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WP1470Carbon Total Factor Productivity, Low Carbon Technology Innovation and Effects of Energy Saving and Emission ReductionZhang  Ning  and  Chen  Zhongfei  
WP1420Does Pension Affect Firm Productivity?Zhao  Jianyu  and  Lu  Zhengfei  
WP1418Population aging、Urbanization and China's Economic Growth: Theoretical and Empirical AnalysisWang  Wei  and  Liu  Yufei  
WP1416Supply Chain Length and Service Total Factor ProductivityChen  Qifei  and  Liu  Zhibiao  
WP1408Trust Culture, Compensation Incentive and Firm InnovationCheng  Bo,b  and  Pan  Fei  
WP1339Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei,  Ding  Jie  
WP1317Financing Structure,Assets Pricing and Moral Hazard: A Survey of Dynamic Financial ContractZheng  Jun,  Li  Zhongfei  and  Ding  Jie  
WP1289Exchange Rate Stabilization: A Simple Interest-Subsidy Rule——Analysis on Dynamic Exchange Rate ModelLiu  Yun,Xu  Zhiwei  and  Wang  Pengfei  
WP1266Labor Supply, Job Turnover and Medical InsuranceShao  Quanquan  and  Bai  Longfei  
WP1264A Comparative Study of China’s Monetary Policy Rules——On the Perspective of Three Rules Based on DSGE ModelWang  Xi,  Wang  Ling,  Peng  Yulei,  and  Song  Xiaofei  
WP1232Empirical Study of Multidimensional New Urbanization in China——Analysis of 289 Prefecture and Higher Level CitiesHu  Biliang,Zhang  Kunling,Liu  Min  and  Luo  Fei  
WP1167The Effects of "Business Tax Replaced with VAT Reform" on Firms' Tax:Cut and Industrial DivisionFan  Ziying  and  Peng  Fei  
WP1110Contract Enforcement, Entry and Product Market CompetitionLi  Junqing,Liu  Shuaiguang  and  Liu  Pengfei  
WP1097Institutional Environment and Entrepreneurial Firm’s Growth:An Empirical Study in ChinaHe  Xiaogang,Lv  Feifei,Deng  Hao,  Li  Xinchun  and  Zhu  Lina  
WP1023Differentiated Monetary Policy, Capital Accumulation and Coordinated Development of Regional EconomyNi  PengFei  and  Zhao  Yingwei  
WP988Analysis of the Impacts of Anti-dumping for trading partners initiating on the third parties on Ternary Margins of China’sHuang  Xinfei  and  Li  Rui  
WP976Trade in services, Asymmetric Open and Global Imbalances: An Empirical Study Across CountriesChen  Qifei  and  Liu  Zhibiao  
WP946Monetary Policy Expectation and Inflation Management:A DSGE Analysis based on News ShocksWang  Xi,  Wang  Xi  and  Chen  Zhongfei  
WP942Short Term Global Capital Flow and Local Cost of DebtHan  Qian,Yuan  Yufei  and  Wu  Boqiang  
WP917The Influence of Manufacturing Foreign Direct Investment on the Utilization of Foreign CapitalLiu  Haiyun  and  Nie  Fei  
WP913Government Investment, Appointment Duration and Debt DefaultGao  Fei  and  Li  Lianfa  
WP912Can Internet Search Behavior Help to Forecast the Macro Economy?Liu  Taoxiong,  Xu  Xiaofei  and  Fan  Fangda  
WP813Land Transfer Incentive and Welfare Effect Research from Perspective of Institutional TransitionChen  Fei  and  Zhai  Weijuan  
WP785the dynamic effects of labor transfer on labor share and the rate of consumption in GDPChang  Jinxiong  and  Dong  Fei  
WP753The Dynamic Effects of Labor Transfer On Labor Share and The Rate of Consumption in GDPChang  Jinxiong  and  Dong  Fei  
WP686Moral Hazard, Government Regulation and the Financing of High-tech SMEsYan  Zhixiong,  Zhang  Jingwei  and  Fei  Fangyu  
WP684Price Differences, Market Segmentation and China Provincial Border Effect--Based on Empirical Analysis of Regression DiscoHuang  Xinfei  and  Chen  Shanshan  
WP663Research of Housing Price Rising Effects Based on DCGE :Economic Growth, Income Distribution and Wealth Gap WideningYuan  Pengfei  and  Feng  Lei  
WP576Research on Rural Poverty Reduction Effect of Income Growth and Distribution Structure Distortion Chen  Fei  and  Lu  Jianci  
WP470Bond term risk premiums and optimal monetary policyChen  Hufei  and  Chen  Hongfei  
WP417The General Equilibrium Analysis of VAT Reform in China: The Dynamic CGE Approach of TaxationFei  Wang,  Xiaopeng  Yin,  Shuhong  Kong  
WP409Institutional Distance and Transnational Income Gap - An Instrumental Variable Selection of Population Heterogeneity Huang  Xinfei    Shu  Yuan    and  XuYumin  
WP403Academic Value vs. Commercial ValueLi  Jing  ,Jiang  Shicheng  and  Fei  Fangyu  
WP386Time-Varying Stock Market Integration and ContagionFei  Zhaoqi  
WP256Productivity gap and inflationQiu  fei  
WP227Mineral resource tax structure, configuration and system reformSong  Wenfei,Li  Guoping  and    Han  Xianfeng  
WP171Do Chinese State Owned Enterprises Pay Higher Wage?Zhengfei  Lu    Xiongyuan  Wang  and  Peng  Zhang  
WP161A Study On the Optimal Liquidity Regulation Policy Under Macroprudential FrameworkJiang  Peng  and  Fei  Fangyu  
WP114Exchange Rate Risk Hedging and Firm Value: Evidence of Chinese’s MNCsFei  Guo  
WP101Mechanism of Excess Capacity Based on China’s Regional Competition and Market DistortionJIANG  Feitao,GENG  Qiang,LV  Daguo  and  LI  Xiaoping  
WP88Exchange Rate Fluctuations、Heterogeneity Effect and the Estimation the City Border Effect between China and USAHuang  Xinfei    Shu  Yuan  and  Wei  Yunxin  
WP63Trade Liberalization, Vertical Related Markets, and Strategic Environmental Policy Xing  Fei  and  He  Huanlang  
WP39International Trade、FDI and International R&D Spillovers:An Empirical Study Based on the Provincial Panel Data in China Huang  Xinfei  and  Shu  Yuan  
WP6Industry Characteristics, International Payments and Financial Crisis Deepness Han  Liyan;Xie  Fei;Hu  Ying  
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