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WP1409What Influences the Asymmetry of Investors’ Underreaction and Overreaction?Li  Xuefeng,Yuan  Shuai  and  Tang  Qiao  
WP1344Service inputs in manufacturing and embodied carbon emission of exportLiu  Bin,Wang  Naijia,Yu  Miaojie  and  Zhu  Xuechang  
WP1303Does Productivity Improvement Affect Farmers' Human Capital——A Study Based on Micro PerspectiveZhou  Jingkui,  Wang  Guidong  and  Huang  Zhengxue  
WP1291Firm Heterogeneity, Trade Liberalization and Market DistortionMao  Haitao,Qian  Xuefeng  and  Zhang  Jie  
WP1258Will Economic Uncertainty Weaken the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy?Su  Zhi,Liu  Chengcheng  and  Wei  Xueli  
WP1255Diversity Agglomeration, Specialization Agglomeration and City economic ResilienceWang  Shiping  and  Qian  Xuefeng  
WP1227Cash Conversion Cycle and Firms’ Credit ConstraintsLi  Zhiyuan  and  Tang  Xueliang  
WP1213Are Executives Responsible for the Company Rumours?——Evidence from Executive Compensation and PositionTang  Xuesong  and  Peng  Qing  
WP1135Impact of Law Enforcement on Financial Development across Chinese RegionsLuo  Yu,He  Qing  and  Xue  Chang  
WP1130Underwriter Reputation and Post-IPO Performance:New Evidence from IPO Fraud of Chinese Listed CompaniesZhang  Xueyong  and  Zhang  Qiuyue  
WP1082Impact of Law Enforcement on Financial Development across Chinese RegionsLuo  Yu,He  Qing  and  Xue  Chang  
WP1060Geographic Proximity, Information Asymmetry and Loan Pricing in Internal Capital MarketsQian  Xuesong,Jin  Fangji  and  Du  Li  
WP1053The inter-generational transmission of trust and the social trust of teenagersMao  Xuefeng  and  Liu  Jing  
WP1052The inter-generational transmission of trust and the social trust of teenagersMao  Xuefeng  and  Liu  Jing  
WP1040Does Reform on Security Interest System Affect Firms’ Debt Financing?Qian  Xuesong  and  Fang  Sheng  
WP1030Noise Trading, Short-run Exchange Rate Dynamics and Economic Co-fluctuationsBian  Xuezi  and  Fan  Aijun  
WP1009The inter-generational transmission of trust and the social trust of teenagersMao  Xuefeng  and  Liu  Jing  
WP999Financial Asset Investment and Real Economy “Crowding Out” EffectHu  Yiming,Wang  Xueting  and  Zhang  Jin  
WP972Venture Capital,Innovation and Post-IPO PerformanceZhang  Xueyong  and  Zhang  Yeqing  
WP965Economic structure and money demand: an analysis based on output composition of the three economic sectorsChen  Sichong,Xu  Qiyuan  and  Li  Wenxue  
WP952Study on coordination effect between Macro-prudential policy and monetary policy in ChinaYin  Kedong,Wu  Hao  and  Li  Xuemei  
WP939Multinational Retailers and Manufacturing Industry Resource Reallocation Efficiency of ChinaLi  Kunwang  Zhou  Xiaoxue  and  Wang  Yongjin  
WP904Intermediate Inputs Import, Product Switching and Structure Upgrading of Firm’s Factor EndowmentQian  Xuefeng  and  Wang  Bei  
WP851Sustainability measurement, Causality Aanlysis and Policy for Provincial Government DebtXu  Zhandong  and  Wang  Xuebiao  
WP799Research on Early Warning Indicator System for Local Government Debt Risk in ChinaGuo  Yuqing,Yang  Xuecheng  and  He  Yang  
WP792Rising Housing Price, Multi-Suite Decision And Household Savings Rate in Urban ChinaLi  Xuesong  and  Huang  Yanyan  
WP772Public Sector and Nonpublic Sector Wage Differential in China——Are Government Employees Really Underpaid?Liu  Xueliang  
WP684Familism and Firm Ownership Structure—Empirical Evidence from the Chinese Private Controlled FirmsXue  Shengxi,Shen  Yifeng  and  Li  Peigong  
