectation and Private Consumption-From the Perspective of Business CyclesHu  Yonggang  and  Guo  Changlin  
WP319A Nonlinear Research on the Price Transmission Mechanism: Positive Price Transmission or Reversed Price Transmission?Yang  Zihui  ,  Zhao  Yongliang  and  Liu  Jianhua  
WP315Urban bias thesis: Background, research process and its argumentsWang  Songji,  Bai  Yongxiu  
WP309The Duration of Firm-destination Export Relationships—Evidence from ChinaChen  Yongbing  ,Li  Yan  and  Zhou  Shimin  
WP272The Sources of China's Economic Growth from 1952 to 2008: A Non-parameter FrameworkLiang  Yongmei  and  Dong  Minjie  
WP269Regional Disparities with Economic Growth in China:Measurement from the Perspective of Trade OpennessChen  Jiyong  and  Liang  Zhu  
WP264Big Population Country or Powerful Human Capital Country-The Estimation and Analysis of Chinese Human Capital StockZhang  Yonga  and  Gu  Mingming  
WP250The Spatial Spillover Effect and Area Bordary of Financial Agglomeration on Industrial Productivity Yu  Yongze    Xuan  Ye  and  Shen  Yangyang  
WP233Expectations and Business Cycle:Can News Shocks Be a Major Source of China’s Economic Fluctuations?Zhuang  Ziguan,  Cui  Xiaoyong,  Gong  Liutang  and  Zou  Hengfu  
WP220A Household-Production-Function-based savings rate decided model and its empirical testWang  Jiaqiong,  Xiao  Yongqing,  Li  Weidong  and    Xiaofeng,lrmjj@126.comFactor Mobility, Feeding Effects and Urban-Rural Economic Integration:On the Evolution of Urban-Rural gap of 60 YearsBai  Yongxiu  and  Liu  Ruiming  
WP176The economic influence analysis of importing two foreign goods in late Qing DynastyChen  Yongqin  
WP153Habit Formation and Its Impact on Macroeconomics: A SurveyYan  Chengliang,  Cui  Xiaoyong  and  Wang  Dihai  
WP136Business Owners’ Social Status, Economic Achievement and Firm PhilanthropyGao  Yongqiang,  He  Xiaobin    and    Li  Lulu  
WP135Bilateral Investment Treaties,Institutional Environment and Outward FDI Location Choices of FirmsFangyu  Zong,  Jiangyong  Lu  and  Changqi  Wu  
WP127China’s Multi-product Export Firms and Product Scope: Facts and ExplanationsQian  Xuefeng,  Wang  Sheng  and  Chen  Yongbing  
WP99Does Volatility Matter for Industrial Structure Upgrading?Wang  Yongjin  
WP90Price Dispersion in China’s Domestic Passenger Cars Markets:Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisYu  Linhui  and  Lu  Jiangyong  
WP75Political Connection, Ownership and Firms’ Contract Environment Wang  Yongjin  
WP35Stock Market Reaction to Interest Rate Changes by Chinese Central Bank Jiang  Jinyong  Pan  Guanzhong  and  Long  Chao  
WP30Learning by Doing, Overinvestment and the “Erosion Effect” of R&D on Human Capital Accumulation Li  Shangao  and  Chen  Jiyong  
wp11The effects of public investment on private investment Zhang  Yong;Gu  Mingming;Wang  Xi  
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