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WP1415Double Financial Accelerators and Chinese Monetary PolicyZhao  Fuyang,  Wang  Chan  and  Gong  Liutang  
WP1404Global knowledge search and firm innovation performance——Empirical evidence from institutional perspectiveZhong  Changbiao,Yu  Feng  and  Wang  Chengqi  
WP1344Service inputs in manufacturing and embodied carbon emission of exportLiu  Bin,Wang  Naijia,Yu  Miaojie  and  Zhu  Xuechang  
WP1206Research on the Relation Between Population Structure, Exchange Rate and Economic Growth RateChang  ZhongZe  and  Mao  Pei  
WP1181Feedback Trading, Trade Inducement and Asset Prices BehaviorChangsheng  Hu,Zhen  Peng  and  Yangchun  Chi  
WP1135Impact of Law Enforcement on Financial Development across Chinese RegionsLuo  Yu,He  Qing  and  Xue  Chang  
WP1082Impact of Law Enforcement on Financial Development across Chinese RegionsLuo  Yu,He  Qing  and  Xue  Chang  
WP1081Social Media, Investor Sophistication and Earning Expectation: Evidence from SSE E-InteractionDing  Hui,  Changjiang  Lyu  and  Haijie  Huang  
WP1080The Differentiation and Heterogeneous Convergence of China’s Interprovincial InflationZhou  Jian,Guo  Guang-yuan  and  Cui  Chang  
WP1050Impact of urbanization on residential household appliance in ChinaLin  Boqiang  and  Liu  Chang  
WP117Financial Development and Firm-level Innovation Output——Perspective of Comparing Different Financing PatternsZhong  Teng  and  Wang  Changyun  
WP882Do Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions by Chinese Firms Create Value?——Theoretical Framework and Empirical AnalysisMa  Xiaobai  and  Wu  Changqi  
WP845The Forgotten Aggregate Supply: Is Fiscal Expansion Inflationary?Guo  Changlin  
WP826"Iron Bowl" Can Be Handed Down ?Han  Lei,Chen  Huashuai  and  Liu  Changgeng  
WP796Resource Endowment, Structural Differences and the Decision of Agri-Food Products Trade in ChinaWang  Dan  and  Qiao  Changtao  
WP785the dynamic effects of labor transfer on labor share and the rate of consumption in GDPChang  Jinxiong  and  Dong  Fei  
WP753The Dynamic Effects of Labor Transfer On Labor Share and The Rate of Consumption in GDPChang  Jinxiong  and  Dong  Fei  
WP715Independent Director Reputation and Earnings Quality of Chinese Family Firms: The Role of Audit CommitteesHaijie  Huang  and  Changjiang  Lyu  
WPSocial Deterrent Signals and Value Reconstruction:An Institutional Analysis of Unified Governance Regime for Food SafetyXie  Kang,  Xiao  Jinghua,  Yang  Nankun  and  Wang  Hongchang  
WP706Empirical Test of the J-curve in China Using ARDL Bounds TestHuang  Changli  
WP632Optimal Saving Rate and Its Influencing Factors Measurement under the International Field of VisionFan  Zuojun,  Huang  Liqun  and  Chang  Yali  
WP601Does Financial Liberalization Increase Rural Households’ Credit Availability?——Empirical Analysis based on Rural HoWang  Changyun,  Zhong  Teng  and  Zheng  Huamao  
WP547Are the Semi-mandatory Dividend Rules Effective?Wei  Zhihua,  Li  Maoliang  and  Li  Changqing  
WP427Fluctuation of Floating Capital, Financial Investment and Nonlinear Transfer  Wei,  Liu  Chenhui  and  Chen  Changshi  
WP425Cross-border M&As or Greenfield Investments:What affect choices between the two FDI entry modes?Li  Shanmin  and  Li  Chang  
WP404Economic Crisis, the Depression of New Classical Economics and the Renaissance of Marxist EconomicsLiu  Changyong  
WP385Theory Analysis of China's Manufactured Goods Export Volume (1985-2050)Pei  Changhong  and  Zheng  Wen  
WP362The Fluctuations of China’s Consumer Price:Sticky Price, Price Setting and Policy ExperimentsQu  Shenning,  Wu  Lixue  and  Xia  Jiechang  
WP330Fiscal Policy Rule, Expectation and Private Consumption-From the Perspective of Business CyclesHu  Yonggang  and  Guo  Changlin  
WP311The “Red Power” of EntrepreneursMai  Yiyuan,  He  Xiaobin  and  Xiong  Chan  
WP302Sentiment and Feedback in Financial MarketsHu  Changsheng  and  Chi  Yangchun  
WP212Monetary shocks,Industry features and Relative Prices fluctuationsLiu  Shijing  ,  Chen  Changsheng  and  Xu  Zhaoyuan  
WP135Bilateral Investment Treaties,Institutional Environment and Outward FDI Location Choices of FirmsFangyu  Zong,  Jiangyong  Lu  and  Changqi  Wu  
WP122A Note on not Beginning With a General ModelWei  Jinrui,  Zhu  Jianping    and    Xie  Bangchang  
WP98Structure Change, Relative Factor Prices, and Farmers’ Behavior:Theory and Micro Evidence from Agriculture SubsidiesZhong  Chunping,  Chen  Sanpan  and  Xu  Changsheng  
WP94Brain Outflow and China’s Technology Innovation:Power or Obstruction?Ping  Li,  Jiayun  Xu  and  Qingchang  Zhang  
WP79The Optimal Sectoral Level of Foreign Direct Investment Zhong  Changbiao  
WP51Tax Revenue Structure, Economic Growth and Efficiency Losses Chang  Shiwang  and  Han  Renyue  
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