WP664Extended “Dual Sticky” Philips Curve: Theoretical Framework and Empirical Analysis Based on China’s DataLou  Feng  and  Li  Xuesong  
WP647A Study on the Feasibility of Monetary Cooperation among Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao ——Based on the OCA Index MLi  Xuelian  and  Wang  Jinyang  
WP616The Impact of Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital on Social Mobility – A Theoretical and Empirical InvestigatiQin  Xuezheng  and  Wang  Tianyu  
WP564Financing Platform of Local Governments and Efficiency of Resource AllocationXuefeng  Zhang  and  Xinqiao  Ping  
WP553An Estimate of the Degree of Nominal Price Stickiness in China:Evidence from the InternetJin  Xuejun,  Huang  Teng  and  Zhu  Yu  
WP518The Intergenerational Mobility and Its Transmission Mechanism: A Literature ReviewQin  Xuezheng  and  Li  Zhenghao  
WP459Technological Gap, Innovation Path and Economic Catching-upFu  Xiaoxia  and  Wu  Lixue  
WP412A Research on the Characters and Efficiency of Chinese National Income Growth under Open CircumstancesFan  Zhiyong  and  Mao  Xuefeng  
WP382Catastrophe Warning on China’s A-Share Market BubblesYin  Kedong,  Jin  Xue  and  Wang  Hui  
WP362The Fluctuations of China’s Consumer Price:Sticky Price, Price Setting and Policy ExperimentsQu  Shenning,  Wu  Lixue  and  Xia  Jiechang  
WP345Change of Heterogeneous Return to China’s Higher Education: 1992~2009Xuesong  Li  and  Weiwei  Zhang  
WP342Housing Institution Reform, Liquidity Constrain and Entrepreneurship ChoiceZhou  Jingkui  and  Huang  Zhengxue  
WP312Biased Efficiency Improvement and Fluctuation of China’s Factor Income ShareFu  Xiaoxia  and  Wu  Lixue  
WP289Fiscal Incentives and Regional Economic Growth: a U-Style RelationshipShiwei,  Liao  Junping,  Zhang  Xuezhi  
WP285A Study of Trading Effects of US’s Countervailing Measures on ChinaXue  Weixian  and  Wang  Yachen  
WP267ifference Reason Analysis and Demonstration Research of International Trade Embodied Carbon AccountingLiu  Yifang,Jiang  Xuemei  and  Liu  Qian  
WP243Job Creation and Destruction in China: Evidence of Manufacturing Industry between 1998 and 2007Ma  Hong,  Qiao  Xue,  and  Xu  Yuan  
WP241Policy Regularity and Characteristics of Changes in Tax Revenues Size and Macroeconomic Stability in ChinaJia  Junxue  
WP221The Effect of Health Insurance Participation on the Health and Healthcare Utilization of Migrant Workers in ChinaQin  Xuezheng,  Liu  Gordon  G.  and  Wang  Xin  
WP219Research on Labor Market Segmentation and Hukou Wage Premium in China:Evidence from Household Survey DataYu  Xianghua  and  Chen  Xuejuan  
On the Cyclical Behaviors of Chinese Inventory InvestmentsXu  Zhiwei  ,  Che  Dawei  and  Xue  Hexiang  
WP190Investment and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from China's Industrial EnterprisesXu  Mingdong  and  Chen  Xuebin  
WP141Does Tax Avoidance Enhance Firm Value?——Evidence from Chinese Listed CompaniesChen  Xudong,,Wang  Xue,Yang  Dan  and  Ye  Jianming  
WP127China’s Multi-product Export Firms and Product Scope: Facts and ExplanationsQian  Xuefeng,  Wang  Sheng  and  Chen  Yongbing  
WP108Measurement and Decomposition of Household's Vulnerability in Rural China——Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data of CFPS Yang  Wen,Sun  Bangzhu  and  Wang  Xuelong  
WP7Structural Problems and External Imbalance Yuan  Zhigang;Zhang  Ruoxue  
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